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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

This policy outlines the special abilities races other than human may possess. As a general rule a character who's half human and half of another race may select about half of the listed abilities, but must also select a comparable negative ability for each positive they select. A character who's completely a different race has all the abilities on the list, positive and negative. Any exceptions to these rules will be listed in the section specific to the indicated race.

While some of these races are well described in the Harry Potter Canon, others are not and as such some of these traits or tendencies have been taken from other literature to try to balance each race. While we always try to stay as close as possible to Canon, these are the rules we will follow on the wiki, even if some have been added for balance reasons and are not true to Canon.

While other races may be created for simple RPing (such as House Elves) they are not considered true characters and may not participate in combat.



  • Vampires may choose to change others into half or full vampires with their bite.
  • Vampires cannot be killed using the killing curse as they are classified as living dead alongside Zombies.
  • Vampires and werewolves are ancient enemies and have been long depicted as fighting but often avoid each other, preferring to avoid the long-ago forged tension between the races.
  • Fangs may be sheathed in gums and extend on command.
  • Vampires can eat muggle and wizard food like pastries and lollipops but it all depend's on the vampire.


  • Vampires have unusually long life (Approximately 200 years).
  • A dhampir (half-blood) can be created through reproduction or through creation.
  • Dhampir's may attend Hogwarts as long as they have at least one wizarding parent as they continue to keep their magical abilities.
  • Both vampire and dhampir have heightened senses.
  • Vampires may change form into a bat and back at will.
  • Both dhamphir and vampire are stronger, faster and can withstand more damage that a muggle or wizard. They can be healed through blood, but only depending on age and strength (dhampirs only heal minor wounds).
  • Vampires are allowed to enter Hogwarts during school-based events as long as they have a guest who attends and permission from the headmaster/headmistress.


  • A vampire's bite is incurable like that of a werewolf's.
  • Both vampire and dhampir are pale and gaunt.
  • Both vampires and dhampir eyes will turn red if they are hungry or angry. This may be concealed with a spell.
  • Vampires are the living dead and do not have beating hearts.
  • Vampires must drink human blood to survive. Dhampirs do not need blood but will often been exhausted and weakened without it.
  • Vampires have an aversion to garlic and can be kept at bay by it's presence.
  • Vampires cannot go into the sun unless they have a magically enchanted item that protects the wearer from the sunlight. Vampires can be destroyed by sun if the item is found and destroyed.
  • Both dhampir and vampire can be incapacitated through regular means (paralyzing, loss of limbs, bound by magic) but can only be destroyed by direct sunlight and being staked through the heart with either aspen or ash wood.


No Half-Werewolves Allowed.


  • Werewolves may change form into a wolf and back at will, but are in control.
  • Werewolves have enhanced senses (hearing, sight, smell).
  • Werewolves can sense the direction of other animals around them in a moderate range.


  • Werewolves must change into their wolf form at the full moon, and become uncontrollable.
  • Werewolves who bite a human in their wolf form will change the person into a werewolf.
  • Werewolves who bite a human in their human form will give the person lupine tendencies.


Half-Nymphs have elemental affiliations which affect their abilities and personalities. Half-Nymphs must pick a specific element to take their abilities from and have all the traits on the list. They also must have all the Neutral traits. Half-Nymphs automatically gain the first two abilities on their list, but have to work and grow (PRing) to gain the last ones in order. This is true even for characters created as adults. Save your RPs as such, and ask an admin to approve the use of an expanded ability. Spells in parentheses help describe the ability.

No Full-Nymphs are allowed.


  • Nymphs may look human, but must have some telltale sign they aren't fully human.
  • Nymphs have difficulty with the element opposite theirs (RPing element).
  • Nymphs naturally sense each other, and can tell what element they are aligned with.


  • Hard-Headed
  • Have a special knowledge of Herbology.
  • Can tell wood and rock types through touch.
  • Can make plants grow at an accelerated rate.


  • Daydreamers.
  • Able to hear things for a great distance, off the winds.
  • Can levitate small objects (10 LBS).
  • Can hover a few feet above the ground.


  • Calm and are rarely upset.
  • Don't get wet unless they want to.
  • Able to breathe underwater.
  • Can shoot water from their hands (Aguamenti).


  • Fierce.
  • Fire and heat resistant.
  • Can create small flames (lighter size) by snapping their fingers.
  • Can shoot a small fireball (Bombarda).


  • Flashy (almost theatrical)
  • Rarley get sick.
  • They can create a flash of light from their hands. They can either create a small light for vision (Lumos) or a burst to temporarily blind enemies, but they have to rest a few minutes between uses or recharge in direct sunlight.
  • Heal slightly faster than normal. They can also heal others, using a healing power that is exclusive to nymphs. Can be used to heal minor wounds (Episkey). This requires skin-on-skin contact.


  • Outspoken, and often harsh.
  • Able to see in the dark.
  • Able to use the darkness to conceal themselves (Concealment Charm).
  • Able to temporarily modify memories to hide their presence (Obliviate). Lasts for an hour, before they target remembers the memory and it having been removed. This requires skin-on-skin contact.


  • Quiet and reserved
  • Able to sense auras (personality types, natural talents, etc).
  • Aura sense can also be used to feel and understand other people's feelings, emotions, and desires.
  • Aura sense can detect magical abilities (animagi, enchantments, other racial abilities, etc). This requires skin-on-skin contact.


No Half-Ghosts are allowed


  • Cannot affect physical objects or people.
  • Able to pass through solid objects, such as walls.
  • Creates disturbances in water, fire and air.
  • Able to move to different locations although the Ministry of Magic has the ability to force them to their place of death.


Full blooded Veela' are not allowed.


  • Magically attractive to opposite gender.
  • Can shoot fire from their hands when upset.


  • Hard to go unnoticed.
  • When upset, harpy-like traits can be seen.


No Full Banshees are allowed.


  • Screams can be used to communicate with other Banshees.
  • Can sense death approaching those in a nearby area.
  • Can hear the voices of those dead for up to an hour after death.


  • When a nearby death occurs, they will scream involuntarily drowning out all sounds in the immediate area, draining them.
  • They look gaunt and thin, as if near death.
  • Subconsciously drawn to scenes where death has occurred or will occur in the near future.