Lottie Lovell-Montcroix
a lion at heart
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Charlotte - or Charlie, even Lottie, depending on how you want to nickname her - is super lazy. She has a lot of potential, but it'll take some time for her to take interest in that potential and develop it. She tends to procrastinate a lot and thus doesn't really get much done. Her time passes by on her phone, scrolling through Witchagram.

Whenever she hasn't got her attention on her Witchagram, Charlotte is actually a very carefree girl. She's very lighthearted and is quite alright with going with the flow. It doesn't mean she doesn't worry, though, because of course she worries. She worries about her family, about her friends, and if she's feeling particularly bored, she'll probably worry about what she's going to do with her life, too. She's young, though, and she has time to think about it, so she doesn't dwell on that nor her other worries too much.

Through everything, Charlotte is able to maintain a calm disposition. She doesn't really panic easily, making her a solid rock for whoever may need it. She's level-headed and most importantly - doesn't lack common sense. With her father working as an Auror, Charlotte's learned some important skills early on, and has some tips on what to do and what not to do in a time of crisis. That said, though, it really does tend to go to shit when you mix it in with her sudden urges to really just challenge someone, coupled with her love for arguing about pretty much everything.

She's realistic, not pessimistic. There's a difference. She always has her feet on the ground and doesn't ever let herself wander too far. If she thinks something can happen, she'll make it happen. If she doesn't think it can, she won't make an effort. She knows how to differentiate something that's possible from something that isn't. And when she does happen to see something she can make a reality, she'll work hard to achieve it. She'll give it her all. Her blood, her sweat, her tears. She'll pour her soul into it.

Charlotte happens to be very passionate. She's full of raw passion for anything and everything that happens to be of her interest. Things she knows about, she obsesses about, she's very passionate about it. For instance, she loves Witchagram, and she's very passionate about it, hence those times where she'll argue without relent that it's a beneficial thing for society. She's very argumentative, too, so even if she realizes she's wrong halfway through an argument, she'll continue to push that she's right, thus digging herself a very deep, very oxygenless hole.

Charlotte is full of snark. She's the kind of girl that always has a remark at the tip of her tongue, a smirk on her lips and a look of challenge & chaos in her eyes. Lottie is known to storm in, fight for what she wants, and then retreat. She isn't reckless, so much as she is very feisty and willing to go down for what she may want or need. All her moves are calculated, so it's not like she acts with abandon. She's too practical, too realistic, and knows that doing something without planning it beforehand could come with consequences, and she'd likely not want to see those consequences actually unfold.

She's the sweetest friend ever, honest to God. She's fiercely protective of them and is always very vengeful when it comes to someone else trying to get to any of them. And trust me, you shouldn't want to cross her, because if you do - Charlotte's father is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and Charlotte won't hesitate to try and pin the blame of some latest crime onto you. It's the exact same thing with her family. She'd go to the ends of Earth for both family and friends and there's no denying it.


The Lovell's and Montcroix's were two great wizarding families who had been feuding for many years - centuries, even. Some say it originated as far back as The Hundred Year war, whilst others pinpoint it more around the time of Napoleon. Regardless, the two families had been feuding, declaring each other as their bitter enemies for whatever reason. The families were deemed great both magically and to the muggles; to the former, members of each family had been innovative in shaping magic for the respective countries of England and France and, for the muggles, each family was known to be high up in society. Theories speculate that the whole feud had started when one family wanted the other's interest but others prefer not to delve deep into it and enjoy the drama.

An interesting blip, an abnormality in their history between the two, occurred late in the twentieth century. The ruling patriarchs had died in each family, leaving their far less involved wives to head the families until their demise. The wives, wanting some peace amongst the historic conflict, had set up their youngest adults; for the Lovells it was a man in the main branch, Alexander, and for the Montcroix's, his seeming counterpart, a woman named Adele. The two were set up, forced into an arranged marriage and encouraged to procreate. It was lucky for the matriarchs that neither had any major objections - both were content and, perhaps naively, convinced themselves they'd live a good and drama-free life.

