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Hi guys! It's Jaye, naturally, with an amazing idea. Back in November, I came up with the idea of revamping the Ministry of Magic, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it wasn’t accomplished completely. Department Heads were created, a vote for Minister was opened, and things were changed, mostly for the better. That said, I recently had the idea to resume the revamp of the Ministry and finish it completely.

My intentions with this is to encourage the creation of adult characters, specifically in the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry is just as important in the wiki as Hogwarts is, as it controls everything. I've outlined their new duties in brief, but it will all be fleshed out once the wiki has agreed to implement everything. I'll list the new changes down below, and open a header for comments and suggestions. If a user doesn't like a specific thing, they can make a movement to get it changed in the comments/suggestion section.

- jayemalik'

The Changes

Minister for Magic and Support Staff

Minister for Magic

  • Bailey Jeon  (Brocky)
    • We will continue to hold elections every 5 years, but a Minister can only go for two terms. Canonically speaking, it may vary, there’s just a maximum limit of 7 seven years without election. That said, I believe 5 years is a happy medium.

Senior Undersecretary

  • Julius Tyrrell  (Lyss)
    • We will revisit who is in control of each department and organize it so there’s a secondary Head of Department (like a second-in-command, so to say), in case the person RPing the actual head is unavailable.
    • We will being back the position of Advisor to the Minister, who will, as the title implies, advice the Minister in important decisions and issues that have arisen.
    • We will also make a well-needed change - anyone can have a Department Head, not just an administration team member. That said, their activity OOC is to be observed closely and taken into account before hiring the character as Department Head.
    • We will re-interview current Department Heads that were hired over a month ago OOC, to ensure that everyone is active and capacitated to RP that character/be in that position.

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

  • Donovan Oswald (Oli)
    • We will bring back Wizengamot and start bringing in Dark Wizards and Witches, which works well, given the sudden rise in number of them.
    • With Wizengamot, we will start RPing small trials and such. We will also increase the number of wizards brought into holding cells, revisit old cases with users who've maintained a sense of injustice OOC, give everyone fair trials, etc.
    • We will hold elections for Chief Warlock of Wizengamot every 5 years, along with the Minister, unless the need to extend it is there (i.e. in case of war).
    • We will start allowing the creation of Wizarding lawyers and representatives (there is an ongoing discussion found here with outlines for their duties and such).
    • DMLE will be rebooted to work like a police department would, with certain modifications listed right below.

Auror Office

  • Duncan Davidson (Carn)
    • Small cases will be created to keep aurors occupied, sharp and on edge, much like old cases former Auror Head RPer CK used to do (i.e. the Greers)
    • We will promote creation of aurors by revamping and modifying how the Auror Department is structured. For instance:
      • Hit Wizards: Hit Wizards comprise a team of highly trained wizards tasked with arresting notorious criminals of the highest magnitude (i.e. The Black Parade & Arcana Alliance members). The entry requirements include five N.E.W.T.s, one of which must be Defence Against the Dark Arts. The equivalent of a Muggle S.W.A.T. Team. Members have a personal bed reserved at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
      • Intelligence Division: The Investigation Department is a subdivision of the Auror Office. It centres on investigation and tracking down wizards not abiding the law, though more specifically, dark wizards.
      • Magical Law Enforcement Patrol: The Magical Law Enforcement Patrol is tasked with general law enforcement, like with the Muggle police. They are sometimes stationed at strategic places in search of fugitive criminals.
      • Misuse of Muggle Artefacts: This office regulates the use of magic on Muggle objects and confiscates those which have been illegally bewitched. One of the laws they enforce is the prohibition on magically altering a Muggle vehicle with the intent to fly it.

Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

  • Jenelle Dane (Kayle)
    • We can and will put obliviators into use by working closely in certain cases with the Aurors - especially if it involves Muggles. Similarly, in any possible arising case of mischief, they will be required to RP the cleaning up and fixing of said case.
    • There is an orphanage with kids full of raw magic and negative emotions that can, could and will inevitably lead to an explosion - it will eventually require the help of this department.
    • Any other possible duties can be added in the suggestions/comments sections.

