Issue Three
Written by Charles Smitters



In this battle, many lives were lost, some of those losses for the better, and some for the worse. The

Battle at the Coliseum

Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry Auror's, the Mourtori, and many other organizations against the WHPS and the war of Duxterra planned a sneak attack on this day. The troops trudged into the battle scene and fought for what they believed in. As you know, the WHPS has been a enemy society to the Ministry. It all lead up to this battle, the Battle at the Coliseum, where both WHPS troops and Ministry allied troops lost there lives. A list of the most known deaths at the battle are reported down at the bottom here:
  • Emma Jenner
  • Ailred Birch
  • Isidor Wachtel
  • Kyra Flare
  • Kristina Cantrell
  • Guttorm Clinslig
  • Einar Faris
  • Lowell Ormond



Wikia DARP - Einar Faris today

Einar Faris

The Death of Einar Faris, the now ex-prime minister of magic, was killed in the Battle at the Coliseum. Einar, who was a great and powerful duelest, had not been able to make it through this last duel. Guttorm, a werewolf working with Duxterran's, was the cause of death for Einar Faris. After the sight of the Minister's Death, other Auror's shot multiple spells at Guttorm, killing him as well. After Einar's death, the other Auror's and the United States Minister came over to him, and mourned over his body. Brandon Smith, the Mythology Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, carried the body out of the scene.

Einar Faris was a wonderful man in both kindness and combat. His expierance of magic was astounding, and he will forever be missed by his co-workers and the rest of wizard kind. 


Because of the death of the previous prime minister, Einar Faris, a new election will be going on very quickly. This election is not formal, but will last an entire month, just so the Ministry can stay on it's feet in a look for a new Minister. The more formal election will be exactly one month prior from February 9th, 2017. The candidates in the election are Estella Tyrrell (Head of the International  Magical Office of Law and Wizengamot Member), Edward Wright (Senior Undersecretary), and Draco Rookwood (Deputy Head of the Auror Office). As told in the upper half of this article, this first election is not the formal and final one, so after a month from February 9th, these same people will be able to vote once again. 

Estella1 EdwardOlder Isaac

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