Eric Selwyn

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Roleplayed by Bond_em7

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Eric Selwyn

Ravenclaw Alumnus

Vital Statistics
Born March 17, 2012
Age 24
Family Selwyn Family
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature [[File:|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus WIP
Boggart WIP


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Eric Lysander Selwyn was born March 17, 2012 to Demetrius and Isadora Selwyn. Being part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight families afforded Eric, and his siblings (an older brother, older sister, and younger brother), some unique privileges growing up. Eric never had to question the existence of magic in his lifetime. His first signs of magic occurred around the age of six, nothing notable, and nothing unexpected. He grew up in the life that a pure-blooded kid might expect-- learning fancy sports, learning what all those forks at the dinner table do, and in general learning to believe he was better than other families, simply because his father was a Selwyn (and it didn't hurt that his mother had been an Abbott).

When Eric was at school, he was sorted into Ravenclaw, for his quick wit and natural ability to learn. He picked things up quickly, and his wandwork was excellent. He didn't care to spend too much time with his nose in a book, like the rest of his classmates, but his grades came easy, and he never struggled too much in school.

While Eric himself never played Quidditch, he was often friends with those who did, and considered himself rather popular. He tried to convince himself that it wasn't because his family could afford to throw lavish parties over the summer for his friends... and that it was because of his personality, and ease with people. He wanted to believe that his friends were his friends because of who he was... not his last name. But it was a question that plagued him throughout his years at Hogwarts.

The one thing Eric never did figure out during his years at school was what he wanted to do after school. His parents would love nothing more than for him (and his siblings, who have thus far fallen in line) to come back and manage the family money, and participate in the lovely pure-blood lifestyle... but that's never been Eric's goal. Since he didn't have any other plans, and wanted to travel, he convinced his parents to pay for his ventures following graduation, feeding them the story that he was trying to see how far their name stretched, and come up with strategies to make it more well-known. He returned after almost two and a half years of travel with nothing more than a few half-baked ideas, and his parents predictable disapproval. While he hasn't been cut out of the family money, or disowned by any means, he's clearly on his way to becoming the black sheep of the family.


Eric's primary characteristic is his charm. He's a very personable guy, and he can become instant friends with everyone he meets. He's noticed that people quickly become comfortable around him, but he never uses this to his advantage-- if someone is in a sharing mood, he'll gladly listen and help however he can. He's not always super great with advice... but he does his best.

Growing up in a pure-blooded community, Eric learned a lot of old, traditional skills. He knows the basics of Occlumency... dancing, horseback riding, fencing... all the things you'd expect a rich kid to know... but Eric's never really cared about these things. Admittedly, being able to woo ladies with how light on his feet he can be was a perk, but Eric was more interested in socializing like the kids do-- with parties, booze and fun. He never played Quidditch at Hogwarts, but he learned how to party from those who did, and has the money to know how to throw lavish parties-- something he'll do gladly from time to time.

Despite the partying exterior... Eric is a good person, with a bit of an aimless streak, for right now. He got good grades in school, because he's naturally intelligent, but he lacked the drive of some of his other Ravenclaw peers. (Jack of all trades... master of none) He knows eventually he should find a career, but he's determined to do it separately from his parents money... he really wants to become his own person. He's just not all that sure how to go about it.


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Eric isn't quite tall... but can't be described as short, either. He has a very clean look about him-- he typically has his hair slicked back, and is normally clean shaven, or has just a bit of well-kept facial hair. (Some aspects of his proper up-bringing didn't go away). He dresses well. His eyes are captivating, and he smiles easily, bringing people in. His face claim is Dacre Montgomery.


*Eric means "ever or eternal ruler."

*Lysander means "liberator."

*Selwyn means "friend in the castle" or "friend in the house."