Deirdre Lémieux

Roleplayed By Vic


Full Name: Deirdre Moira Lémieux
Nicknames: None
Birthday: November 21st
Age: Twenty Four
Gender: Female
Nationality: Irish and French
Languages Spoken: Gaelic, French and English

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: Cherry Wand with Thestral Tail Hair
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Viper
Boggart: Losing Lucie
Amortentia: Vanilla

Schools: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
House: Ombrelune
Occupation: Business Owner and Assassin
Current Titles: Owner of The Spider's Web
Former Titles: Outlaw and Fugitive

Orientations: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: N/A
Best Friends: Lucienne Delvaux
Worst Enemies: None
Pets: None
Family: Selene Lémieux, Ignatius Lémieux, Ana Kolstad-Lémieux and Lucienne Delvaux

Model: Swantje Paulina
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125lbs
Body Type: Curvy
Other: Freckles


Bordeaux, France and somewhere in a beautiful 18th century chalet, resided Keiran Lémieux and the owner of an secret intelligence agency disguised as a private investigation firm; something him and his father built from the ground up. He was an agent above all things, but one hell of a tough boss to work under. From the start, he was the number one contender and near damn royalty in Bordeaux for a time there. That was well until the CIA begun to do private contracts with his company, raising him above and beyond his regular status.

With the money made from jobs the CIA had given him, Keiran chose to expand his company and move it to Ireland; a perfect hub port for his business to blossom into its full potentional. It did just that; soon he expanded his field agents and the jobs going messier. During the pinnicle of exellency that the agency was producing, Keiran got very sick with a magical illness. In fear of becoming infertile due to any modern medicine techniques he tried or even magical, he had the CIA extract and freeze his DNA so that if he chose to, he could have a child in the future.

Keiran left to London for a time in order to recieve the best treatment possible at St. Mungos, he returned well and more alive than he had ever felt. In the back of his mind, he wondered why he had rejected wizarding society so long ago as he had quite enjoyed his time in England. Years begun to pass and Keiran was becoming an extremely large businessman with connections in all sorts of places. He became the top dog and even the CIA begun to fear his abilities.

Right around this time, Keiran hired a married couple; Michel and Franziska Delvaux. They quickly graduated to some of his best agents and closest to what Keiran could call a friend. Women came and went over the years but never did one stay, leaving Keiran in a fit of loneliness and self-loathing. Work had begun to become unsatisfying. The number of assassinations he had done had begun to blurr into numbers that no longer mattered and he became something unlike himself.

But then an odd little mircale happened when the CIA confronted him with a mistake they had made by accidentally using his DNA for vitro fertilization and asked if they could either experiment on the specimen or terminate it. Keiran chose a third option to have it transferred to a surrogate mother and raise it to full term. Nearly ten months later, his daughter was born only a year after his friends, Michel and Franziska gave birth to their daughter. He named his young girl Deirdre after an Irish myth that he fell in love with.

Deirdre was mostly raised by a nanny as Keiran had absolutely no idea what to do when it came to his infant child. All he could do was visit her everyday and spend time with her. He, over the span of two years, fell in love with Deirdre in a way that he had never fallen in love before. But his blissful life hit a crossroads when Keiran discovered that Michel and Franziska had given crucial information about his business and who he was to a double agent that had slipped through his fingers. In response, Keiran had no other choice but to kill them. As favor to their memory, Keiran took their young daughter Rosalia and Deirdre back home to France after closing down his business for good.

The business didn't matter anymore. What did matter was his two daughters, accepting Rosalia and raising her as if she were his own. They went incognitio for some time, keeping under the radar for nearly six years until the girls were old enough to start training. Keiran knew there were people after them and if the girls would have any chance once he was gone to survive, it would be with the training he provided. He was going to make them ten times better of an agent that he ever could be. He planned to leave the girls with a foster family and flee the country so that they wouldn't get hurt. The idea was to mail them a letter with the deeds and funds to start up the agency again as a small gift to them both. But things didn't go as planned and for some reason, Keiran couldn't let them go.

Rosalia and Deirdre trained harder than any agent who ever had the misfortune of being under his wing. The girls were going to be the only trainees that Keiran had and didn't drive to give up, quit or worse, die. They somehow maintained the rigorious schedule and became strong and fierce and almost robotic when it came to commands. Somehow, his daughters reminded him of robots. It was endearing, as he used to tease them about it.

The girls were homeschooled among their training, the mix of mathematics and english with close quarter combat and weaponology was perfect for these disciplined young girls. Rosalia's magical ability showing came as a surprise to Kerian as he had no idea that either of the Delvaux had magical blood. His daughter, following suit showed her abilities a year later. When of age, he agreed to allow them to attend Beauxbaton.

Deirdre and Lucienne (as Rosalia now preferred), struggled to fit into the snobbish elite that attended the school and often found themselves in quite a bit of trouble. Once Deirdre got her first taste of detention because of breaking a girl's nose that tried to steal her things, she never really went back. It snowballed from there and the two became a wicked duo of absolute hell. They were students to fear and made little friends because of it; choosing to keep eachother company instead.

Not long after graduation, the girls were surprised with the assassination of their father. Out of fear for their own lives, they took the emergency money and passports and fled France to go where the safehouse was located in Germany. Once there, they set up alternative lives for some time and lived well under the radar until they met Xavier Hartt who told them about an organization back in London. Deirdre, remembering stories of how her father went there for help when he was sick seen it as a weird omn to go and agreed.

The girls traveled to London and finally joined the Black Parade while settling into an apartment together and enjoying their life as themselves again with the help and protection of the Black Parade. Lucie and Deirdre are ready to break some bones and maybe even some hearts. She also recently signed a contract to own The Spider's Web.


A vixen by nature and definition, Deirdre is the epitome of beauty and grace and exactly what her namesake originally implied in the Irish legends. She is like a breath of fresh air after a muggy night in a small, dark place. Deirdre is a rose, but not what you would typically think. She is not the petal. She is the thorn and sharp as a knife. She is fierce and loyal and a force not to reckon with. Her temper rivals all others and she feels a strong appeal to poison and gore.

Above all else, Deirdre is intelligent and cunning, her mind being the best weapon she produces. She has a draw to her that demands attention unintentionally and walks like she has the world on her shoulders and isn't about to fall to her knees. She is a powerful, strong willed woman who feels that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. She enjoys breaking people's hearts for a living and never intends to settle down with anyone.

She is an odd mix of possessive and nurturing over Lucienne, even if Lucie is older by a year. That doesn't stop her from feeling extremely connected and completely loyal to her alone. She remains the sole thing in this life that can be used as Deirdre's weakness. With occasional homosexual tendencies passed between Lucie and Deirdre as a running joke, the two continue to be party animals with no intentions of calming down anytime soon.


Lucienne Delvaux:
Lucie is like a sister to Deirdre and they work much like a woman team or twin telepathy on crack. They can hardly function without one another and do a lot of their antics together. Lucie has became the only person that can be used as Deirdre's weakness and if you mess with Lucie, you're asking for a shit storm.


She absolutely hates Lucienne's ugly little cat.
She is weirdly superstitious.
She has always and continues to want a pet Tarantula.
Lucienne and Deirdre cannot lie to one another. Psychologically, they know each other's tells and know when the other is lying.
Lucie and Deirdre have a super weird twin-like relationship and usually can't work apart from each other.
She is the current owner of a pub called The Spider's Web.