hayley jo jansen
trelawney jr
31st October
Sara Jansen (mother)
Lucas Jansen (father)
too many siblings to count
Blood Status
Human; Witch
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Hayley-Jo Jansen is a fourth year Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and possesses clairvoyant and Seer abilities, alongside her entire family.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Luca Hollestelle
Standing barely more than 5'2" in decent shoes, Hayley-Jo is a bit of a hurricane of fiery red hair and freckles, a constant brightness no matter how dull her surroundings may be. The ginger is an obvious family trait, beaten only by the Weasleys, and it's something that Hayley's immensely proud of - how cool are freckles? They're like little constellations all over her face. Her dress sense is just as bright and fresh and cheery as she is - lots of summer dresses and floaty skirts and tops. Even in winter.

Amsterdam, Holland
Native Language
Dutch; English
Earliest Memory
Knocking over a crystal ball in her mother's room
Type of Childhood

It turns out that Amsterdam has a thriving wizarding community. I know, I was surprised to find that out too, but they tend to hide in plain sight quite a bit as any strange occurrences can often be blamed on a drug hallucination. And it was in one of these little crazy cafés that Lucas Jansen, a perfectly ordinary, slightly stoned Muggle, met a pretty young woman named Sara, with bright red hair and emerald green eyes and a pack of tarot cards always on her person. She read his future for him, predicting that his life would forever change on a snowy December night when the clock strikes thirteen. Neither of them are quite sure what that prophecy meant, but the falling in love whilst trying to figure it out was something neither of them would ever see coming.

Sara's gifts soon proved to stretch beyond a phoney ploy for money: she was a genuine Seer, and as the months passed, Lucas came to learn the truth about Sara's magical blood and abilities - not that it changed anything. It made everything so much more exciting, and certainly explained a lot of the weird things he'd seen at the café: floating objects and strange colours and ghostly-looking animals darting around in the corner of his eyes.

The marriage and the children came fast, what with both of them wanting a huge family. It's about ten years down the line that we get to Hayley-Jo: born on Halloween night with a shock of pumpkin-orange hair and her father's rich brown eyes, she was a ball of light, born with a smile beneath a full moon. It was a nice change from the long line of seven boys that preceded her: Sara was beginning to think she was cursed.

For some reason, none of Hayley-Jo's siblings seemed to inherit their mother's third eye; it was lost in the gene pool, perhaps interfered with by the Muggle genes of their father, never to be passed on. That was until Hayley came along. It was obvious from a very young age that Hayley-Jo had the Sight: as a toddler, she would babble about toy-block towers being knocked over or Papa burning the dinner or her brother falling out of the tree in their backyard long before it happened. Sara was ecstatic - finally, another psychic in the family! It wouldn't be until Hayley-Jo reached her young teens that they'd realise just how shit her gift really is.

Hogwarts came a-ringing on her eleventh birthday, and just like her brothers, Hayley was sorted straight into Hufflepuff and began her educational journey. It was around this time that the holes in her Sight began to emerge: her visions became blurry and ridiculous, often comical, but she refused to tell anybody in the hopes that it would all eventually correct itself. It didn't. To this day she is still plagued by visions of unicorns and celebrities doing weird things and futures that don't quite flow. Maybe one day everything will fall into place. Fingers crossed.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Caring, genuine, humorous
Worst Qualities
Ditzy, naiive, soft-centred
Most Influenced By
Sybill Trelawney
Something everyone will instantly learn about Hayley-Jo is that she is a complete and utter ditz. Constantly leaving things in strange places and losing things just when she needs them, it's not uncommon to bump into her wandering the castle, desperately trying to channel her psychic waves to locate a misplaced pencil case or hair clip. Her grades leave something to be desired, as do her essays, but it's in the practical subjects where Hayley shines - herbology, potions, creatures, and especially divination. She's a born crafter, always wanting to make things and pull things apart and put them together. It's in her bones to want to know how the world works.

Another thing in her bones is the ability to See. Well - kind of. Let's clarify: Hayley is a Seer. It runs in the family. However - maybe because she's the youngest and the gene pool has somewhat diluted - her gift is quite shoddy at times. It's not that she can't see the future, it's more that her visions are very confusing. There's a lot of voices and faces are smudged and often absurd. Nine times out of ten, if people ask her for a prophecy, she'll just make it up; winning the lottery sounds a lot more realistic than having a tea party with Bono and one-half of the Chuckle brothers.

Beneath her gifts, Hayley is a genuinely lovely person with a huge heart. She surrounds herself with people as that's all she's known her entire life, and hates being by herself because oh my god she's so boring when she's on her own - she needs people to talk to. She's extremely touchy, too: she loves people playing with her hair, tracing her freckles, and enjoys doing it to other people even more, even if it means she sometimes oversteps boundaries because a crowded childhood has no concept of personal space. The different personalities of all of her siblings has prepared her for basically every type of person she will encounter in life, and thus she is quick to adapt to whomever she is talking to, trying to make them comfortable and cheer them up every hour of the day. That's Hayley: a ray of sun through the thunderclouds, making a rainbow.

There are problems only when Hayley is alone. She doesn't like being by herself at all - it freaks her out slightly. Therefore she tends to latch onto people, whomever she can find, thus making her quite vulnerable if someone decides to treat her badly. She is also fiercely loyal, and only lies when she truly believes it's the right thing to do. She'd never scam people for fake prophecies. Totally not. (She's made three hundred Galleons already.)

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities
Divination: The only class she manages to get Os in, unsurprisingly. She does have quite the advantage.

Baking: She's an excellent baker, according to her entire village. Her sugar cookies are to die for, and if she wants to show affection for somebody, the first thing she'll do is bake up a massive batch for them.

Music: Hayley's a dab hand on the ukelele, clarinet and violin, self-taught from hand-me-down instruments that her siblings gave up on.




*She's a big fan of crooners and old swing music, with Frank Sinatra being her favourite.
*She really really really wants a pet lizard.
*One of her favourite hobbies is knitting. Chances are, if she likes you, she'll knit you a scarf or a pair of socks for no reason.
*She likes winding her dad up by "predicting" that they'll win the lottery. Gets him every time.
*Herbal teas are her weakness - peppermint, especially.
*And cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Created by God herself.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pansexual, panromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English; Dutch; French
Losing her siblings
Favorite Drink
Strawberry lemonade
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Fresh lemons, liquorice, stroopwafels
Favorite Color
Baby pink


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