Ministry of Magic Holding Cells


As you walk down the cold, cement floor, you see a row of individual holding cells. You hear sounds coming from some of them, indicating that people are being held here, but due to the thick metal doors, you can't see them. This is where the Ministry holds those waiting for trial, or to be moved to Azkaban. The cells are magic proof, and cannot be charmed, transfigured or otherwise altered by magic.
  • Rules for high security prisoner visits
  1. Max. one visitor at a time. Visitor must have a compelling, close connection to the prisoner.
  2. Minimum two guards physically present in cell at all times during visit.
  3. Visitor shall relinquish wand before visit commences, and at no point change form in any manner.
  4. Visitor shall remain min. six feet from prisoner and attempt no physical contact, nor to pass anything to the prisoner.
  5. Neither prisoner nor visitor shall employ any code or cant terms, any form of Legilimency or similar.
  6. Guards will instantly terminate the interview at the suspicion of any of the above, without right of appeal.




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