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

  • Chase William Solace (Chase)
    • They’d work towards a solution for the conflict with the werewolves, including ways to distribute Wolfsbane safely without giving away their identities, keeping files concealed safely, etc. This is top priority for the department for the time being.
    • They will have someone live with different species to understand them better and provide a good case as to why they should be allowed to be a considered a being (focus: vampires). We need liaisons for specific species, as well, tasked with maintaining peace among their population and humans.
    • Heads will be added to each sub-division (beings, beasts and spirits). They report to the Department Head.
    • This department will inevitably find a new species of beasts or beings. Something that allows for a new race of characters in the wiki. However, details of this species will only be elaborated on at a later date, once the issues with werewolves (and others) has been resolved.

Department of Magical Games and Sports

  • Nathan Jones (Carn)
    • They will work on the British & Irish Quidditch League and possibly bring the European Cup around. Users with characters in this department will be asked to make at least one quidditch player for the League, or to GM the matches.
    • These people could also work with the DME to bring the Triwizard Championship to Hogwarts again at some point in the future, with different schools this time around.
    • They will also be in charge of sending school teams to compete against other magical school teams (for Potions Championships, Charms Championships, Inter-school Quidditch Tournaments, etc.)

Department of Magical Education

  • Dunstan le Fey (SoA)
    • They could work on student exchange programs, do tournaments (such as potions tournaments and inter-school quidditch tournaments).
    • These people would be in charge of making graduations, sorting ceremonies, etc.
    • They will head different things for Hogwarts' benefit, such as fundraisers, job fairs and themed balls.
    • We will inevitably bring back Hogwarts Inspections, just to observe the teaching standard at Hogwarts.
    • This department will be in charge of creating a ‘board of governors’ for the school (i.e. parents and donors) to help with the administration of Hogwarts School.
    • Open clubs, resurrect old ones, like Pink Magic, SPEW, etc. (it titters onto a small Hogwarts revamp, but if negotiated by the DME, it’d work.)
    • We will resurrect the Animagi Training Office and bring Animagi Training to Hogwarts, for students years 5-7. The trainer officer will be writing an outline for the process (they will learn the theory in year five, turn into different animals in year six, and actually turn into their animagi form year 7, though it has to be fleshed out.).

Department of International Magical Cooperation

  • Alexandrine Spavin (Jaye)
    • We could, can and will have so much national diversity with representatives from each country, whilst creating small, brief expansions with incidents. On the same note, we will do small cases and bring in problems to the Confederation for them to decide on/draw solutions for.
    • The IMOL will create new, updated laws that regulate the use of magic, especially against Creatures.

Department of Magical Transportation

  • Dorian Webb (Hecate)
    • We will, once again, start RPing the Apparation Classes, in conjunction with DME.
    • The department will be in charge of finding new means of transportations.
    • They will also work to integrate current muggle transportation with the wizarding world.
    • Floo Network Administration: The Floo Network Authority is a Ministry of Magic board that establishes, maintains, monitors, and regulates the Floo Network. Employees of the authority have the power to observe and monitor Floo Network connections, and may eavesdrop on conversations held through the Network. Such workers are known as Floo Network Regulators.
    • W.A.S.A (Wizarding Aeronautics & Space Administration) will be attempting to put Wizards into space, in conjunction with the Department of Technological Advancement and the Department of Mysteries' Space Room Employees. That said, this would be very early stages, and everything WASA will be doing will be very experimental, like developing charms etc to help breathe in non-oxygen conditions (e.g. modifying the bubblehead charm)

Department of Technological Advancement

  • Adrijana Ozols (Sophie)
    • They will find a way to make wifi compatible with magic.
    • They will use magic to make necessary permanent body modifications, like surgeries to have a new arm, eye, etc. They will work closely with St. Mungo's in order to achieve this.
    • Wizarding Wireless Network Administration: Broadcasting live from Hogsmeade, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Amazing music, played by an amazing line-up of presenters, and amazing interviews, from the best interviewers. The home of great music, entertainment, documentaries, and games, not to mention the daily fix of gossip and news from around the international Wizarding World. This will be ran by the TA department, but its employees will not necessarily need previous political affiliates so much as in the entertainment world. Other than who funds the Network, nothing will have changed about them.

