• SocialCasualty

    Hey, everybody! I usually don't do blog posts unless the topic at hand is important to me, and I think this one is. It has come to my attention lately that life is short. It goes by in the blink of an eye, and we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. With that being said, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for what you all have done for me - being friendly when you didn't have to be, welcoming me with open arms even when I was still hesitant, being understanding even when I didn't understand myself, and simply being there even when I felt all alone. You guys have given me another home - somewhere to turn to to be myself and enjoy the time I've been given. You guys have also given me another fa…

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  • Jiskran

    Importing chars

    February 12, 2016 by Jiskran

    Having been around for the great Twilight invasion a few years ago, I find myself more and more concerned by what appears to me to be the mass cloning of chars from other places in literature (comics included :) ).

    I feel that as a springboard the odd char 'inspired' by a favourite personality from elsewhere is fine, but once you start copying these large groups, they bring their pre-existing relationships with them, and since we've banned that in the context of HP I find it ridiculous to ship it in from elsewhere.

    We had for some time a "max. two chars' images from any one show" policy for faceclaims, and I believe something similar should exist for other fictional sources, or else we're simply a samizdat facility, endlessly reprinting adve…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Hogwarts Super Final

    January 27, 2016 by Ckohrs0221

    So a few terms ago, Bond led a memorable Herbology final that was reminiscent of the Triwizard Tournament maze. He and I had discussed at that time the idea of possibly combining that idea with other classes to make it more interesting.

    Recently in chat... Jay was talking about something similar... and as often things do in chat... the conversation led to an idea.

    A Hogwarts Super-Final.

    It's obvious that the last few weeks OOC of Hogwarts people stop posting in classes, and doing "finals" for classes has become a thing of the past. Well, I'm bringing it back.

    So what will this look like?

    Similarly to the third task in Goblet of Fire... it will be a maze. All of the core classes in Hogwarts will be represented (sorry extra classes... since not …

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Months and months ago, Echostar had Mary go out to Poland to help with some outbreak, and Ellie came to me and asked if this was an expansion in the making. I assured her that it was not and let the matter rest.

    However… it got me thinking. What would an epidemic look like? I’ve always been a fan of the game Pandemic 2 (I play it when I’m sick to make myself feel better). What could that look like on the wiki? I wrote the roughest of outlines EVER and showed it to my AI team.

    And they ran with it. We worked together to create the disease from what little the Harry Potter wiki had to offer (and a wikipedia article on tuberculosis) and customized all the logistics to fit the wiki and make it run in the smoothest, most realistic way as possible.


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  • Algamicagrat

    Alan Rickman

    Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie series, has died today at age 69 becuase of cancer. Alan Rickman's iconic voice is unforgettable. His roles as Hans Gruger in Die Hard and Snape in Harry Potter filled my childhood. I am truely saddened by the loss of this amazing actor. I have decided to honor him with this gallery, a shrine to Alan.

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  • Madeyefire

    The Ultimate NPC List!

    January 4, 2016 by Madeyefire

    Lately, I have been noticing that there are a lot of NPCs not in use, or are only being used by one user. It seems as though users are not aware of the vast number of NPCs for free use. So, I decided to look around pages for NPC wordbubble templates.

    I have started a list for NPCs, however I am sure it is nowhere near completion yet. This is where y'all come in. I want you to take a look at the NPC List. If you find a NPC wordbubble that is not yet on the list, leave a comment with the link to the wordbubble below.

    These NPCs are generally free use. However, a few of them have restrictions, which I am going to list below.

    • Store NPCs are restricted to roleplaying in their respective stores.

    • This can only be used by the Sorting Team on sorting f…

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  • MerisaMist

    Extra Extra!

    December 30, 2015 by MerisaMist

    Hey guys! So, I'm bringing back the Daily Prophet! And I'm going to need some help. I already have Frost onboard helping me. I need both IC and OOC help on this. I want this to become a stable operation again and not a failed test. If you think your character would be interested, click here (please note that if your character helps, you have to write an article unless you say otherwise on the application). If you want to help OOC, owl me! Below is what I need help with

    • Reporters. 
    • Sports Column Writers
    • Dear (whatever-pen-name) Writers
    • Weather Reporters
    • Advertisement Column
    • Basically all the writing for the articles.

    • Coders
    • Editors

    If you have anymore ideas feel free to send me an owl!

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  • Elentári of the Stars

    Hogwarts Video

    December 26, 2015 by Elentári of the Stars


    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

    As some of you knew, I made a video with one of my characters a while back and the plots around them. Well, now I want to make a Hogwarts video. I might make a few depending on how popular this blog becomes. But if you are interested in having your characters feature in it, comment their names below and who their model is and I'll definitely add them in!

