3rd Years


Chastity Moore - Personal Assistant
Send Me an Owl! - Failure? Nothing but an avoidable disadvantage. {{{1}}}
Chastity would sit quietly, waiting.


Artemis Caly
Caly Taylor - Herbalist
Send Me an Owl! - ♥ Intellect is a privilege, and wise use is a right. • {{{1}}}
Caly read through a Potions book as she waited.

4th Years

5th Years



April Marie Part-Banshee ♥ Gryffindor Alumni MarieSealTrans
-"Act like a Princess, look like Barbie, party like Ke$ha."

 – 22:02, March 4, 2014 (UTC)~

*April sat quietly, twisting her hair into a French braid*

6th Years

7th Years

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