Department of Mysteries

  • Cassandra Schermer (Neo)
    • Brain Room: This long, rectangular room is lit by low-hanging lamps. It contains a tank of encephala, or brains, that swim in a green solution. These particular brains are highly aggressive and will attack and constrict anything that tries to touch them or pick them up, as was the case with Ron Weasley. The tendrils that the brains possess are implied to be physical manifestations of thoughts. The concept of thought and all related subjects are studied in this chamber.
      • They will work closer with the R&D department at St. Mungo’s to figure out how magic works and where it comes from.
    • Hall of Prophecies: Records of prophecies are stored in this long, cold chamber with high ceilings and towering shelves lit with blue-flame candles. These prophecies, held in glass orbs, are magically protected, so that the only people who can lift them off their stand are the Keeper of the Hall of Prophecies and the subject or subjects of the individual prophecy. Anyone else who attempts to inspect the orb with their hands will be afflicted with instant madness.
      • We need a Keeper of the Hall of Prophecies.
    • Death Chamber: This large, square room somewhat resembles Courtroom Ten of the Wizengamot. It is dimly lit, with stone tiers leading down to a pit in the centre. In this pit is a dais, upon which stands a very old stone archway with a tattered black curtain hanging from it. This arch separates the worlds of the living and the dead. When you near the stone, you can hear voices of the dead - people you once knew. They call your name, trying to lure you into the same lifeless clutch they’re in. Only people with the highest mental capacities can work here, studying anything and everything regarding death.
    • Love Chamber: This room is behind a door that remains locked at all times and which cannot be unlocked by Alohomora or magical unlocking penknives. According to Dumbledore, behind the door is the most mysterious subject of study of the department, and the most powerful force ever to exist in the universe — which is known as "Love". It may also be used in attempts to understand and duplicate the magical protection self-sacrificing love creates, the only magic strong enough to repel the Killing Curse. There is a fountain for amortentia in the middle. People who study love and the spells it can/can’t break, along with the effects it has, work here.
    • Space Chamber: This is a dark room full of planets floating in mid-air. Presumably, it is from this Chamber where Wizards study the aspect of space, as it is one of the limits of magic (along with time). Visitors may find themselves floating as well.
    • Time Room: This long, rectangular room is filled with a beautiful, dancing light that sparkles like gems. All kinds of time-related devices completely fill the chamber, such as clocks of every description, and Time-Turners. It also contains a large crystal bell jar at its far end, from which the sparking light comes. Inside it, anything will grow increasingly younger, to its pre-life state, be reborn to grow older, and cycle through endlessly. People who study time and the effects of time-traveling work here. They’re the
      • They could work on time turners, try and create long standing ones (opens for new expansions)
    • Committee on Experimental Charms: The function of the Committee is to oversee the use and development of experimental charms. They’re the oldest division, given the fact the committee surpasses even the Ministry of Magic in age. Users with characters in the committee are allowed to create charms, curses, jinxes and hexes without admin approval, but they have to add them to the Spells List, with their purposes and the ages that can learn them (aka the difficulty of casting).


In favor of implementing (+18)

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Against implementing/In favor of keeping as is (+0)


  • Existing aurors will be able to (apply, I assume) to transfer to another...type, right?
Yes, aurors from other divisions will have the chance to select which division they wish to be in post-changes. :)
- jayemalik'

So I have a couple thoughts/questions about this. First off general comments...My concern with reviving the Ministry remains the same that it was when we first implemented it, and when I revived it last time, and that I have with every expansion...that the primary goal and focus on the wiki should be on Hogwarts. That's where we started, what brought people here, and where we have the most information pertaining to this world we've created. Hogwarts already seems to be having issues with activity (though my personal feeling is that this is in part due to administration activity issues which I plan to address in a separate blog later today). People only have so much time to offer to the wiki and if we funnel it into expansion, Ministry activity, etc then Hogwarts could fall apart and if that happens I fear the wiki won't be able to survive. So...while I support this revamp, I will say I feel people should put their time first towards the school, and then towards this.

That being said, having the Ministry has always been a good thing, but it's plagued by the same issues we have everywhere else...people get bored with it, or their characters, and then stop RPing them and it slowly falls into shambles again. This partially comes from a lack of new RPing opportunities for the characters (since the Ministry is in reality a business and most days are just daily business and not very interesting) and partially due to the nature of this wiki with users who create characters for positions instead of making them interesting or deep, then lose interest when the position doesn't offer chances for them to grow and such. Characters shouldn't be created just to fill openings...they should be created to be enjoyed and to grow leaving the RPer wanting to RP them.