    Also, if you guys have any song suggestions, that'd be lovely.

    Ps: You can add as many characters as you want.

    I guess it will be my gift to you~

    Love always,


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  • Ckohrs0221

    Hello DARPians!!

    This blog will serve as an FAQ blog for the expansion! It will be updated regularly, so use it as a reference!

    Last updated: 04:04, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

    The antidote will be available starting July 22 (January 16, OOC).

    It is up to you how quickly your character takes to the medicine. It will work faster for the characters in Stage 3, than in Stage 4, but the antidote will be effective.


    That's up to you. If you want to do, let a Healer know. If not, you can assume they're received it!

    Look for an owl from the AI team with this message:

    Nope. The owl works just fine! If you still want to RP it though, just let a Healer know!

    Go for it. :)

    That's just fine. :)

    Yes, we have reached the final phase of the disease. It's now fatal. …

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  • JayeMalik'

    Decisions and Reminders

    December 16, 2015 by JayeMalik'
    There's some things to inform the Darpian community, and a blog was desperately needed... so here it is! :Dx Note: This is my first blog so pls bear w/ me.
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  • SocialCasualty


    December 15, 2015 by SocialCasualty

    So this is my first blog post. Unfortunately, it is also my last. My time here is expired and I'm not going to write some long sad sob story on here and force you to read it by obligation. I just want you guys to know I'm leaving. I'm sorry if this comes off as selfish, but I need to start worrying about real people and not fake ones that were created by talented people and nice coding. They aren't real, yes, but much like book characters, they were real to me. I don't regret meeting all of you and coming into this safe haven of sorts, but it has become more of a prison. It's demanding, takes up all my time, and has crushed my will power to pull away from it. I appreciate all that you've done for me and it was nothing that any of you did. …

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  • Frostleaf1615

    School Fundraiser

    November 26, 2015 by Frostleaf1615

    For this next week, I'll be unable to get on here with frequency like I do. Tide fest is coming up and I'm incharge of making everything happen. Well, my class and I, are. I will not be able to post at all next weekend, so I apologize.

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  • Luctor Et Emergo


    So, technology at Hogwarts is a common topic. You sometimes see posts where characters have music players or cameras, despite the fact that it would make no sense as Muggle technology not working at Hogwarts is common knowledge. Magic is known to interfere with the functionality of Muggle technologies that run on electricity, so things like computers wouldn't work - however, according to the Harry Potter wiki, "Colin Creevey's camera still worked at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, since it was able to "[run] off the magical atmosphere" instead of its batteries."

    This gave me and the wonderful Kibethastarael an idea - if cameras can run off the magical atmosphere, why can't other things, such as TVs or iPods? And what can b…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Archiving Issues

    November 24, 2015 by NotAlwaysPerfect
    Dear DARPians,

    I have been discovering some issues with archiving around the wiki, and I don't know who is causing them, so this isn't specifically addressed at somebody and is instead everybody.
    I have seen various issues, like people creating more than the ten archives, archiving into the wrong archives, and creating archives but not adding them to the page (this one is mainly an issue on Hogwarts pages). These issues can all easily be resolved, and I hope you all know (or now know) that if you ever need help archiving or want somebody to archive a page, you can always owl me and I will get to it.
    I know you have heard about all of the above before, and I believe you are all aware of the following, biggest issue, but it has become so common…

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  • Cynderheart

    Just one question

    November 23, 2015 by Cynderheart

    Is there anyone else apart from me who rp's at Camp Pyramid Roleplay Wiki?

    and if any1 does will they rp with me there?

    Cynderheart (talk) 03:56, November 23, 2015 (UTC)Cynderheart

    And one more thing I can't see anyone on chat when I try to get on so, I have no idea what that means.

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  • Ckohrs0221

    More Harm Than Good?

    November 16, 2015 by Ckohrs0221

    I don't think it's news at this point that someone on the wiki is using chat to spread discord on the wiki by attacking various users using the anonymous feature on ask. I've received some, Lissy has, Omnia has... and I know there are others in the past who have, even if they haven't in the recent past.

    I've always thought this wiki was like a family... but it feels very fragmented lately. I think it's a bit unrealistic, given the size of our wiki, to assume everyone will always be friends with everyone. Personalities don't always work like that. But I would like to think that if we have problems... we can talk them out in PM. Or through owls. Or however it is so that no one is resorting to publishing anonymous rudeness on a different websi…

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  • Emmatigerlily

    Hello everyone.

