The boathouse is an underground harbour where the boats are stored year-round. These are the same boats that are docked when the first years arrive to Hogwarts on September 1st of every year. Up until 1995, there was a portrait of Percival Pratt hung on one of the inside walls of this boathouse and was used to conceal a secret entrance to the Grand Staircase. Some small wooden boats are stored in the rafters of the ceiling as well a typical things needed for the upkeep of the boats.

After Pratt's portrait was taken away, there were only three entrances to the boathouse. The path outside, the stairs that lead from the Entrance Courtyard and the path that leads to the Lake.

Fireworks are occasionally set off from the boathouse exterior to signal a party, holiday or special event.

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Cosima and Luciano


cosima di sena e bonapartesixth year ravenclaw ◈ triplet

「 Age 」
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ravenclaw keeper
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Cosima strolled along the length of the boathouse as her deep brown eyes snagged on the stairs that led down toward the water. In one quick stride, she skipped the first two steps and bounded toward the edge of the wooden deck. Crouching down, she dipped her finger tips into the frigid waters of the Black Lake.

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