Ash Prince's Office


The Herbology Professor's Office is the place where the Herbology Professor works and sleeps during their stay at Hogwarts. It occupies one of the Herbology greenhouses. This office is currently occupied by Ash Coryn Prince. The room used to be a mess with different overgorwn plants, but Ash prefers his room neat and tidy. All the plants in the room are neatly trimmed and well cared for, in full bloom and beautiful. Angel's Trumpet decorates the ceiling, and Moly decorates the walls. Umbrella Flowers grow from some of the walls giving the room a pleasent smell. Other small flowers give off dim light for the other plants growing in the room.

Natural sunlight shines down through the glass ceiling during the day, and the start are easily visible through it at night. On one wall is full of shelves which hold a variety of plants from beautiful to dangerous. They're enclosed in glass, and show the wonders of the herbology world.



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