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August 9th, 2015
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Lili used to idolize her parents. She knows they were childhood sweethearts, came from France, and were both sorted into Slytherin. Despite never having met her father, she's certain that he left with very good reason; he loves her, and her mum as well - the engagement ring Lili wears on a chain serves as solid proof of that. She honestly doesn't know all that much about her past, and it's only recently begun to interest her.

When she was younger, Aunt Arielle used to babysit her, as did Aunt Iris (who was probably the dullest person on the planet), though Iris dropped off the face of the planet. Iris was in trouble for something was all seven-year-old Lili could glean. The disappearance of Arielle was more recent, and all the more mystifying as her mother wouldn't clue her in in the slightest. Shortly after that, her mum took her to France for a year - though she was in the dark yet again as to why. But it doesn't matter - they came back now and after a few months, and Lili was off to Hogwarts- She only lasted a year there before somebody explained that she had been killed, and shipped her off to France with some cousins.

Lili had been wanting to come back to France for years. In her seventh year, her aunt and uncle (She thinks) Had finally allowed her to go finish her schooling off there. So now, Lili is back in England once again. Once she had gotten there, Lili had ben bombarded with her past - Old friends, of her and her mother's, some of her mother's old enemies... Lili has been considering looking into her mother's past. Where to start, she wasn't sure. But it was her mission, soon after she graduated.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, Mature, In control
Worst Qualities
Egotistical, violent, manipulative
Most Influenced By
Maturity - Lili keeps one thing from her past - Her slight egotistical, yet kind, nature. Her distaste for being unliked, or someone feeling pity or condescending towards her has not changed either, but she deals with it in a much more manneristic way. Lili prides herself on her non-childish behaviour and will avoid conflict of most kinds. "A lady shall not start a fight, but she can sure as hell finish it." She also embellishes things a lot less. If she's excited about something, she may still exaggerate her excitement or how important something is for her, but only when. She doesn't get excited about much. Life is life. She doesn't have a violent streak, but she isn't non-violent when she get something undesirable out of life.

Emotional - While Lili's emotions still get the better of her, she's in control of how she shows her feelings. Lili is kind and respectful but still respects herself more than she does others. She doesn't over dramatise unless necessary. She's also very independent, and a convincing person. Lili knows how to cater to other people's emotions, and this can very much work in her favour. Some may see it as manipulative, whether or not she uses it for bad behaviour.

Ego - Lili is also still a bit egotistical. She knows she's beautiful, and while she doesn't flaunt it, she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She cares very much about her appearance and always tries to look her best. It's not a fear that someone will see her less than perfect, but it is very undesirable to her. Lili also doesn't bring other people down. She always shows her best, unless she's messed with. If she is messed with, violent behaviour will sometimes peek out. But, of course, it doesn't last very long

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She has her mother's old wedding on a necklance around her neck. She's had it since childhood, and is not planning on ever losing it.


*Her mother died when she was eleven
  • She has grapheme-color synesthesia. This is when someone sees numbers and letters as colours. Because of this, she's very good at remembering names, as she associates colours with names, especially difficult names. She learned that this was unusual later in life, around when she was fifteen. She rarely brings it up.

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An old nightmare - A dark figure she used to see at the end of her bed when she was a kid. She didn't see it after she move to france.
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Gummy Worms
Amortentia Scents
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