Issue One
Written by Maurice LeClerc


Following the failed peace summit between Six Nations, America, France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia, rumours of war coming to England are underway. The disputes over Wizarding technology have become too out of hand, and the WHPS have waged war.

Reports of Germany and France attempting to stay neutral were confirmed by an unnamed source, who also reported that the French president, Madamoiselle Genevieve Bellefleur was shot in the face with a Blasting Charm by Lowell Ormond of Italy. Luckily for Bellefleur, Rebekka Romy Kaiser of Germany was fortunately there to save her. Germany remain neutral, however France have decided to ally themseles with the UK.

When questioned, British Ministress of Magic, Nimue Edeson refused to answer or give her opinion regarding the war.



Rumour has it that current minister of magic, Nimue Edeson is set to either resign or be removed from office. Many have been complaining over the fact that she has "started" the war and is too "busy locked up in her office, playing with her gadgets to actually do something". Auror office head, Finnick Belmont has reported that the amount of WHPS members being prosecuted and being sent to Azkaban are high, and that Auror numbers are falling. Any person with the sufficient grades may apply. Contact Jaylyn Belmont for more details.
StampOutTheEnemy (1)

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