Di Salvataggio for Magical Creatures/Pet Vet

Ministry Vet room

This is, as clearly stated, where you may find a veterinarian, namely a certain Psyche Nördlingen. Whether it's your Swedish Snort-Snout or shih tzu who is feeling poorly, you're sure to find that she can efficiently get around to fixing that in a snap. The people who work here work with both magical and mundane creatures, so don't be surprised if your Chow Chow ends up seeing a fire-breathing salamander plodding out of the room. Those who volunteer in Di Salvataggio's remarkable programs to benefit neglected critters are always welcome to poke their heads in every once in a while, and get a discount while on it. Animals who once sought refuge here and were retracted via the bittersweet procedure called adoption are more or less welcome to free check-ups.



Cecilie and Valentin