Meyers Castle2

Castle Meyers is the home of Hans Meyers, Laura Meyers, Heather Meyers, and Cora Meyers

But Castle Meyers is also a guest resort to stay at and enjoy. It brings in a lot of extra income on top of Hans's huge income from being ICW Rep. This home is in England, but Hans and Laura have a home in Germany that they use when they are there. Laura runs Castle Meyers, as Hans is not normally around.

Castle Meyers/Guest Locations

Castle Meyers/Family Locations

Castle Meyers/Employee Roster

Family Quarters

The living quarters of castle Meyers

Guest Quarters


Castle Meyers only has 20 available rooms.

  1. Room 1 - Grade A - Rented by Gabrielle Clarence
  2. Room 2 - Grade B - Bought by Daniel and Rosanna Hatchet
  3. Room 3 - Grade B - Open for purchasing or renting
  4. Room 4 - Grade A - Rented by Professor Silvia Norene
  5. Room 5 - Grade A - Open for purchasing or renting
  6. Room 6 - Grade A - Bought by Jaqueline Brayden
  7. Room 7 - Grade A - Bought by Itzelle "Xochimilco" Sakaros
  8. Room 8 - Grade B - Bought by Rin Sakaros
  9. Room 9 - Grace C - Bought by Harmonia Mnemosyne
  10. Room 10 - Grade A - Bought by Lyssa Hewett
  11. Room 11 - Grade C - Bought by Elliot Northover
  12. Room 12 - Grade A - Bought by Padmé Parker and Harry Rawkes
  13. Room 13 - Grade A - Bought by Scott Mullins

Rooms are graded by how fancy they are. But these rooms are also for relatively rich people.

  • Grade A-Most fancy rooms-cost:140 Galleons
  • Grade B-Medium fancy rooms-cost:120 Galleons
  • Grade C-Slightly fancy rooms-cost:100 Galleons