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Homework is Due

This class has been assigned homework. See the Homework page for details.

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Welcome to Animagi Training Classroom

Week 6-10. Years 5 and up and teachers.



Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 06:24, October 9, 2012 (UTC)
This is OOC information for ALL users thinking of having characters take the Animagi Training course. Each user is permitted a MAXIMUM of ONE Animagus. This means that although any character can take the course and pass the exam (which does not require a single, stable animal form, and can be completed by those who haven't taken the Serum, or otherwise fixed their form), if you already have an Animagus, this character will NOT become one, only a "reserve", as it were.

The "Serum" is the explanation we have come up with for why there are so very many more Animagi here than in the books (the seven volumes list 11 Registered and Unregistered total for the WHOLE of the 20th century). Later, when your active Animagus retires, or is adopted by someone else, or leaves in whatever way, you can say that the character who went through the course elected at that later time to take the Serum, and "promote" them to full and active Animagus status.

Regal checks out some snakes and reptiles - "Superstar Toyz" - Episode 1305:23

Regal checks out some snakes and reptiles - "Superstar Toyz" - Episode 13

Something of a "user's manual" for those planning to deal with Harald.

"The Reptile House"


Stage 1

If you are on stage 1 of Animagi training, you will decide which animal you will become, and your material will consist of learning about that particular animal.

Stage 2

If you are on stage 2 of Animagi training, you have a thorough understanding of the animal you desire to become. You must also have the grade of Exceeds Expectations in Transfiguration to pass to this level. You will be learning how to transform yourself into the desired animal by use of a wand.

Stage 3

If you are on stage 3 of Animagi training, you have mastered Transfiguring into your desired animal by use of a wand. You will be learning how to truly become an Animagus by transforming into your animal at will. This stage is for Years 6 and above only.

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