Colin's Classmate's

Thorn Redfire

Colin first saw Thorn in Ravenclaw tower, and that's about all he's seen of her before.

Haylee Clearwater

Colin's only seen Haylee a few times, but first saw her in Charms. She asked Colin if he'd ever been burned before, but that's all the most he had heard or talked to her. AQUAINTANCE

Cressida Allen

Colin often see's her hanging around with Amelie, but hasn't ever met her exactly. He see's her as nice and friendly. He met her first in Astronomy and she was also in detention with her, as they were both late to class.

Reynaud Etienne

Colin's never heard from him before, but first saw him, as he recalls, Potions.

Sascha Guthrie

Colin also met Sascha in potions first as he recalls.

Cassandra Sparks

Colin has never talked to her, but as she is in Hufflepuff, he see's her as a friendly, nice person. First seeing her in Herbology.

Clara Rosefelt

Colin saw Clara as tuff, as he had watched her fall off her broom and break an arm. He felt bad at first, but she was tuff and threw little of a fit.

Ishmael Cahill

Colin first saw him in Herbology. Colin knew that Ishmael and Twila Yaxley had once had a fight in her room.

Abhian Acastus

Colin had often seen him and Ishmael running around together.

Elizabeth Swan

The most Colin knew about Elizabeth is that she arrived to Hogwarts later than the others, and first saw her in Flying.

Dean Granger

Colin had talked to Dean once before, but all he said was 'Hi, let's go to herbology' and nothing else. He first met Dean in the Library.

Toby Lestrange

Colin had seen Toby in flying. Nothing else of him.


None yet

Close Friends

Twila Yaxley

Twila and him had been really good friend's sense day one. Colin thought they were really similar, personality wise. They shared a lot in common, a deceased parent, being a wizard, and a non-pureblood. Even more. They both love wizarding school. Colin did make things awkward when they were talking once in the Clock Tower Courtyard, but he still viewed her as a close friend. Colin now has mixed feelings for Twila and is considering dating her.

Amelie Hall

Colin and Amelie had also had a lot in common, deceased parent's, one of which hated them, and love school. They have differences though. Colin was a Ravenclaw, she was Slytherin. This was a major down fall to him, because he liked her a lot. Colin hasn't told anyone, but it could probably show, he has a little crush on her. He thinks she is completely beautiful, and would nothing more to be with her. But he didn't want to ruin the friendship, so he didn't want any word slipping out. He wasn't sure how he felt about her.


Colin has not had a girl friend yet, even though he had many feelings for Amelie, and was closer to girl friend's than guys, he isn't sure if he can cope with a girl-friend yet, after his father dying and all.

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