Here's the Transfiguration Top Student List. I just finished computing grades and the list of top students are below. NOTE:If you did not complete both the Homework and the final, your grade is not listed here. If your character's name is not on this page, you did not come to class, turn in any homework, or do the final.

Top Younger Students

Name Grade Average

Top Older Students

Name Grade Average

Students Who Did Not Complete All Work

Completed Final, but no Homework

  • Max Grey
  • Artemis Blaise
  • Silver Thorn
  • Alexandra Caele

Completed Homework, but not Final

  • Della Winters
  • Orion Tulen
  • Reynaud Etienne
  • Amanda Hartwright
  • Percy Kane
  • Elizabeth Magic
  • Sadie Grey
  • Damon Grey
  • Olivia Clarence
  • April Marie
  • Amanda Clarence
  • Nikki Roberts

Did Not Complete Homework (But were in class)

  • John McNorton
  • Jaeslya Knight
  • Quin Ailis
  • Maude Foxx
  • Connor Palonil
  • William Sinagra
  • Ishmael Cahill
  • Thalia Altaier
  • Ali Webb
  • Artie Chase
  • Eve Chase
  • Leia Ruby
  • Peter Crimson
  • Medea Griffin
  • Thomas Cromwell
  • Avalon Morcades
  • Carson Moore
  • Lavinia Sydor
  • Cat Waters
  • Maria Young
  • Lacey Savrin
  • Cerie Douglas
  • Cherie Ardoin
  • Xena and Xenosa Abram
  • Alec McDowell
  • Sarabelle Kellagrie
  • Ember Blaze
  • Eleanor Washington
  • Sophronia Lizandra Mitchell
  • Ivy Black
  • Theo Harrison
  • Heaven Papakonstantinou
  • Alexavier Everard
  • Saezuru Minsk
  • Sascha Guthrie
  • Adelaide "Adie" Capozzi
  • Emily de Moller
  • Adora Shadow
  • Colin Gillystem
  • Winter Smith
  • Lirael Willow
  • Emerald Daniels
  • Toni Waters
  • Wesley Parks
  • Becky Bradbury
  • Logan Amador
  • Caly Taylor
  • Skye Otraz
  • Chastity Moore
  • Kya Lolin
  • Andy Lenton
  • Evie Daniels
  • Elara Daniels
  • Celia Cooper
  • Sean Harris
  • Alrick Kunze

I'll see everyone again next year. Professor Kinsel 88-hogwarts-crest2 (Owl Me)-My Office

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