Clara Davidson

Clara young

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Clara Seventh Year
Clara Davidson

Slytherin Seventh Year

Vital Statistics
Born December 29th, 2017
Age 17
Family Davidson Family
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Status Alive
Signature Clara D sig
Magical Characteristics
Wand Laurel, Unicorn Mane Hair
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Whale
Boggart Being hated by everyone around her.


Clara young 2

It was at Ilvermorny that Duncan Davidson met his future wife. She was a British girl, not used to American ways. One boy decided he was going to make fun of her for it. Well, Duncan was about to have any of that. He socked the boy in the jaw. The bully left the girl alone, and Duncan decided he would show her around. The pair hit it off really well, and that's when Duncan learned her name. Jeannie Clark. It didn't take long for the pair to start dating. They were in fifth year at the time, and they stayed together for the next two and a half years at Ilvermorny. On their graduation day, Duncan proposed. Jeannie accepted and just like Duncan's parents the two were married within three months. Once Duncan turned 18, he decided to join the US Army like his father and grandfather before him. Duncan applied to join the US Rangers and was accepted into Ranger School. Upon his graduation from Ranger School, Duncan was sent out on his first deployment, leaving Jeannie behind.

Clara Marie Davidson was born on December 29th, 2017. She was the third child in her family, and her parents assumed she was would be the last. It wasn't long after Clara was born that her father was sent overseas again, leaving Jeannie to take care of three children back home. It was two years before Daddy came home, and having no experience with the man... Clara didn't bond well with him. He was a stranger-- all she knew was her mother, and siblings. He wasn't even home for that long, because when Clara was five... he was sent back out for another tour. She'd come to accept that... whoever this Daddy was... it wasn't a figure she needed to get to know. When he came back, not long after... and without one of his legs, Clara was very confused. Why was he staying here? Wasn't he supposed to just... leave again?

When Clara was seven, her first signs of magic manifested. Her Mom had told her to go help Dad with something. Confused and annoyed... Clara had gone up to see what he needed. After a little too much lip, and a reprimand from Duncan, Clara had exited the room.... the door magically slamming and the lights flickering as she left. Her attitude quickly transformed into excitement. Harley was already at Ilvermorny, and this meant someday she'd join him!

When Clara started at Ilvermorny, Wampus was the only one to light up for her... so that's where she went. She was secretly a bit sad, as she'd sort of wanted Thunderbird, too, feeling her soul better represented her than her body did... but she learned to like it well enough. She didn't attend Thunderbird long, however. It appeared her mother had long desired to move to England, and so... seemingly without warning... Duncan had uprooted her entire family-- something she's still rather upset about. She did enjoy the opportunity to be resorted (maybe she'd get something better this time?), but moving across an ocean where she only knew her siblings... wasn't her favorite. And she's resentful even more now, of Duncan.


Clara's two defining characteristics are her stubbornness... and her charm. And she's rather choosy about who she shares them with. For example... her mother often sees the more charming, warm-hearted version of Clara... while her father receives the lippier, stubborn side of her. Her siblings at any given time could see some combination of both.

Clara is definitely a people person when she wants to be. Around people she likes or wants something from, she's bright and bubbly (and maybe even a bit flirtatious as she gets older....). If she doesn't see any reason for the other person to be her friend... simply put, she won't be. She doesn't see the point in putting in any extra time for a person she doesn't care for.

The part of Clara's personality that doesn't always come out... is she's inclined to lie. It doesn't happen much, because it's not how she was raised... but it's there. She often lies to herself to get her father off her back, or she'll tell a white lie to her mother about something she may not have necessarily done for her father. She doesn't really like this about herself.. but she's seen it be too useful to truly part with.


Clara Graduation

Clara is the token red-head in her family. She sometimes questioned growing up if Duncan really was her Dad, since she doesn't look much like him. Her strawberry-blond hair (it can look redder, or more blond depending on how the light hits it) can sometimes be out-of-control curly, but there are occasions where she'll put all kinds of product into it so that it tames down a bit. She's just the right height for her age, and she tries to dress nicely. Her face claim is Mackenzie Lintz.


*Clara means: clear, bright, famous

*Marie means: "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow"

*Davidson means: "son of David"

*Her MBTI is: ESTP