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Full Name: Boris Archambault Padmore
Country of Origin: German/English
Birthday: February 1st
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status:Sort of crushing

School: Hogwarts
Country of Location: Scotland
House: Hufflepuff
Current Year: Third
Year Joined: First

Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand Wood: Cherry
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 10 inches
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Being offensive


First Name Meaning: Boris -
Middle Name Meaning: Archambault -
Surname Meaning: Padmore -

Person: "Uhh..." (It's Hanna Solberg!)


Inspired by: N/A
Where to Find Them:
Handedness: Left
Mother: Dana Padmore
Father: Thomas Padmore
Full Siblings: Melody Padmore, Hope Padmore, Jonathan Padmore, Clarissa Padmore
Half Siblings: None

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Boris is quite humble. He is loyal, kind, and dedicated to the things he does. He is also fair, and doesn't make anything unfair, because he thinks that would be wrong. He is also hard-working. His personality clearly takes after his mother. He tries not to seem fake-friendly towards people. He is intelligent enough, but doesn't like to brag about it. After his brother's death, Boris's personality changed. He is now not as social as he used to be. Yes, he's still really nice, but doesn't start conversations much anymore. He's become a bit more of a lone wolf, as his siblings are either intolerable, loners themselves, or rarely around. He has learned to value relationships a lot more, and has become very loyal to his loved ones.

 Boris Archambault Padmore was born to Dana and Thomas Padmore. He finds his middle name to be very strange, but his father picked it because he wanted the family to seem intelligent. He is the 4th of 6 children, and he got along with his siblings. He is nicer than his brothers, who sometimes laugh at him for being kind, which he thinks they are just joking around.

Boris got his first sign of magic when he was six years old. He saw his sister throwing a tantrum because the walls of her bedroom were painted blue, when she wanted yellow. She was being so annoying that Boris wished the walls were painted yellow so that she wouldn't have annoyed him so much. The walls suddenly turned yellow, and Boris was freaking out, turning as annoying as his sister Hope when she wanted the walls yellow. His mother rushed over to him, and told him all about Hogwarts. He wanted to turn the walls back to blue, but his mother said she'd have to have them re-painted.

He started Hogwarts when he was 11 years old. Nothing interesting happened, until the summer before his third year. His older brother Jonathan died. That changed Boris's personality a lot, and not just him. Clarissa too. She became very sassy and rude. Boris was saddened, because Jonathan was his only nice brother. So he started his third year changed.

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Model Name: Nick Robinson
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: "That was rude."


Dana Padmore

Sigh... Boris used to be really close to his mum, but since Jonathan's death, she's sorta become more stressed and he just isn't as close with her as he should be.

Thomas Padmore

Thomas works so much, and he's rarely around. Yeah, Boris loves his father but he's rarely around.



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