Frozon Manor

Third Floor

Broken china litters the floor and a gaping whole in the ceiling sends debris falling from above. A huge crimson stain stands out on the carpet. Another blow rocks the house, and a second round of glass clatters to the floor.



Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 16:05, August 7, 2012 (UTC)
A couple order members would rush down from the floor above. The room would be suddenly extremely hot, and flaming chimera's would begini rushing down the stairs at those still in the room.

OOC:Those in the room are:

  • Leo Agneau (From Above Floor) -Apparated
  • Madam Meghan Bláthnat (From Above Floor) -Escaped
  • Professor Evander Diomedes (From Above Floor) -Escaped
  • Madam Camille Antoinette -Escaped
  • Einar Faris -Apparated
  • Bastet -Apparated
  • Melanie Trinket -Escaped

If you do not exit down to the next floor, or otherwise escape, you will be burnt and killed.


Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 13:00, August 8, 2012 (UTC)
The flames would intensify, and the heat would nearly cause those in the room to be overcome. The flaming creatures would rush at Einar, who was the last one in the room.
Wikia DARP - Einar Faris today

Einar Faris
-"Time reaps all. Colour me Cronus."

 – {{{time}}}

*Einar would try to Apparate to the Basement he'd seen when he was strolling around useless earlier*

Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 13:38, August 8, 2012 (UTC)
Floor Cleared!

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