All right...I'll get off my soapbox for now and address the specific questions I had about what's up above. First, I think Minister elections should be every 3 or 6 years IC...mostly because that's either 1 or 2 years OOC since we run approximately 3 years IC to 1 year OOC. That means the election would be at the same time each year, and easier to remember (since sometimes IC years seem to get away from us). It's a small thing, and not going to have a huge impact...but I think it's smart. Second in reguards to the Minister, I think only characters from the admin team should be able to apply since they're supposed to be the trusted and active users on the wiki, and OOC will have the power and ability to make the changes needed IC. For example if the Minister wanted to create a new Department, having an Admin or crat RPing the Minister would mean they could just do it while a regular user would have to get permissions and it might interfere with expansions etc. Overall it's just easier if the person's OOC permissions match the IC positions for this. I think anyone should be able to have any other Ministry position...but this one's unique.

Under senior undersecretary you have creating backups which is a great idea...but I think it wont' work well right now given our small active userbase. I think characters will fill the positions for a time but it's more likely those with the backup positions will be inactive than the Dept. Heads. Since it's not explicitly stated (but maybe what you meant) I think the way to go for this might be giving someone working in the Dept. the backup authority if the other person is inactive, and that can be changed to another employee if they leave or are inactive. It would be in addition to their normal job, but having a backup where that's all they do probably wouldn't work well.

I think this touches on the Lawyers thing too, but for the DMLE the Wizengamont should probably be the Dept. Heads or they could let one person from their Dept. do it for them if they don't want to (like a proxy) and important members of the Minister's office, and they elect one of their own to be chief warlock. I think for smaller trials we could only have 2 or 3 members as the jury (since getting a dozen people to all be active and post on a trial is difficult) and for bigger more important offenses have more.

For the aurors I think the Misuse of Muggle artifact office should also be the ones that interface with the muggle police. If a wizard is committing a crime and a muggle officer catches them, they should be called or notified. Wizards have a lot of advantages over muggles, and it would be easy to con them or commit crimes in the muggle world without many repercussions...I think anytime something like this happens one of these characters could show up to help the muggle officers. It also might make it more attractive for people to RP that aspect (working with muggles and wizards in law enforcement). Finally I think in the Auror Dept. there should be some sort of growth for characters (like normal police) where you start as Misuse, then get Promoted to Law Enforcement Patrol, then to either intelligence or Hit wizards or something like that. The Dept. Head could work out those details, but having that ladder to climb makes it feel more like a real police force.

Accidents and Catastrophes should always have been working with the aurors (like St. Mungos should be and occasionally does) and it's a shame we haven't really done that yet. I think we need more catastrophies to happen for this Dept. IC (via expansions?).

Creatures: Funding for wolfsbane has to come from somewhere. I think they should be able to provide some...but not enough for everyone or we don't actually have any issues with werewolves and that's no fun :P. For the second point the wording is weird, but I think you're trying to say they'll have to live with someone from another race? I think it's ok if they have to go spend some time among other races, but it shouldn't be required their roommate is since we're not really in control of who creates what characters. Not sure where you were going with that, so some clarification would be nice. For the last point, I think finding new creatures and making new races for the wiki sounds like fun I'm finding new races with Melinda right now and created the DAW:CRP we have with those races), I just think we'll need some OOC Admin/Crat oversight or approval for what's created so it fits the world and is balanced.

Sports and games looks awesome, and Carn's been doing a great job posting Quidditch stuff already for the English league.

With the Dept. of Education, bit sure what you mean about sorting ceremonies. We do that would the people in this Dept. be part of the sorting Dept.? We only let those in sorting sort (not even other admins or crats are supposed to) so everything stays balanced and no OP characters get I'm not sure how that would work. My only other issue here is the animagi training. I like the idea of bringing it back and think characters should have to complete the course to become animagi (since it's supposed to be difficult and rare) both adults and students. Jisk had this all fleshed out at one point including steps for each year, including a potion that could help people do their final transformation into their animagi form to help explain why there's so many more now. These characters will also need to be exotics and sorted as such or have that taken into account when they become one.

International Cooperation has never had much to do since most of what we do is in a single country. Will this change with expansions or...just be left as is for now?

Magical Transportation looks good, especially with the WASA that Jisk got started.

For tech advancement...but sure where you were going for body modifications. Is this to replace lost limbs...or as elective surgery to intentionally replace body parts with those who want them to improve upon what they already have? If the first, I have no issues. If the second then I think that needs to be thought out separately since it could lead to adding cyborgs and the like into our HP world and I don't like that thought.

