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Welcome to flying lessons! This class is first years only; no older students are permitted. Reminder that first years are only allowed their own broomsticks under extremely special circumstances, so all the brooms used in this class will be from the school's supply. Have fun, be safe, and listen to the professor!

First Year Flying Lessons
This class is taught by Professor Sakellarios.


Malia Sakellarios

Professor Malia SakellariosHead of Hufflepuff ✧ Flying Instructor

「 Age 」
31 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
Flying Instructor
「 Relationship 」

"Welcome, first years, to your flying lessons! During the course of the year, you'll learn how to mount a broom, balance yourself, fly, and play quidditch. It's a fun class, but I won't force you to go beyond your limits - all I ask is you meet the minimum requirements, and you'll pass," she pauses. "It's not as safe as your core classes, all things considered, so please pay attention. If you do fall, walk it off."

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