Clock Tower Entrance

Clock Tower Entrance

The Clock Tower entrance is one of the three main entrances to Hogwarts. There are two staircases leading to the upper levels. There is a pendulum at the base. The entrance can, at need, be sealed with a portcullis, and the double doors can be reinforced with many locks and bolts. The Clock Tower ( from the inside )



Bianca & Liliya

Liliya Chakarova - Ravenclaw Fourth Year + Rebel Duelist

- "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe
Message Me  - 03:25, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Liliya was returning back to the castle by the long way form the greenhouses. Before she would let Regan catch up with her to walk back, she had taken off in a flash. Although she wasn't sure why she didn't want to be around her friend right now, she knew very well that she didn't want to be. It felt awkward and forced, which was something she couldn't quite handle.

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Bianca Archer 4th year Ravenclaw
-"I don't and will never know the meaning of 'quit'."

 – 03:40, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Bianca was walking up to Hogwart's, after being at Hogsmeade for a bit. Then she saw Lilya, who she saw in her house but never spoke to. She decided to be polite and say hi. "Hello, I'm Bianca. You're from Ravenclaw, correct?" She formed a small grin on her face, trying to be polite.

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