Please copy the exam below onto a separate page titled '(Your name)'s History of Magic Examination' and link it below the specified headline. You will have until the end of term to complete the exam.



1) List the four founders of hogwarts (4 pts)
2) List 3 former headmasters of hogwarts(6 pts)
3) List a famous member from each house (8 pts)
4) List 3 schools involved in Triwizard tournement. (4 pts)

Fill in the blanks. (16)

1) Hogwarts was discovered in ______.
2) _____ opened the chamber for the first time.
3)A famous Goblin Reblion took place in _____.
4)A ____ was locked in the chamber of secrets.
5) _______ opened the chamber for the second time.
6) Goblins were upset because they were treated ______ compared to wizards.
7) ____ created the chamber of secrets.
8)Urg the ____ is a famous goblin.

Short Answers (24)

1) What time period was most famous for Goblin Rebellions? (4 pts) 2) Why do Goblins Revolt? (10)
3) What were the founders relics?(10)

Essay Pick One (20 pts)

1)In your opinion, how did the goblin rebellions effect magical history?
2)In your opinion, what was the importance of Harry Potter to our history?



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