    So…I’m not too sure where to start with this. I’m not sure if any of you care or need to know, but anyway. You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately (or maybe you haven’t, I don’t know). I haven’t properly RPd in about two weeks now, and I’ve only been on chat for a couple of short times.

    Those of you that stalk my sandbox will have seen why (and thank you, once again, to anyone who messaged me and tried to help). To rest of you I’ll just briefly say that I’ve been feeling pretty disconnected from the people of DARP (both users and characters) for a while, but it got too much during the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t see the point in RPing at all, I was confused at all of the changes and people leaving (bo…

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  • Echostar

    Seven Reasons Why

    November 8, 2015 by Echostar

    Hey peeps.

    Being banned from DARP has given me a lot of time to think- which was the intention. And I have concluded that it is high time for me to leave DARP permanently.

    There are many layers of reasons why, so I’m going to do my best to list them all and explain them as best I can.

    1. I’m not wanted. Obviously this is not the viewpoint of every user. And I also realize that I may be wrong, and that while I may be wanted, my actions and attitudes over the issues that caused me to be banned are not wanted. This does not change the fact that I don’t feel very wanted here, or that I’ve lost some close friends over the happenings of a fake world, along with the actions and reactions taken OOC. Which leads me to my next point.
    2. I can’t spend so mu…
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  • Ckohrs0221

    Patients infected with Scrofungulus are listed here.

    Please comment which of your characters you would like to infect, and when you would like them infected. A member of the AI team will edit the blog.

    This page will be updated as the disease mutates, so everyone knows OOC which characters are at which levels.

    Remember, the first wave will infect 25%, the second wave will infect 50%, and the last wave will infect the remaining 25%.

    1. Ella Blackbourne- CURED
    2. Theresa Drade - CURED
    3. Ryder Cressley - CURED
    4. Madeline Bellaire - DECEASED
    5. Estella Tyrrell - DECEASED
    6. Lillian Ayers - CURED
    7. Erik D'Martin - DECEASED
    8. Suzanna Williams - CURED
    9. Alexander Waffling - CURED
    10. Aspirin Beilschmidt - CURED
    11. Cloud Rosendale - CURED
    12. Valentina Willow - CURED
    13. Miloh Kyung - CURED
    14. Aríella Ingolfsson - C…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Expansion, Summer 2027

    November 1, 2015 by Ckohrs0221

    Ahhhh yay, that’s right! It’s expansion time!

    I’m really excited about all of the ideas for this expansion, so please read the blog carefully, and comment or owl me with any questions!

    And you thought Scrofungulus was a thing of the past. Oops! It’s back! And it’s infecting everyone! We already have a Patient 0, so watch out! This disease is highly contagious, and it’s airborne. So even just conversing will spread it!

    The disease is spread through the air-- so even just a conversation can get your characters infected! Because the disease was brought back through time, there will be some mutations that will occur. This isn’t the Scrofungulus you read about in History of Magic way back when.

    We’re trying to make this as realistic as possible…. …

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  • Jiskran

    IRL interference

    October 27, 2015 by Jiskran

    I think I should start with an apology. I haven't given this place the time and attention a Bcrat should in recent months, and reasons are not always excuses. I am therefore stepping back down from Bcrat (since my RL situation is liable to remain iffy) to Admin, and hope you all can find someone with the zest and dedication you deserve to serve in the Bcrat role. It's been a lot of fun with a vast variety of dance partners, and with a little luck it may prove so again in the nearish future, but it will be better all around for someone else to be sitting at the Round Table. I've enjoyed my time there immensely, and hope someone else feels similarly.

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  • Colin687

    Wiki Main Page

    October 18, 2015 by Colin687

    Hello everyone!

    First off, let me say that it's been a whole month since I've been on DARP, and you know what? I want to come back! Real life is gonna kill me, I swear!

    Anyway, I should get to my main subject.

    I know many of us don't use the main page, so if you didn't know already, the main page is a little ... To wish for a better word, broken. There's a lot of div's in the wrong places and the right column is all whacked out and ... pretty much it needs help. The main page is a good source for new users, and new users add to the wiki, which is what we want, right? I think so.

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Lil Bundles Charity Ball

    With Lil Bundles business booming, it's time to bring in a few more galleons. And what better way to do it, than to ask those with deep pockets to dig a little deeper? The event will run Summer Week 3-- October 12th-18th UTC, OOC. All adult characters welcome, but this won't be an event for Hogwarts students. (Fear not... the Yule Ball will make a reappearance for the Hogwarts kiddos this upcoming winter IC!)

