Evangeline Selwyn - Headmistress of Hogwarts

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She's at the Headmaster's immediate right, eating some mashed potatoes she separated for herself. She doubted she'd be here for long; she still had loads to do before classes resumed tomorrow. For now, though, she kept an eye specifically on the Hufflepuffs. While not usually problematic, she knew a couple of them were pretty rowdy people.


Nora Déonté Head of Slytherin DADA Professor Home
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She recognizes a few faces at the teacher's table, but for now she looks over the students as she eats her Shepherd's Pie. There would be a lot of new faces to remember this year.
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She hoped that with the influx of exchange students a few more would be interested in Healing this year...and of course there would probably be more injuries than normal also. She wasn't the primary healer on duty here this year but imagined she'd be called upon to help if things got really busy.
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He sat in the Headmaster's seat after his speech and had some steak and mashed potatoes on his plate. He looked down both sides of the table surveying his new teachers

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She entered, taking a seat next to Seraph, looking a bit frazzled and piling food onto her plate, watching the students carefully. She spotted Callum quickly, relaxing at seeing him here.

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Meilin fills her plate calmly, looking at the other professors. She still can't believe she's back after three whole years.