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Brianna Montgomery — Signature

Full Name Jayeden Brianna Campbell-Montgomery
Nickname Bri; Yi-Sol (이설; Hye-Jin only)
Basic Info
Birthday 23rd of September, 2018
Nationality Filipino — British (citizenship)
Home Her flat
Relationship Info
Status Probably can't move on from
Sexuality Asexual polypanromantic
Best Friend "MY HYEJIN 💖, Rhea, and Mahogany."
Pets Akoúo̱
Family On The Wiki N/A

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Singer
Titles Clockwork Princess
Optional Classes Taken Arithmancy
Magical Info
Species Human; Witch
Blood Status Muggleborn
Wand Core Unicorn hair
Wand Wood Pear
Wand Arm Right
Boggart "Wouldn't you like to know..."
Patronus Chameleon

Model Bae Su-ji (Suzy; missA)
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length/Style Short and straight with blue highlights a la Red Light Luna; sometimes has a headband or sparkly hairclips or even a braid made to look like a headband
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Tanned Asian
Clothing Style Fluctuates with mood
Other Info About Looks
"I'm very short. I don't look significant in any way. I just have my glasses and probably my awkward aura. I like flannel and pedal shorts and baseball caps and boleros." She has a tattoo made up of little Baybayin runes in the shape of a Parabatai rune from the Shadowhunters series on the back of her palm that matches and is connected with Rain's wrist tattoo.

Colour Blue/yellow/pink
Music "Just about anything except those hard rock thingies."
Animal "Cats probably"
Class "Charms?"
Season/Weather "Winter"
Dream Job "Chemical Engineer and Alchemist"
Happiest When...
With her books or her closest friends

Brianna Montgomery — Infobox

“If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bulls**t.”


Once a bundle of confidence, ambition, and extrovertedness, a certain incident crushed her down into a tight shell that she didn't even know she constructed. She is constantly conscious of what other people think of her and tries her best to be on their good side, often changing her mask a bit to fit their preferences. One can compare her to a chameleon, ever changing, blending in to their surroundings.

Brianna's most distinctive characteristic is her love of books and reading. Books are her happiness and she feels most comfortable reading one or two. It's rare to find her not clutching one of her books. Her reading speed is astounding at 441 words per minute and her comprehension skills are notable. In fact, most of her hobbies and skills are taken from the books she has read and the rest from the shows she watches via the media.

When you first meet her, Brianna can be pretty quiet, preferring to read her book over socializing. She's okay with small talk, but her words are literally small. Her short answers are always delivered in a small voice and she would show little to no emotion, making it seem like she's uninterested. She feels guilty about this tidbit but hey, that's how her brain works so bah. People have also said that she looks lowkey intimidating to outsiders but she doubts it. Who would be intimidated by a freakin' midget with pink glasses?

Brianna tries to be considerate and understanding all the time, preferring to be in the neutral zone unless she knows both sides' stories. She keeps her opinions to herself unless someone specifically asks for it. She would like to avoid conflict and to avoid being on someone's blacklist, thank you very much.

As noted by some people, Brianna is very brilliant and very creative, but lacks the motivation and drive to actually use her brilliance. She's not that competitive at all and is very lax. The only problem is her very weak memory. In fact, she has forgotten most of what happened the previous year. She often gets hit by several deja vu moments in various times of the day.

Brianna is noted to be a procrastinator. She doesn't intend to do it but sometimes she just gets really distracted by other things and ends up doing her prioritized task at the last minute. Somehow, she's able to finish most of them. It's a big surprise, really. It drives her mother up the wall. It drives her up the wall too, because she gets overwhelmed by her unfinished work at the eleventh hour and ends up having only 4-5 hours of sleep, depending on the difficulty of the task.

Most of the time, Brianna is spacing off and spending her time in her mind, which leads to her being a very quiet and very unfocused person. It's a surprise how she doesn't bump into that much obstacles.


Deep inside, Brianna has a lot of issues. She thinks she may have some kind of mental illness, probably an emotion-based one, but she's long since given up on trying to label it.

Brianna's emotions dip into something akin depression in a random pattern. Sometimes she can go for days without a depressive episode, sometimes it's the opposite. She's become accustomed to it but she had never told anyone. It never impacted her life much and nobody ever notices it so she doesn't see the point in nagging her parents to bring her to a psychiatrist.
Brianna Montgomery — Personality Tab 2


Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)


Jamie Montgomery and Richardine Campbell-Montgomery are a completely normal, middle-class Muggle couple, living in the clean suburbs of Cebu City, the Queen City of the South. Richardine was an elementary school teacher while Jamie was an OFW working as a safety engineer. They had their unica hija, Jayeden Brianna, in the early morning of September 23. Why did they give her a masculine first name? Apparently it was a mix of Jamie and Richardine.

