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Professor Silas ChevalierSlytherin Alumni • Headmaster

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35 y/o
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Married to Michaela

"Hello everyone, and welcome to a new year here at Hogwarts! I would also like to give a very special warm welcome to all the first years who are starting a new journey here on this very day. To those who are returning students, may you continue to strive for greatness and push yourself further in academics and extra curricular activities at our amazing academy! Many new clubs are being organized and with Quidditch being reintroduced after the break it had last year due to the Triwizard Tournament, this will hopefully shape up to be quite the fun and exciting year for everyone involved!" Silas said with a pause, looking out at all the students and staff alike. "With all that said, may the opening feast commence!" With a brave smile, Silas raised his goblet to form a large cheers before lowering it to his lips.

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Teacher's Table

Nora Déonté - Head of SlytherinDADA ProfessorHome@Déonté_Esq

-"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."~ Charles de Montesquieu
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Another year, another batch of first years she barely escaped teaching. She'll admit, though, she does enjoy them once they've gotten their mischief out at the beginning of the year. She'll have to talk with Professor Lancaster after they've wreaked their havoc.
Birgetto Raske - Cupcake • Hogwarts Guidance Counselor@the_cupcake_counselor

-You can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake.
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He's just as excited this year as he was last year--he loves all the students, and while he was planning only to try this out, he's thinking he might make it a permanent position. He'd love to keep coming back to make sure the students stay healthy all around.

Aleja Zamorano - Hogwarts Healer • Pukwudgie Alum • @DrSmithapple

-"You are where you need to be, just take a deep breath." ~Queen Lana Parrilla
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There's a tray of escargot near her, and on a whim she tries one, making a surprised noise when it's actually pretty good. She helps herself to several more.

Merlin Graves - chef • potioneer • professor

- "Push your limits to the absolute extremes."
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Despite Merlin’s reputation and ability to complain about just about any type of food, he kept his mouth shut, and ate in silence. He eyes the tables of students, then looked back down at his roast beef and potatoes.
Juliana Stanton - -Deputy Headmistress -Head of Ravenclaw -Charms Professor

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She sat in her seat just to the right of Silas, smiling out at the students. She definitely wasn't expecting to become Deputy Headmistress this year, but she was excited for the opportunity. She looked around at the teachers at the table, making note of what new additions there were.