Ghoul Studies - 6th Year Final

Instructions to Candidates

  • Answer ALL the first 7 questions and then either question 8 OR question 9
  • Questions with an ASTERISK (*) indicate that marks will be awarded for the quality of written communication.
  • Post completed Exams Here

The Exam

Please fill all this in on a separate article, titled "(Your Name)'s Ghoul Studies Final". 'Good Luck. ~C. Antoinette.





1. What is a Ghost? (2 Mark)

2. State two reasons for becoming a ghost (2 Marks)

3. "Muggles can become Ghosts, because ghosts are popular within Muggle Culture." True or False (1 Mark)

4. What is the difference between a Ghoul, Poltergeist and a Ghost? (5 Marks) *

5. What is the incantation to clean up the ectoplasm of Ghouls and Ghosts? (1 Mark)

6. What is meant by an "Out of Body Experience"? (2 Marks)

7. Explain what the difference between a Chameleon Ghoul and a regular Ghoul is. (3 Marks)

8. Write a Brief Case Study on a Ghost,


9. Write a letter to the ministry, with a suggestion for containing Ghouls. * (5 Marks)

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