Lesson Plan

4th Years

Teach the following spells:

  • Incarcerous
  • Avifors
  • Evanesco

Teach extra spells as time allows

5th Years

  • Review Conjuring and vanishing, talk about limitations.
  • Talk about the basics of human transformations
  • Review what conjurations known, and teach new ones
    • Incendio
    • Aguamenti
    • Glacius
    • Bombarda
    • Incarcerous
    • Avis
  • Review transformations and teach new ones
    • Metallum
    • Snufflifors
    • Lapifors
    • Avifors

Teach extra spells as time allows

6th Years

  • Discuss how transfiguration works
  • Talk about limits
  • Discuss Apparition/Animagi Transformations

Teach extra spells as time allows

7th Years

  • Discuss Human Transfigurations, and limits/dangers
    • Differences between Animagi, Human Transfigurations and Werewolves in depth
    • Transfiguring other people
  • Discuss Un-transfigurations and the difficulties
  • Gamp's Law

Teach extra spells as time allows

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