Evangeline Selwyn
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September 8

Demetrius Selwyn (father)
Isadora Selwyn (mother)
Emmett Selwyn (older brother)
Eric Selwyn (younger brother)
Elliott Selwyn (younger brother)

Blood Status
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Evangeline Louise Selwyn is a graduated Ravenclaw and member of one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight families.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Brown (naturally); Blonde (dyed)
Clothing Style
Casual, but dressed up
Blake Lively
Evangeline has naturally wavy brown hair she continuously charms blonde, which she always has down either in intense curls or a beautiful, light wave. She stands proudly at 5'8, but still opts for wearing heels more often than not, hence why she's always so tall. She's skinny, too.

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Accidentally getting hurt while playing with Emmett and subsequently getting grounded
Type of Childhood
Full of misogyny & racism

Evangeline Louise is the only daughter of Demetrius and Isadora Selwyn. Part of a Sacred Twenty-Eight family, she grew up with advantages that children from other families lacked. Her childhood was composed of getting a head start on her education, learning how to run a household, attending social gatherings, amongst other things. Her parents were the kind to retain old beliefs, and thus they raised all their kids to believe they were inherently better than everyone else simply because of their blood status.

It was an idea that Evangeline had always felt some indignation towards, but never actually commented on, let alone did anything of. Some part of her, to some degree, agreed with them - hence the looks that often cross her features, even nowadays, whenever she meets someone her parents would deem lesser than them. On the bright side, though, her worries about being a squib were minimal. By the age of eight, she'd already displayed an accidental sign of magic, by fixing the stitchings in one of her damaged dresses.

Evangeline was sorted into Ravenclaw upon arrival to Hogwarts, with slight disapproval from her parents who'd anticipated her to become a Slytherin, like firstborn Emmett Selwyn. That said, any residual disappointment went up in flames when she elaborated on how they ought to be proud - she'd inherited their smarts. Though ambitious like a Slytherin, she had a thirst for knowledge and it led to innovative ways of thinking on how the Selwyn name could climb further up the social ladder.

Admittedly, it was something often left for the eldest Selwyn - a way of making him prove his worth, that their time on him wasn't wasted, but to have a daughter to fall back to wasn't the worst of things either. If anything, a daughter who was more than a pretty face was worthy of a good match that could do the family name well. Evangeline knew this and, though not thrilled, she had to admit her parents did get off her back and became more approving, more encouraging and proud of her.

Evangeline's best class was Potions, without a doubt, followed by Transfiguration. Though however high her marks were (near the top, might I add), she had to follow into Emmett's steps and join her family, back at Selwyn Manor. She's been meaning to gain some independence, but it's easier said than done, especially as her father has begun passing down tasks to her and her oldest brother to help around and ease the transition of her parents' into what will most likely end up as retirement.

Evangeline was in attendance at the ball during the attack on the Prime Minister. While she, like the rest of her family, wasn't aware of the plot against the Minister, and they had been at the Ball more for show than for truly believing in the cause, they left with some things to discuss. Both parents and children (excluding Eric the black sheep) all decided to support the cause of assassins. They weren't going to take a front-line approach, unless it proved necessary. Diluting pure-blood - or any blood - with creature's blood only weakened the magical race, after all. Personally, Evangeline wasn't exactly as keen on the idea as she let on, but she's got an image to groom, doesn't she?

It was at age 24 - almost 25 - that Evangeline grew some form of an idea of what she'd be doing with her life; she wanted to teach. While there was no assurance she'd be particularly good at it, she felt she could make something out of herself through this job. Hogwarts was her first though, but given her brother Emmett's later involvement in terrorist attacks on England, a clean slate was most appropriate. What her brother did was unacceptable. She might have come across as cowardly, but being there was suffocating her. She fled to Ilvermorny, where she taught Charms to the older years. However, she only lasted a year. She returned sooner than she'd hoped for, feeling more homesick than she'd originally expected.

With openings in Hogwarts, Evangeline can only hope applying for one of them will be able to help her separate herself from her family. They're monsters, she recognizes now, long pst the point of redemption.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Perceptive & Progressive
Worst Qualities
Lacks self-confidence
Most Influenced By
Selwyn Family
Despite her upbringing as a daughter of the Selwyn family, Evangeline is nothing if not a feminist. Her family has always been intent on keeping old traditions, but she's not interested in the same thing. She's more interested in doing what her brothers can, than she is in living up to her parents' expectations of staying a happy, stay-at-home wife. She's more modern than they are, though it's not many times she gets to show or prove it, in fears of her ending up like Eric.

Not interested in ending up like her dearest little brother, Evangeline does have an image to maintain, and she's not going to ruin it so easily. She follows rules, plays nicely, is mindful of her manners and always puts on a smile. She attends social gatherings but, though it would please her parents, doesn't do much more than let her parents flaunt her around whenever she isn't at the bar, drinking the night away.

She's not an outright blood supremacist. She's really not. But her upbringing instilled ideals in her that she can't just shake off. Though she doesn't treat muggle-borns and the like as though they're beneath her, a look is worth a thousand words and her expressions aren't always the kindest. It's not that she intends to be like that - she's just always been raised to believe that muggle-born, muggles and squibs aren't as important as people with direct magical heritage.

Evangeline is never opposed to sitting back and having a good time. She's really not. But it's complicated, when there's so many expectations imposed on her and images to groom. She isn't exactly her family's biggest fan, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't do what she could - without interfering with her own beliefs and interests, of course - to make them happy. She's smart, she's perceptive - she knows what she should and shouldn't do. There's a fine line, and Evangeline Selwyn knows better than to cross it.

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Evangeline Selwyn - Headmistress of Hogwarts

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skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
None, yet.
Languages Spoken
English, Gaelic
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Cauldron Cakes & Pumpkin Pasties
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Color
Light Blue


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