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Chat Mod

  • Granted automatically when Rollback status is granted.
  • Awarded individually in extreme cases for widespread chat coverage.
  • None Required


  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have at least 200 edits.
  • You should have been active on the wiki for at least 3 weeks, though a month is preferable.
  • None Required


  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have a strong history on this wiki. We don't accept people who have only edited a few times.
  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should know how to code a wiki correctly.
  • You must already have rollback privileges.
  • None Required


  • You must have administrator rights.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have no history of vandalism ON ALL OF WIKIA.
  • You should be trusted by all the Bureaucrats.
  • None Required

Request Outline

User Name:
Amount of Edits:
Amount of Characters:
Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin:
Any Other Things you want to add:

Past Requests


Note: All spots (two rollbacks and one administrator) are intended for Human Resources (HR). Furthermore, you must be nominated by another user and backed by two more users in order to qualify for these positions. You cannot sign yourself up.



User Name: Hannahgrace.05
Amount of Edits: 2,871
Amount of Characters: 12 (1 Expansion)
Reasons why you think this user would be a good addition as a rollback: Hannah is a very helpful and kind user, the perfect user that would be an HR rollback. She always tries to be active, and always gives reasons why she's busy and I think that she's shown dedication to the wiki. Even though she's a newer user, I believe that having her in HR will give a new POV to the admin team and the wiki as a whole. I trust Hannah, and I know that many other users do as well. She'll be a wonderful addition to the team, as she's already a wonderful addition to the wiki userbase.
Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to everyone who's running! I'm sure whoever gets picked will do a wonderful job <3
Nominator: Blue Butter

  1. ACSEvieForSophieSigI knew it when I met him,I loved him when I left him ~Sophie
  2. Tumblr o057dqPzCM1uh7ls5o1 500 "Will I get to you a little faster if I was snow in the air?" Tumblr o057dqPzCM1uh7ls5o3 500


User Name: Alyssa5582
Amount of Edits: 17,225
Amount of Characters: 10
Reasons why you think this user would be a good addition as a rollback: Lyss is a dedicated user who's been here for so many years. Despite having previous knowledge and understanding of how the admin team works - as she's been rollback, administrator AND bureaucrat - at one point our longest-serving bureaucrat, I believe she has what it takes to fill the role perfectly. Lyss has always been mature, helpful and friendly, and she's had brilliant experience as crat when it comes to mediating and resolving conflict. Also, she actually works in HR. She's the manager of a HR department. This is literally her gig. So yeah. She's a smart choice for the job.
Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to all running.
Nominator: Sonofapollo

  1. - jayemalik'
  2. all we did was survive. that's enough. 18:16, September 18, 2018 (UTC)



  • User Name: SocialCasualty
  • Amount of Edits: 5568
  • Amount of Characters: 14
  • Reasons why you think this user would be a good addition as an admin:
    • Soc has been around since 2015. Although her activity fluctuated for a while, Soc has been around since 2015 and knows how the wiki is ran very, very well - she was even a rollback once. She's well-acquainted with the most important aspects of the wiki, and I'd like to say she's well-liked by everyone, no matter who they're friends with and the kind of attitude they have. Soc is always impartial, and I think that's very important for an HR member. Especially admin.

      Soc is everyone's best friend. Really, who doesn't like this girl? It'd be a crime against humanity not to like her. She's smart and she's nice and she's literally always there to provide advice and support regardless of who you are. She's got everyone's best interests in mind, and wow she is so good at diffusing tension. She's always got a quick remark at hand to make the situation bearable, and she's got the best advice for when all parties have calmed down.

      Soc is always involved. Honestly, you look at any dynamic, and odds are she's a part of it. She's always as active as possible in the IC world, creating connections with as many people as possible and making the IC world a better place. She strives to create ties with everyone. No matter what your character does for a living, odds are she'll have a character she'd be more than happy to RP with with you. And this makes her a mega good helper and a massive contributor to the IC world and how it runs.

      Soc always wants to RP. She... never says no. She might have like 78 RPs running, but if you approach her and ask for another, she'll jump right on board. Her posts are consistent and she almost never forgets about the RPs she's got. And if she does? She's so kind about it, apologizing profusely about it. Soc's got the best intentions and the biggest heart, and it's very, very refreshing. It's the kind of refreshing that we need in the wiki.

      Soc is a man's best friend. While she hasn't been on the team more than once, and this is a big jump, it has its advantages. She isn't affiliated with previous "scandals" and would have a new, fresh perspective as she joins the team. Of course you may think this lack of experience isn't good, or that she should start as rollback, but why? She's proved she can handle being admin, she's devoted to the wiki as it is and would die in the wiki's name, and she's just... a really good helper? Like, seriously? We'd be honored to have her in the team. Nobody cares as fiercely as Soc does about the wiki and its userbase.

      Soc will always be here for you. Have you ever had any major problems you've never been able to talk to anyone else about? Have you ever died to say something but have felt very intimidated? Soc's literally the perfect person to talk to. Like I said, the advice she provides is so, so good, and she'll always honor your privacy. She'll talk with the admins for you, she'll make sure you feel comfortable, and she'll make sure DARP is your home as much as it is hers.
  • Any Other Things you want to add:
    • Nominating Soc has been an honor, truly - especially as I know she'd be a wonderful addition to the HR department, and would do so, so well leading it. Furthermore, I'd like to bid every other nominee a very good luck!

Blue Butter

User Name: Blue Butter
Amount of Edits: 7177
Amount of Characters:11 (2 semi-active)
Reasons why you think this user would be a good addition as an admin: Blue is super nice and helpful and she knows the wiki well. She's very active too, which is important for any member of the admin team, and definitely dedicated--she wants to keep the wiki active and healthy and robust like a well-flavored yogurt. She keeps up well with her RB duties and she's just generally an all-around genuine person, and she's a great fit for HR Admin.
Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to everyone!
Nominator: Jay

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