Greenhouses and Gardens

Professor Sprout greenhouse 1

The roots and shoots that abound here bear plentiful witness to the enduring legacy of Helga Hufflepuff in Hogwarts. Here in the various greenhouses are cultivated all the exotic plants and plant-based lifeforms which students examine and explore in Herbology. You can find Professor Coryn's office here. The gardens amply supply the kitchens, and in turn tables, of the school, whilst also providing a pleasant backdrop for a casual stroll on a warm evening.

Beware the next Greenhouse over, which is full of the dangerous plants.



Serpentine and Drew

Serpentine Bishop - seventh year gryffindor ♡ vegan musician ♡ salem witch

- "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time."
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Serpentine had spent hours in the greenhouse, pouring her sweat and sometimes even blood and tears into her work. Every year yielded such amazing vegtables that stopping wasn't an option at this point and honestly, it had begun to bring her great comfort. This greenhouse had been her safe haven throughout her years at Hogwarts and leaving it behind to pursue an adult life almost seemed like a betrayed. Serpentine continued to mull on her thoughts, seemingly unaware that the twine she used to wrap some of her gardening supplies had gotten tangled around her foot which caused the girl to trip. With an oof and a dull thud, she landed on her behind and somehow managed to completely tangle herself in a mess of twine and gardening equiptment. What time was it? Curfew was definitely approaching. Serpentine tried her best not to panic and looked around for something sharp to cut herself free.

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