Lesson Plan

Professor Robins

The sections including (...) mean that a Homework/Group assignment will be associated with this section. Bolded headings are GLE outcomes.

3rd Years

Week 1: Hippogriffs (Homework)(Lab)
Week 2-4: Owl (Trip)
Week 5: Portlocks
Week 6-7: Flobberworms (Group Project/Lab)
Week 8: Salamanders(Lab)
Week 9: Grindylow

4th Years

Week 1: Fire Crabs (Homework)
Week 2-3: Fire Crab Presentations
Week 4-5: Nifflers (Lab)
Week 6: Manticores
Week 7: Unicorns
Week 8: Group Project (Group Homework)
Week 9: Present Group Projects

5th Years

Week 1: Thestrals/Winged Horses (Homework)
Week 2-4: Fairy/Doxy/Pixie
Week 5; Bowtruckles(Lab)
Week 6-7: Knarls(Lab)
Week 8: Crups
Week 9: OWL Review

If students have suggestions of what they would like to learn about they can leave them here or let me know in my office.

Professor Norman

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