Piper Morgenstierne - fifth year ravenclaw ❁ norwegian exchange student

- "She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from the divine."
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Piper was anxious to be navigating Hogwarts alone and the task proved daunting until she finally found the Great Hall. Grateful for the idea of a meal, she sat down and put her headphones into her ears before tuckinf her magically altered phone in her pocket.

Twyla Montgomery - first year gryffindor ◈ omen of misfortune ◈ maledictus

-"And when her halo finally broke, she carved the two halves into horns."
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nicöhl morello - ravenclaw, sixth year • on the road to recovery

-“it seems like one of those nights we ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming,”
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She's kind of just... avoiding most of humanity as best as she can. Sat on her own, Nicöhl eats her food as quick as she can, hoping to make a swift exit. Maybe she can get some exploring done.

Charlie Louise De Villiers - The Lightning Bolt ⚡ 7th year Ravenclaw

-My shadow is the one thing I'll never be able to outrun.
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She pushed into the hall, her lips pulled into a grin as she surveyed the hall. Putain finalement. She was in Hogwarts. It had actually gone through. Smiling in relief she headed to the Ravenclaw table, deciding to head to the one familiar face, the Norwegian (?) exchange student and slipped in next to her.

Callum 6
Callum Dane - 4th Year Ravenclaw • Genius Child

- “All That Glitters Isn't Gold.”
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He sat down at the table and stayed quiet as he ate. He was nervous to start the new school year, especially after all the events that had happened during the summer. He kept glancing over at Alyss where the teachers were sitting, wanting to talk to her whenever she got the chance.

Raymundo Cortes - Ravenclaw Fifth Year ✴ The Candy Man🍭

- “Books are worlds that you create.”
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He sat down at the table, grabbing a plate full of food and chatting away everyone around him. His laugh was contagious and he was just so happy to be back at Hogwarts. Sure the summer was fun, but Hogwarts was so amazing.


Will Kisler Ravenclaw Third Year • Beater • Nervous Wreck
-“It is important to find worth in yourself.” ~Chyler Leigh

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She sits as far away from established groups of people as she can--not far given the entire school is gathered at once. She picks halfheartedly at her food, not hungry in part because she's nervous and because she's in a new place with a whole bunch of new people. Would it be appropriate to just leave, or would someone notice? She'd hate to get in trouble on her first day.

David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller - 2nd Year Ravenclaw
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He'd be curiously watching all the new students hoping he'd be able to make some new friends.

Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos - 6th Year Exchange Student from Brazil
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He'd be sitting and eating partially wondering why he was here in this House. He'd expected Gryffindor or maybe Hufflepuff. Weird using a hat to tell you where to go.
Regan 7th Year

Regan Black Ravenclaw Seventh Year
-Hope and Ferlen Black's daughter

 – 15:42, April 30, 2018 (UTC)

She was sitting at the table near Charlie, trying to catch Peter's glance. She was still proud he'd made Head Boy.

Priya WB

Priya Gupta Ravenclaw Sixth Year
-Indian Exchange Student

 – 15:42, April 30, 2018 (UTC)

She found a spot alone, since her buddy was at a different table. She looked to see if there was anyone else her age around as she started eating.

Maureen Fitzgerald - ravenclaw 6th year ☘️ prefect

- beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal
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Maureen plops down next to Priya, still happy that she got to be Prefect again. "Hi! How's the school so far?"