Astair wasn't the first result of the marriage, no, there were four brothers and five sisters he had to compete with first. In fact, Astair was the last thing to come from it and, arguably, the last happy thing. After Astair was born, the two matriarchs who had wholly supported the relationship and it's offspring had passed, leaving the now twelve-strong Lovell-Montcroix family isolated. Everyone else in the two families had despised the relationship, stating that the other family's member amongst their own was destructive and contaminated what otherwise was pure and perfect blood. The still young couple decided to ignore it, moving to a remote wizarding village in the Welsh countryside to avoid it all.

Like his siblings, Astair got his Hogwarts acceptance letter at the age of eleven and went off, being sorted into Gryffindor - the only one of his nine other siblings, much to the pride of his father, a fellow Gryffindor. A lot happened during his years at Hogwarts, mostly all for the worse. It was during his time as a student that the Lovell's and Montcroix's feuding had reached a new height - there were many raids and attacks on each other and unfortunately his family was in the very harsh position on having to choose a side. Most, viewing themselves as Lovell's more due to the connection of a similar culture, chose the aforementioned, leaving the Montcroix's outraged.

From that rage a lot of Astair's immediate family perished; he lost his father, three brothers and four sisters. The once twelve-strong Lovell-Montcroix branch had only four members left; Astair, his mother, an older brother and an older sister. The family moved again from the Welsh countryside to a magical community in Oxfordshire, one where the Lovell's had a large presence and the family was guaranteed to be protected.

Despite the drama happening outside of Hogwarts, Astair graduated with impressive results and immediately trained to become an Auror. While it took a while, he rose to the challenge and found that he excelled at it. There were times where he had to persecute members of either family which took a toll of him because, at the end of the day, they were his family, but he persevered and made a name for himself.

It was in the following years that he met a muggle woman, one he fell in love with quickly. She reciprocated his love and within a year they were married. She always knew about his life, his legacy and his job and knew that any child with him could be involved in that life, and that his job was demanding. At first, she was fine with it and even gave him a daughter - Charlotte.

Truth be told, Charlotte genuinely doesn't remember how her life was when her mother was in her life. What she knows is what her father told her: Her mother had decided that the life of a wife of an Auror wasn't for her and that she'd much rather prefer to be with a muggle man. So she left, just like that. She left them without a trace and forced Astair to pick up the pieces and try to be the mother Charlotte needed. Charlotte's fine with it, honest to God. Astair is everything she's ever needed. He's done amazingly at being both her father and mother.

The times where there was turmoil in her life were few and far in between. Her father was there as often as he could, but his job was gruesome and very demanding and he sometimes wouldn't come home for days on end. Times like that, Charlotte spent at Lil Bundles. But it was alright, because she knew he was just trying to get them a steady life. At least he was there to witness her first display of magic, when she lit up a firework from pure frustration by the fact that it had seemingly come out with defects. Charlotte is eleven now, and she's more than excited to see what the future has in store for her at Hogwarts.

Now payback is a bad bitch and baby, I'm the baddest, you fuckin' with a savage, can't have this, can't have this, ahhh...
I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!
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Basic Info
Full Name Charlotte Isadora Lovell-Montcroix
Nickname Lottie; Charlie
Birthday October 16
Age 11
Nationality British
Home Lovell-Montcroix Household
Status Single
Sexuality Undetermined
Location Slytherin Dormitories
Gender Female
Year First
Titles Karma Incarnate
House Slytherin
Species Witch
Family Blood Half-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Spiders
Patronus Polecat
Model Sophie Simnett
Gender Female (cis)
Eye Color Grey, Green
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'0
Voice Mezzo-Soperano
Body Style Fit
Mental/Emotional State N/A
Mental/Emotional Disorders N/A
Physical Disorders N/A
Ethnicity White; European
Whether life's disabilities left you outcast, bullied, or teased, rejoice and love yourself today 'cause baby you were born this way...
Fam & Gen
Mother Unknown
Father Astair Lovell-Montcroix
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) Multiple
Aunt(s) Multiple
Uncle(s) Multiple
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None
Character Flaw Too laidback
Fear/Phobias Spiders
Personal Motto Screw what everyone else wants and how they think.
First Reaction to Crisis Maintains a calm disposition
Faces Their Problems Tackles them head first after drawing together a plan
React to Change Doesn't care as long as she's well-rested
Native Language English
I'm not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets...


Chocolate Chip cookies; Pickle juice


Being forced to do stuff; Conforming to expectations; Not facing challenges

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