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Great hall Christmas

Welcome to the Great Hall. This is where many Hogwarts meals are served. The Great Hall (only on the occasion), however, may be used as a "sanctuary" if any event that harms any of the students occurs. Meals are taken here, and the sorting ceremony is held here too. Every year during the Christmas holiday season, the Great Hall is decorated with many decorated pine trees and a big one behind the staff table.



Silas WB!
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Silas took a shaky breath, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't nervous for the opening of Hogwarts. It being his first year as Headmaster was definitely stressful but he had done all the prepping that he could and it was now go time. Sitting in the chair he once always saw Elmira in, Silas watched as all the students filed into the Great Hall. "Welcome everyone, to a new year at Hogwarts. I am so happy to see returning faces, new faces, as well as those who have been here for awhile that I have yet to meet. As your new Headmaster I look forward to getting to know all of you. This'll be a year of firsts for many of you, myself included, and I can't wait to not only see myself and all of you students grow, but Hogwarts as well as we embark on a new journey together. Don't let any problem go unsolved, no question go unanswered, as myself and the rest of your teachers are here to help you through the next seven years or however many you have remaining. I'm expecting great things from everyone here, let's make this year a memorable one for everyone involved. For tonight however, let us enjoy a feast in honour of a new year, a new start, and new friends." Silas said as he beckoned for the food, a smile on his face.

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Sorting will be done in accordance to whoever is on at the same time as the sorter so that a few posts can be exchanged between character, game master and sorting hat. This will effectively cut the amount of time it takes to sort every user's first year student.






Teacher's Table

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