Princess Quinn of Windsor - Nineteenth in Line πŸ‘‘ Young Royal πŸ‘‘ First Year

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She was nervously sitting at the Hufflepuff table, trying to search for one of her relatives.
Freya Johnson - Hufflepuff ⇑ Fifth Year

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Freya finds an open little area to sit - so there's space if any of her friends or siblings want to come sit by her - and starts to make a plate of food. Nothing too much since she wasn't very hunrgy, but enough to fill her up.

Isaac Johnson - Hufflepuff Seventh Year - Good Bro Hufflepuff prefect

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Isaac immediately grabs a large turkey leg from the table upon sitting next to Freya. "How was the ride?" He asks, before getting his teeth on the poor leg. Isaac doesn't once look straight at Freya's face.


γ€Œ Eli Malfoy 」The Hufflepuff Malfoy

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Begrudgingly, he sat down next to Quinn. (In reality, he was happy to see a familiar face. But sh!) He gave her a look, a hidden friendly smile, and turned towards the food, picking at it quietly.

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γ€Œ Eurus Amor Everly 」Model - Rebel

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6th Year Gryffindor
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She sat at the table, beside anyone really, and smiled. "Hi everyone!"

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