Frances Rockefeller
full of wanderlust
February 21, 2021

Franklin Rocekfeller (dad)
Diane Rockefeller (mom)
Charles Rockefeller (older brother)
Michael Rockefeller (older brother)
Sterling Rockefeller (twin brother)
David Rockefeller (younger brother)

Blood Status
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Frances Diane Rockefeller is a fifth year Hufflepuff currently attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Virginia Gardner.
Her FC is Virginia Gardner.

New York City, NY, USA
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Rough-housing with Sterling
Type of Childhood

Frances is just one of Franklin & Diane Rockefeller's five children. Ah, yes, the Rockefeller family. They're just stereotypical American family, with the white picket fence house, the dog, and a powerful name to back them up. Except they're wizards and have a long history in the entertainment industry. They've been important figures throughout the history of Wizarding USA, though in subtle ways. They were important back in the Prohibition Era, known for bootlegging liquor and owning speakeasies across the main states. Their ancestors were known for being radio hosts, for being musicians, for being the source of America's entertainment. The Rockefeller family have always been an exception to a lot of the rules throughout history. For them, law enforcers have looked the other way. While that wasn't much to say a century ago, nowadays it says a lot.

They're important figures, and not acknowledging that might just cost you a lot. Frances has always been interested in her family's background. Ever since she was a little girl, she'd ask for her parents to tell her stories of how things used to be in the olden days for their families. How they were the heroes of the music industry and gave a source of artistic freedom and happiness to the wizards living in turbulent times. She's aware that her family is tied to their no-maj counterparts - those who own Rockefeller Center, essentially. She's always been aware of the roles her family has played throughout history, some roles more than others. She knows she inherited her natural take for public speaking from them, as well as her intense like for music. Though she can't play any instruments herself, nor can she sing, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music - except country. She isn't sure why, but she doesn't like it, honest to God.

Her childhood was a bright one. Franklin and Diane always dotted on all their children, ensuring they knew they were loved and cared for. Frances and her siblings faced difficulties, sure, such as the ever-growing amount of papparazzi that tried to get pictures of them, but overall they had a good life. Coming from a wealthy family, Frances has always gotten what she's needed, and then some more. At first, she was fond of these grand gifts, but a trip around the poorer sides of New York with her older brother Charles changed her perspective of many things, extravagance included. It involved visiting the poorer communities and deciding who to donate the annual Rockefeller Aid check to, to promote the development of those communities struggling to get a better life. Frances really did a 180 degree turn after that trip. Where she was once selfish and imprudent, she was now selfless and kind. Where she was once snotty, she was now humble.

Ever since that day, when she was eight, Frances has become an exemplary child. She strived to help people, and help them she did. She was able to convince her parents into hosting fundraisers for the communities she visited, and even helped work towards a solution that would benefit each community, such as monthly donations. Food and clothes would be provided among these donations. Similarly, she was able to convince her parents that maybe - just maybe - they should invest in communities for those less fortunate than them. A place where they could live in safety until they were able to get back on their feet and help others. By the age of eleven, Frances had been able to establish herself as the biggest source of help for those who truly needed it.

Whenever she wasn't helping others, Frances was likely out and about. Though she'd relinquished many things that weren't essential to survive, one thing she'd been unable to get rid of was her passion for horse riding. She owned her own horse, and every day she'd go out with any direct relative - most commonly her dad - to ride. Among their other hobbies were hiking. It seemed she'd inherited her father's liking towards everything that surrounded nature. While Franklin didn't have too much free time in his hands, what he did have he mostly spent with Frances, taking her to see different parts of the country. While there were times it was a family trip, for everyone to partake, it was usually just them. It was their little thing. From hiking to canoeing, they did it all. As a matter of fact, it was out on one of their little trips that Frances first experienced magic firsthand. She had slipped and hit her knee against a rock, scraping it to the point where it was mostly blood and torn skin. In the midst of her panicking and crying, though, she was able to heal her wound, by simply touching the underside. There had been a glow, and the wound (and pain) had subsequently disappeared. You can bet your ass she got ice cream once she got home.