Jayden Brianna grew up thinking the name Jayeden was a feminine name and liked it better than Brianna. She was an exceptionally bright child, showing an affinity to subjects taught in the English language, especially in the field of science. She was also clearly a bookworm, reading every reading material she gets her hands on. Jayeden could easily grasp new concepts and comprehend everything she as read.

She is also quite the tennis enthusiast when she was young and has always wanted to play the sport. However, she wasn't fit for tennis or any other kind of physical sport. Why? She's asthmatic. Everyone in her line of Mongomeries are either asthmatic, diabetic, or both. In fact, her first asthma attack occurred when she was only three months old and has been hospitalized at least three times in her toddler days.

There was something very special about Brianna, her parents realized, as some unique things happen around her. Like how the accidentally left on faucet turned off when Brianna glanced at it, how she could summon her books from the top shelf, etc. They were surprisingly accepting of it, just as long as Brianna didn't cause any collateral damage with her... whatever it is. Brianna didn't pay attention to it much because it didn't happen quite often.

Jayden realized that her first name was masculine when she was in first grade when her classmates called her Brianna instead of Jayden. Questioning her parents about this, she was quite 'blegh' about it because of how sappy it was. Eventually, she stated to favour the name Brianna and soon the nicknames 'Bri' or 'Anna' and treated the name 'Jayden' as if it was the plague.

It was when Brianna turned 9 when her father's job forced them to move to Britain. While it was quite sad to leave her close friends behind, Brianna openly accepted the move, seeing as there were a lot of open possibilities and opportunities in a new environment and because it lets her get away from the stress of simple-minded and creativity-squashing education back in her hometown. And also because the large amount of stray dogs in the area scared her. (Brianna developed a phobia of dogs when a presumably bmad dog chased her around when she was but a wee lass.)

The biggest surprise came when she turned 11 years old. A strange-looking owl had landed on their doorstep and delivered an old-fashioned looking letter addressed to Brianna herself. The address was so accurate, even going to the bit where Brianna's room was located beside her parents' bedroom, that it creeped the family out a lot. Thinking this was a sick joke, they ignored the letter. That is, until more started coming. Finally mustering up the courage to open one, it was revealed to be an acceptance letter to a 'magical' school called Hogwarts.

The thing about Brianna's parents is that they're more religious and less believing of magic than your regular couple. They became quite wary when a weirdly dressed person appeared on their doorstep and believed her to be part of some cult. They didn't let the woman in no matter what she said, until Brianna's curiosity kicked in and asked her parents to please let that woman in. Reluctantly, the Montgomery let the woman in, who began to explain about Brianna's powers, the Hogwarts school, and everything in between.

Richardine and Jamie were about to let Brianna go to this school, because it obviously offers the opportunity of letting Brianna develop and hone her powers, when they heard that their daughter would have to stay in the school for most of the year. Concerned about their daughter's safety, they quizzed the woman about the school and the teachers and the facilities etc. to see if it was truly a trustworthy school. Truthfully, Brianna was sorry for the woman who came to explain because she had to endure her parents' endless questions.

After a whole while of decision-making, the Montgomery couple reluctantly let their daughter join the school. Brianna was overjoyed and prayed to the god above that this school won't discourage creative thinking. And hopefully the student body isn't as narrow-minded as her old school.

Though she expected that her first year would be spent with her being her usual awkward self and not getting any friends or acquaintances, she was pleasantly surprised to realize that she'd made quite a few friends and had to spend a few hours wondering what in the world she did right to gain said friends/acquaintances. She'd already started to grow fond of them and even gave them nicknames in her head, such as Raincloud (Rain), Captain Drool (Jackson), Death Willow Dude (Ethan), Mahogany (Mason), Alice (Eilis), Comicon (Nate), and Rhea (Tori). The only downside was the werewolf attack on Yule but we don't talk about that...

Second year is a pivotal point in Bri's life. It was the year she started her Animagus training with Mahogany, driven by the goal of helping Rhea in her full moons, her Irish lessons with Alice, and Spanish lessons with Comicon. This was also the year she began to feel torn between chasing her dream of attending her mother country's best science high school and staying in the world she had come to love. And it was also the year that her parents had... changed. They became more skeptical of magic and she'd often hear them whisper about her continuing magical education with wary tones. She even heard something about pulling her out and finding ways to 'remove' her magic.