Brain room in Dept. of Mysteries has always always dealt with mind magic (imperious curse, legilimency, occlumency, etc) and you didn't have that there. For the Death chamber...what will the researches there be working on? Ways to bring people back? New ways to kill? Overall it seems a bit OP to be working on this...might be better to have it not is use until we find a specific goal for it. Same goes for the Love chamber that's always been chained and locked. I think better to leave it that way for now until a specific purpose (maybe in an expansion) comes up and the Minister can order it reopened or used. Similar thoughts on the time you put useful for expansion with time turners, but not something we want open to anyone.

I know I wrote a lot here and it'll take a bit of time to go through. Hopefully my thoughts and comments will be helpful in making this successful and seen with that intention not that I'm trying to complain or say this is a bad idea. Having been here as long as I have and having seen this done before, hopefully my lessons learned will help. If nothing is taken from it and changed above, that's ok...though I hope there's something useful here. If there's good reasons things are how they are I understand that too. These are just my thoughts and me trying to help get things detailed out now to hopefully help this succeed later. Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 16:16, July 12, 2017 (UTC)

I originally intended to keep it every 4 years IC, because the ratio used to be (and I assume still is) 4:1, but given the fact that it's up to seven years, we found it be best to keep it at 5 years, as a happy medium for all parties. I agree that the Minister should be RPed by a member of the administration team - that will not change. That said, activity is what matters most in Department Heads, hence the change to allow regular users for those positions. So really, it's only Minister for Magic that's limited to the team, just how the Headmaster/mistress of Hogwarts is limited to the team.
What I'd had in mind for the "secondary heads" was basically exactly what you said, I probably just failed to clarify it. It won't be a new position within the department, it'll just be an employee chosen to carry out the duties of the Department Head should the character (or the user that RPs said character) be unavailable. Since I've seen users taken interim Heads without discussing it with the department, I'd been hoping to avoid that and have a specific character in each department be given those extra potential duties. That way, we avoid any problems or potential mix-ups.
While I understand your point and fear of Hogwarts growing less and less active, I believe in part the issue is that the characters from there, go nowhere. When they hit adulthood, they have nowhere to actively work in and RP. Users get stuck, and those characters go from active to minor, or worse - they're deleted. I can attest to this, as I've seen it happen a lot - especially during the time I was in charge of S&S. But the Ministry is just as important as Hogwarts. Without the Ministry, those characters have nowhere to go and it discourages people from keeping them after a while. Really, their only viable options are teaching, owning a shop or going dark. That's not what should happen - there should be a variety of possible employments.
With your note on Wizengamot, I agree. It would be the Department Heads, though they have the opportunity to elect someone to go in for them (in which case would be the same person who would have the extra potential duties of a Dept. Head/the character stated like two points above). Not all would attend small cases, but they'd all be needed to go in for big trials. I agree that characters in the Minister's office should also be allowed to attend, but I feel it only be appropriate if they were allowed to attend the smaller trials, and allow the Dept. Heads and Minister himself to take action in the bigger ones, as it's in their job description and duties as high-ranking officials.
I like the prospect of climbing up the ranks in the Auror Department. It gives them something to work towards, and allows for character growth. I can add this into the changes, only if we get enough people to agree to this motion. If at least five other users agree, I have no problem with fixing this. Another idea I liked was allowing for people to create muggle characters, and allow them to count as minor/expansion characters, or at the very least muggle officers, considering it could contribute to the need of MMA officer, as well as the aurors and Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. That way, we could also RP cases that involve wizards and muggles alike. This can also be added to the changes above if a minimum of five users agree to it.
What we had in mind for the creatures wasn't necessarily distributing wolfsbane to everyone immediately - it's just them working towards a solution that, in the end, arises. The conflict must end at some point, shouldn't it? As for the wizards/Ministry representatives living with other species, it was an idea we had to calm the unease in the wizarding community, while allowing for the creation of exotic creatures in a way considered interesting and entertaining. It would be a period of time in which a representative of the Department of Magical Creatures would have to live with other species, try and understand their ways of living, see if they pose a threat, and potential ways to get rid of any threats that might arise. They'd need to coexist somehow.
The Admins and crats wil be aware at all times of any potential new species, and will need to be approved by them before it can be officially brought to the wiki. Nothing will happen without the approval/guidance of the team. Nothing about this point is concrete, as it would be something to work on in the future, once we have more characters and users involved, but for sure, nothing can happen without their approval.
Nothing would change about the Sorting Team. What we mean about the Sorting Ceremony is we'd actually RP it out. I know it happened for a few years, back when I was a newer user, but it was messy and not well-coordinated. The people in this department would be in charge of coordinating the event, creating a page for it so it doesn't clog up the Entrance Hall, etc. They'd only RP the ceremony, they wouldn't actually sort characters. Rest assured, that's a job left to the S&S team only. As for animagi training, I know Jisk had steps written out somewhere, which I'd love to look over again, but I'm not sure where I can find it. If users intend to have their character be an animagus, then they have to list it in the forum, even if they don't count as exotic until the process actually begins. If it's a decision made after sorting the character, then the Head of S&S m=should be notified.
The surgeries would be to replace limbs that were already lost. I know there's characters here that have nerve issues, and I really want Technological Advancement to coordinate and work with St. Mungo's to strategize ways and make procedures to allow said characters with these issues to have limbs they previously lost. With magic and technology, I'm sure they can find a way. TA didn't really have a purpose before, and I'm hoping this repurposes them to some degree, along with finding ways to have wifi work in magical environments. I know Ellie and Kib started on this, and figured it out to some degree, but they were unable to finish this, unfortunately.
It was a bit obvious the purpose of the Brain Room, and didn't find it necessary to add, but given the fact that the characters in there are typically experts in occlumency and legilimency, I'll have to add it in, along with a note to the fact that if they're experts in either or, they will count as exotic, no matter if it's for work or not. Thanks for the reminder. As for the Death Chambers, it's mostly going to be trying to figure out why ghosts haven't been able to move on, where they go after death, find ways to protect people from the Killing Curse, along with potentially working with Aurors and potioneers on determining different causes of deaths, sort of like a Medical Examiner would (like Dr. Ducky, from NCIS? Not sure if you get what I mean). As for the love chambers, what I had in mind was to have a maximum of 3 or 4 characters with access to this chamber - the only characters wiki-wide with clearance - to study the protection spells sacrifices out of love make, work on repellants for the Love Potion, etc. It wouldn't be many characters working for each chamber, just a maximum of 3 or 4.
- jayemalik'