When she was eleven, she was sent to Ilvermorny, like the rest of her siblings. She was promptly asked for by Thunderbird, whose guidance aided her and led her to thrive within Ilvermorny's walls. She was a straight a student, the kind that albeit smart, still had a large amount of friends and could easily be considered the 'popular' kid. She was also something akin to a jock, as she was one of the star players in her house's Quodpot team. It was thanks to her that her team faced a resounding success all 3 seasons she played. She'd have played a fourth, if not for her sudden desire to transfer over to Hogwarts. Her brother had fallen for a British woman - one of her professors, actually - and the woman returned to Britain due to her homesickness. While Frances is unsure of the specifics relating their relationship, as well as Charles' innate desire to follow her, she knew one thing: she had to go with him. Not only did she want to scratch Great Britain off her bucket list in its entirety, but she had no other option. Her parents had been moved to a nursing home, and her other older brother Michael had become a well-known musician in the United States to the degree he didn't even want to considering leaving, let alone watching his younger siblings.

Overall, it worked out for Frances. She's now in Great Britain, readying for her fourth year of schooling.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Sweet, Courageous, Strong-willed
Worst Qualities
Self-conscious, easily discouraged, people-pleaser
Most Influenced By
Sterling Rockefeller
Sweet, kind and good-natured.

Those are the words that likely sprout to the top of anyone's mind the moment they stumble across Frances. Because that's exactly what she is. It's doubtful you'll stumble across someone so polite, who minds her manners and always says please and thank you, let alone someone whose smile is so bright it's comparable to the sun. That's why, more often than not, people will think she's either bullshitting it or trying too hard. Truth be told, she's not. Down to her core, Frances is social and charismatic. She enjoys interacting with others and thusly is known as the iconic Chatty Rockefeller from Ilvermorny School. She's met and surpassed every stereotype there is about the long line of entrepreneurs she comes from: ebullient, kind-hearted and felicific, but also steadfast, impatient and ever so into other people's businesses.

Despite having a golden heart, Frances also has the soul of an adventurer. It may go against everything her family has previously stood for, but her passion for thrill still stands. She was a Thunderbird, a fact that she strongly embraces even as her life leads her to different corners of the world. She enjoys the thrill of life. She's addicted to the feeling of adrenaline pumping through her veins and motivating her to go further, to stretch the limits of her body. She's a risk-taker and there's no dissuading her from it. She's strong-willed and courageous, and has come face to face with the likes of dark wizards and dangerous creatures. Not once has she felt the urge to back down - not from a challenge, as minimalistic as it may prove to be. She faces those head on, just as she's always been encouraged to do.

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Diane Rockefeller (mother)
She and her mother have always had a little bit of a complicated relationship; she's always been interested in the same things as her father, and none of the things her mother's interested in. It's a struggle for them to see eye to eye a lot, but she's the one that birthed her. That's her mother. She'll always love and respect her.

Franklin Rockefeller (father)
She's always had a very special relationship with her dad. He introduced her to the wilderness, and was with her through all her firsts. Her first hunt, her first hike, her first climb, all of it. It's easy to say she has a closer relationship with her father. She knows she can come to him for anything. Whether it's advice or just a distraction - she and her dad have always been close enough that she kind of does value him a little more than her mother.

Charles & Michael Rockefeller (older brothers)
Her older brothers have a lot of bad qualities and in all sincerity, she doesn't know if she likes them or not. But it doesn't matter whether or not she does; they're family, and she loves them with everything she's got. But really, what is up with them? Michael ditched his family, and Charles just dumped their parents at the nursery home. What's with that?

Sterling Rockefeller (twin brother)
Sterling is her twin brother; he's her other half. The yin to her yang. He knows her better than she knows herself, and she loves him all the more for it. He's the one she relies on. Whenever she's sad, he's there. Whenever she's happy, he's still there. No matter what happens, no matter what they go through, Sterling has always been and always will be a constant in her life.

David Rockefeller (younger brother)
God, David is annoying. He says a lot of things that doesn't sit well with Frances, and he can be a true pain in the ass when he wants to, but at least she's here to fix all that, right? She's his older sister; she reserves the right to straighten him up if she has to.




  • Frances has only just recently begun to realize what her sexual orientation is, and is struggling to come to terms with it.
  • She's allergic to cats.
  • She's a huge fan of football.
  • She hates the taste of grapes.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Homosexual, Homoromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
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Licorice Wands
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