This concert stadium is for Drew Cage's new concert tour to support her new album, The Explosion. Each concert will last for about a week (Out of character). The image for the stadium is going to change every concert. The above pic is for New York City.



Archive 1 - NYC - Song One

Drew's Performance - NYC

Drew cage-newyorkconcert

Drew Cage Singer and Rapper
-"There is no point of being loved if you can't love yourself."

 – 22:30, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

The song ended and she started a new song. Blaring dubstep music started playing.  She started singing Dub on the track. 
Drew Cage - Dub On The Track Solo Version Lyrics

Drew Cage - Dub On The Track Solo Version Lyrics


"I'm the kind of girl to put dub on the track,

I'm a machine, couple screws but I'm running

Know what I mean? Got an upgrade now I'm more unruly.

But a spoonful of sugar might make go down more