Unsettled by this, Bri began to fade into the background of Hogwarts, balancing her magical education and Muggle education, mostly in the science and maths fields because she was planning on taking the NCEs back in the Philippines. She tried her best to not think of home, instead pouring all her focus on Hogwarts. She'd become so detached from the outside world that she hadn't interacted with anyone outside of class for days. It was only until Raincloud had found her in an abandoned classroom that she noticed how much she'd missed.

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Brianna Montgomery — Gif 2

Brianna has, or had, a decent relationship with her parents. Though she doesn't know if it was the usual relationship between parent and child since her father is away from home for most of the year while her mother is always off doing Christian community work and her work as a teacher.

She loves them, she really does, but they get on her nerves sometimes because of their shared superiority complex. It would never be called a week in the Montgomery househould without a few shouting matches. Her parents always wanted for her to have the same ideals as them, but Brianna always has an opinion of her own, so they'd clash. A lot. She apologises to her parents so many times, she got used to it. She doesn't understand why other people find apologising to their parents a daunting task.

But now, she doesn't know. They've accepted her... peculiarity at first but, being the religious people they are, it was only about time that they become skeptical of it. She's only waiting for the call for her to pack her bags and leave Hogwarts and the Magical World... forever.

Brianna is an unica hija because her mother didn't want to give birth again, stating that her first pregnancy was difficult enough. She's fine with it, that means she doesn't have anyone to compete with or anyone her parents might compare her to. As if they weren't already doing it in the first place. But Bri has expressed the wish to have a twin, whether it be a girl or a boy. She daydreams about it from time to time since she knows it's impossible for her to get a twin.

She does, however, have people she holds dear enough to consider siblings. Raincloud is the twin she's always been wishing for, trusting her with even the darkest side of herself, matching her in mind and soul. Rhea takes the mantle of being her older sister and quite possibly be the one Bri would run to whenever she's having gay problems, her presence in her life something she can't imagine living without. Mahogany holds the title of her older brother, a steady constant in her life and her fellow Animagus. Meanwhile, the Pack is like her extended family by now. These bonds are some of her most treasured, and she'd gladly exchange her life for theirs.



Captain Drool





he may or may not have broken her heart



Thanks to Tumblr, Brianna had figured out what orientations are at a particularly young age. She identifies as an asexual panromantic, slightly leaning towards boys but she's had a couple of girl crushes in her five years at Hogwarts.

Brianna develops crushes easily, but the one crush that had the biggest impact so far was none other than Nate, something she really doesn't want to talk about.


[ JAY-dən ]
A feminine name possibly derived from Jadon, which possibly means either "thankful" or "he will judge" in Hebrew.

[ bree-AHN-ə ]
Feminine form of Brian. The meaning of this name is not known for certain but it is possibly related to the old Celtic element bre meaning "hill", or by extension "high, noble".

[ KAM-bəl ]
From a Gaelic nickname cam béul meaning "wry or crooked mouth". The surname was later represented in Latin documents as de bello campo meaning "of the fair field".

[ mənt-ɡʌməri ]
From a place name in Calvados, France meaning "Gumarich's mountain".

  • Despite being mildly allergic to animal fur and feathers, she insisted on getting an owl. A particularly sassy Eurasian eagle owl who she named Akoúo̱ because of rwbyeasons.
  • She keeps with her a pale blue messenger bag (sometimes an Attack on Titan-themed one if her regular was being washed). The contents are:
    • A box of Earl Grey teabags
    • A thermos full of hot water
    • An inhaler
    • A portable nebulizer
    • A few packets of Ventolin nebules and tablets
    • One novel
  • Asthmatic since birth. Apparently asthma runs in her family.
  • Loves to crack her knuckles and neck and bend her fingers around in impossible figures
  • Daydreams a lot
  • Doesn't know how to ride a bike or swim
  • Loves sparkly and shiny things and collects them like a freakin magpie even tho magpies dont really like shiny things
  • If there is anything that has at least one paragraph on it, she will stop to read it.
  • First thing that catches her eye in any shopping area? The bookstore
  • Is a lot more comfortable typing out/writing down her responses
  • Usually wears seasonal crown things
    • Rose flower crown for spring
    • Hibiscus flower crown for summer
    • Maple leaf crown for autumn
    • Snowflake crown for winter
  • Unbeknownst to her, she now has a psychosomatic limp on her right leg where the werewolf attacked


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