Thanks for the quick I said I know I wrote a lot. Your responses helped clarify a lot. My only additional question in in reguards to St. Mungos and your thoughts for the death chamber. Until now I've had a coroner (Seraph) do Auror case autopsies and such (like Ducky from NCIS) to help with the cases when they needed it. If that's something that you see going to the Ministry, that's ok...just wondering if St. Mungos isn't the better fit for that role. Since St. Mungos is supposed to be healers, maybe this is a better fit. Either way works, once again just asking questions and trying to clarify. :D Bond_em7 (Owl Me) 17:21, July 12, 2017 (UTC)

I like the idea of the Ministry doing it more than I do St. Mungo's, solely because they all would answer to the Minister only and not the Head Healer. Nobody else outside the Ministry would have to get involved. Not to mention, like you stated, St. Mungo's is meant to be for healers and their losses there. I don't think they have any political ties, like military hospitals do for the government, you know? The Death Chamber would work solely on Auror Cases and such. :P
- jayemalik'

Regarding the aurors and climbing the ranks, I think overall it's a good idea, but why start out in Misuse instead of Patrol? I guess it seems odd to me because Misuse is a more specialized are than just patrol. I can definitely see it as the second step on the ladder because it would help build muggle relations, but Patrol is much more general and less complicated and allows for aurors to do additional training (in theory...not necessarily rp'ed?) to prepare them for Misuse. How would getting inti the Hit or Intelligence divisions work? Would applying aurors specify where they wanted to end up and (again, in theory) complete training while they're in lower positions, or would they choose later and complete the extra training before they're allowed in the field? What if someone wants to stay in Patrol or Misuse? How long will a character have to stay in Patrol and Misuse to advance, if they so choose? What about existing aurors if this is implemented?

19:13, July 12, 2017 (UTC)
You'd start out at misuse, because though you'd be getting a taste of the field, you'll not always be there. You'll be training, shadowing more experienced patrol officers, etc. Being in Patrol is a little more intense, it's broader, too. After a chosen amount of time in the field with the Patrol, they'd be allowed to go into Intelligence Division, or work as a Hit Wizard, although they can choose to stay in Patrol. I imagine they'd work in Misuse for 3-5 years IC, depending how fast they learn, how many cases they do, etc. And then in Patrol for 5 IC as a minimum, before choosing Intelligence or Hit Wizards. Further training will be required for the latter, of around a year or so, given how intense their job is.
- jayemalik'