Elissa Magdalena Brandt
mistress of disguises
May 15
Margie Cook (nee Cox) (mother)
Josef Brandt (father)
Conrad Brandt (twin brother)
Alexandrine Himmelreich (half-sister)
Nolan Cook (half-brother)
Jakob Brandt (half-brother)
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
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Elissa Magdalena Brandt is a Durmstrang alumna affiliated to Eastern Europe's most feared wizarding organization: the Arcana Alliance.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Her FC is Amber Heard.

Native Language
English, Bulgarian, German
Earliest Memory
Her father killing her nanny
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Her father

Josef Brandt. Margie Cook. Conrad Brandt. Jakob Brandt. Alexandrine Himmelreich. All of them have one thing in common: they're key figures in Elissa Brandt's past and probable future. They all play an important part in her history that has molded her into who she is today.

Her mother - Margie - was absent for the better part of her life, having abandoned her, her twin brother Conrad, and the twins' father for another man - a better man, supposedly. She left the trio without a second thought, in a matter of days after their birth, and started anew in Great Britain with a new lead male in her life and a new future to look forward to. The pressure of procreating with a criminal - a fugitive of the law - had seemed to have gotten to Margie Cox. She disappeared under the assumption she'd left behind not a trace, but without a doubt, nothing was impossible for the lead figure in the Brandt family. He caught wind of her appearance in Britain and her intentions to start anew. Thus, he was left to raise his offspring, his bitterness forced to the back of his head for the time bring.

Conrad and Elissa were raised in a tough environment. It wasn't easy being Josef Brandt's children, much less his daughter, who was forced to go through sexist remarks and negative comments about her gender. Her father wasn't an easy man - he demanded a lot, especially from her. Always claimed she had to prove herself, prove she had a place in this world. Always brought her down, too. It wasn't uncommon to hear him insulting his daughter, calling her a disappointment and a weakling, just like the rest of the female population nowadays. No matter what she achieved, it never amounted to her own twin brother's achievements. Her father even compared their sleeping patterns. He truly was a messed up man, despite all the knowledge and apparent "wiseness". Yet none of this compared to what she had to endure in the years to come. She was 8 when her father provoked her first magical sign, also known as the time her life truly became more difficult. Her magic caused him to push his expectations even further up the scale. It hadn't even been anything big, it was a simple change in color of her father's hair, into a light pink, out of anger aimed towards him.

Conrad and Elissa were sent to Durmstrang at the age of eleven, where they grew and thrived for the next seven years. In that time, she actually began to dabble in the dark arts. She'd always been aware of it, her father had the tendency to get tangled up with the wrong kind of people. She just had never practiced anything like it, not until the middle of sixth year, out of sheer curiosity and the pressure of her own peers. She didn't regret it. No, she actually enjoyed it. Dabbling in the dark arts led to her developing darker tendencies, expanding her knowledge on the darker side of magic. In the end, she ended up abandoning the practice of that kind of magic; however, by the time she graduated, that habit had been replaced by the habit of stealing. It wasn't even intentional, it was just a bad habit she caught accidentally. Shortly after her graduation, her half-brother Jakob Brandt - who had as a matter of fact shown up in her fourth year, claiming to be Josef's son - disappeared. Some claimed he changed his identity and abandoned the dark arts, some claim he moved to Australia and became a meth-addicted weirdo, others claim he became a professor at Ilvermorny. Nobody truly knew, not even Josef himself, whom had extensive knowledge on all of his kids' - bearing his name or not - whereabouts.

As the years went on, Elissa refined her skills. She was, as a matter of fact, an expert at thievery and spying and was known in the shadier side of Germany as the person to go to for complex, long runnings acts. She was cornered at age 20 on a job out with brother Conrad and best friend/half-sister Alexandrine Himmelreich with a job offer that elicited a move to England. Elissa lived there for about a year, before she disappeared for another two. Her disappearance was partially caused by a fallout with none other than Alexandrine, but for the most part, it was caused by a better job offer in Bulgaria. It was just days ago she returned to England, with the intention of reconnecting with her once best friend (and possibly finding a new long-running act to take).

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Careful, Considerate, Amicable
Worst Qualities
Unpredictable, Ruthless
Most Influenced By
Josef Brandt, Conrad Brandt, Alexandrine Himmelreich
Elissa might come off like an angel in the beginning - a total sweetheart. She's got the looks, she's got the money, she's got the power and all she needs is the personality to drop any suspicions that could be placed on her; however, as time passes, odds are her true colors will come out. If you're one of the people she does turn out to like, her façade will actually stop becoming such, instead becoming her actual personality. Coming from a family with wealth and making her living out of something that pays well, Elissa is used to getting what she wants. If she doesn't, she probably either won't take well to it, or she'll fight to find a way to get it. She always finds a way, even when there seems to be none. As stubborn as they come, she's ready to fight for not only her way, but also for what she knows is right (although her morals are quite fucked up), and won't hesitate on throwing some twig bitches down to prove her points. She's got the money, the influence, the looks, and the personality needed to do it. What's stopping her?

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skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status
Playing around
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Roses, Lavender, Peppermint
Favorite Song
"I Don't Wanna Live Forever," by ZAYN ft. Taylor Swift


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