Reasoning behind the list

A comprehensive spell list for a man who fought every kind of Dark every moment for six years, spent seven years before that extracting every secret he could from Hogwarts, and many years after among the gibbering insanities of Azkaban, not to mention his own improvisation as a homeless among the Muggles, would be a virtual impossibility. He has, to coin a cliché, forgotten far more spells than most wand wielders have cast practice Charms in class, but these are some of those he keeps in the front of his mind and ready available.

Sectumsempra/Vulnera Sanentur "poison and antidote"

Lumos/Lumos Maxima/Lumos Solem standard counter-Dark measures

Unforgivables + Transmogrifian Torture all known, but never yet employed

Expelliarmus/Stupefy default castings until an opponent is a known killer

Ignis Graecorum Greek fire - a small perpetual flame, or sphere of flames, no offensive capabilities, minimal illumination

Antonin Dolohov's curse ("Vulnaperite") used to slay two of Dolohov's relatives

Waddiwasi/Riddikulus irritant removers

Wingardium Leviosa for his lighter moments

Protego/Finite Incantatem/Intervenite basic blocks and counters, the last animates an object to interpose itself between the subject and danger

Eviscera contorta a literally stomach knotting curse, doubles target over with pain

Manus petrificatus this curse locks the target's wand hand in its current aspect and position, transforming it to stone, with appropriate density change and difficulty of use

Lux aeternae this is an identification spell which, for 30 seconds, creates a glowing aura around all figures within 10m, showing their natures or affiliations (Dark/Light etc.). Certain masking agents, generic counterspells or mental conditions can "block" it, insofar as no clear aura of a readable nature appears

Omnia vincit gravitas In a 4m circle, centred at the caster's discretion, gravity is tripled for two minutes, rendering all physical activity that much harder

Expecto Patronum in a bizarre twist, Einar's Patronus is a Dementor of Light

Vendetta Corsicana splits all spell effects targeting the user for the next minute equally between the user and the original caster.

Oblitus intended as a scalpel in mnemonic "surgery", this spell targets and eliminates a single memory, simultaneously modifying the proximal cause memories to lead in other directions, and obviously doing likewise to any derivative or consequent recollections.

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