OOC:Please have a header with:

  • Link to your Character
  • Link to the User
  • Year and House
  • Timestamp (use ~~~~~).

    Please include the [[Category:Herbology Homework]] Category. Do not copy and paste information or you will be asked to redo the assignment. At least re-word it in your own words. Also, if your character would be able to draw a decent picture, any drawn diagrams of the plants may earn extra credit.

IC Assignment:
Please give a short written description of how the plant looks and what the plant is used for. Do this for the following:

  • Belladonna
  • Gillyweed

Also, please include a roleplay of you caring for two plants of your choice in the greenhouse. Additionally, include a roleplay of you caring for one plant of your choice in your dorm (Also, please make sure you actually do this in your dorm, so others can roleplay with you if they choose).

Turn it in on my My Desk.

Professor Aquile Herbology Badge (Owl Me)-My Office

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