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Diana Chevalier
Diana 1
precious little ingenue
March 4, but she chose her own birthday
She has no idea, but she looks around 22 or 23
None that she remembers
Name Pronunciation
dye-YAN-na sheh-VAHL-lee-YER
Blood Status
rped by red

Diana Chevalier is an exiled Veela now part of the Morituri, and a photographer and writer for the Daily Prophet.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Adorable, Floaty, Everyday
Diana is extremely beautiful, as any Veela would be. She has long brown hair that she normally wears in a messy bun, which used to be blonde before she was exiled. Though she also likes wearing it down, showing off her wavy hair. She still she retained the light blue eyes that most Veela have.

Native Language
English, French
Earliest Memory
Seeing a glimpse of a party from afar
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Never getting to know what was out there

Diana grew up as any regular Veela would, except her group was different. They cut off all connections to the outside world, that is muggles and wizards. They believed them to blame for the pollution of the environment, and they believed that they were evil. She grew up with this belief, but didn't feel that strongly about it. It was because of her curiosity. What was beyond the place she was seemingly confined to? She escaped and spent a week in the outside world, and found it very interesting. She went back and they felt as if she betrayed them. Because of this, she was exiled. They attempted to take away her powers, but it only worked minimally. Now, whenever she would try using them she would get tired depending on how strong the power is.

Because of applying and becoming a member of the Morituri, introduced to her by Zamira Barnes after asking her if she has "nothing to lose", she was able to meet more people. Jade Knight is one of her most trusted friends, and she looks up to her and considers her as her teacher about the outside world. Her romantic interest, Donovan Cuyler seems nice enough. She hasn't gotten to know him well, but Diana could see that he truly loved her. She hopes that she and her friends will remain friends for a very long time.

Jade's child, Val, is missing, stolen away from Donovan. Val is her godchild, and though she wants her back more than anything, she knows that Donovan loves the kid a lot. He won't let anything happen to her. It's one of her current biggest secrets that she isn't that mad at Donovan, despite being best friends with Jade. He fell out of love. She can't blame him. He should've just handled it better.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Optimistic, Curious, Amiable
Worst Qualities
Naive, Impulsive, Silly
Most Influenced By
Jade Knight, Zamira Barnes, Einar Faris
Diana wants to forget about the fact that she's a Veela, but she knows she can't and she accepts it. Her defining quality is her curiosity. It sometimes gets her into trouble, but most of the time she believes it's worth it as long as she finds out what she wants to find out. She's quite mature, but she has a temper. She accesses her harpy self when she is mad, and it is not a good side of her to cross.

She's very concerned about the state of the environment. This is the main thing that stuck with her after living with her fellow veela after all those years. She feels better when she's near nature, and city life suffocates her. French is a Veela's native language, and she can speak it fluently. However, she decided to learn English for conveniency. She did it by reading the dictionary, memorizing it, in fact. She has trouble with connotations and slang, and only knows the dictionary definition of everything.

Technology excites her. Especially the camera. She loves the idea of being able to keep moments you want to remember in a snapshot forever. The TV is also strange. She called Jade panicking about how to get the trapped people out of it once.

talk bubble
Diana 3
Diana Chevalier - Veela • Morituri • Daily Prophet

- "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
Message Me  - {{{time}}}

"This is what humans call a talk bubble, am I accurate?"

Diana Gif 2

skills and magical abilities
Veela Magic: All of her Veela powers tire her out greatly, with the exception of her Veela attraction. Diana has the power to attract people of the opposite sex with her beauty, and the sound of her voice may cause one to incessantly brag in order to impress her. As most Veela do, Diana has her own type of magic that does not require a wand. She tries not to use it often, as it tires he out. When she is angry, she turns into a harpy-like creature that can shoot fire from her hands. She tends not to use the fire thing often, as it really tires her out. However, since this power is more powerful than the others, using it would wear her out greatly, and may even cause her to faint afterwards.

Combat: Diana is very skilled in close combat, so that tends to be her primary defense method against magic. She knows that this doesn't give her much of an advantage, unless she has disarmed her opponent. She tends to use this instead of the Veela magic she still has, as this doesn't tire her out as much. She's very flexible and stronger than she looks.

Wizard Magic: After learning to, she can nonverbally perform spells of an easier and lower level (fourth year and below), as being a non-human being, she is not allowed a wand.

Nothing that important. As a Veela, she is a non-human creature. According to Clause Three of the Code of Wand Use states that "No non-human creature is permitted a wand." It is because of this that the only wizard magic she can do is nonverbal.


*She memorized the dictionary.
*She loves dandelions.
*Despite loving nature, she hates butterflies. They freak her out.
*She loves Disney movies.
*She is trying to learn more languages.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pansexual, Demiromantic
Relationship Status
Nature dying
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Pixie Puffs
Amortentia Scents
Freshly cut grass, Chocolate, Vanilla
Favorite Song
Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid
You'll Be in My Heart from Tarzan

Diana Gif 3

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