    Any comments/questions, feel free to direct them to members of the AI team. Thanks!
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  • Asteriea

    The 2026-2027 League Approaches!

    This year we've made a few changes:

    New Team

    We're bringing the Montrose Magpies of Scotland back into the league. Got an old player left over from the World Cup that you can't bring yourself to get rid of? Any newly-graduated characters with athletic aspirations? Feel free to have them form the new team! Due to a lack of players, the Magpies have been dissolved and relocated.

    We've decided to elect managers to teams, so if any of your characters are looking for a career change, please do nominate them! The only criteria is that they can't be too young - no newly graduated managers, please - and they have to like Quidditch (naturally). There's a list of them below:

    • Holyhead Harpies: Emily Schmidt
    • Ballycastl…

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  • Echostar

    Hey peeps.

    I'm going to be leaving DARP for roughly six weeks. This is just a quick blog post to list what's going on with my characters while I'm gone.

    • Joseph- He's going to keep working at Flourish and Blotts for now. My original plan was to have him apply for a teaching post at Hogwarts this year, but for OOC reasons he'll keep his current job.
    • Thomas- He's going on with both his jobs as well. As far as the whole 'finding his father/family' thing is concerned, he wants nothing to do with it, so it'll be up to Emily if she wants to update him or not.
    • Patricia- She'll continue her job at Madam Puddifoot's, but she'll also be studying to become an Auror. I plan on having her apply upon my return. She would want Emily (Hayden) to update he…
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  • Alyssa5582

    What Constitutes OP?

    September 18, 2015 by Alyssa5582

    Hey guys! So I know recently there has been a lot of talk about characters being OP (Over Powered), and that it isn't really regulated when things are OP and what exactly is OP. I think that a big reason for this is that everyone has different thoughts. What one person thinks is OP may be different than what someone else would  view as OP, which just ends up creating problems. So, in order to eliminate the issue of arguements over what actually makes a character OP, all of us need to decide together. I'll put my opinions below, and I need you guys to comment yours. Hopefully, we'll be able to pull all of our ideas together and create on cohesive definition of what exactly makes a character OP. That way it will be more easily regulated and …

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  • Colin687

    User of the Week Award - Idea

    September 15, 2015 by Colin687

    Hey DARP folks!

    I was thinking, maybe it would be cool if we did a user of the week or user of the month.

    I think it would be fun! 

    And there are some users that should be getting recognized for their good work and dedication to the wiki in my opinion. 

    It could work like this:

    Someone nominates a user to be chosen as User of the Week/Month, and then a person or group (maybe Crats?) could choose who the user of the Month is, and then they get some special badge, and maybe Prefect rights for the month or something. 

    If this power is abused, then they can surely have it taken away, but... 

    ANYWAY! I think it could be fun to do this!

    Let me know in the comments what you think :)

    Over and out!

    ~ Colin687

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  • Frostleaf1615

    The Truth

    September 13, 2015 by Frostleaf1615

    Okay, so lately, I've just been feeling like somethings need to come out and I seriously trust all of you on here, so I'm just going to try to say it out.

    First, my home life. My home life is a bit chaotic to say the least right now, on top of everything that's going on right now. I'm just feeling a bit stressed and upset, so, my temper might sometimes get the best of me, for now, but I'm working really hard on getting everything under control. (I still feel like I will be a good RB, so don't take me off of the list)

    Second, RPing on here. I feel like I'm constantly searching for someone to RP with me and I do all of the asking and everything. I wish that would just change and others would ask me and do more of the asking and set-up than wha…

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  • Emmatigerlily
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  • Bond em7

    Are My Characters OP?

    September 8, 2015 by Bond em7

    So, this blog is to address the concerns in the blog: User blog:Echostar/Our Voices. A lot of the concerns and issues seemed to be on the topic of my characters and how OP they are. So...I wanted to read though them and one at a time address all the concerns I feel I can address from that blog. I also want it clear everything I write here is MY OPINION AND THOUGHTS. The Crats and Admins team may disagree with me. I might try to guess their thoughts or put things they've said to me in here, but everything is from my speculation and memory and I may get things wrong. This is a blog written by a regular uses NOT on the admin team, and NOT by a Crat.

    ]]) 01:13, September 8, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Bond em7


    September 7, 2015 by Bond em7

    So....given how the blog User_blog:Echostar/Our_Voices was written and the concerns it brings up, it's not surprising that there's been a lot of concern and discussion about how to proceed. I'm posting this blog as a general place to address the concerns raised in that blog and figure out how to address them. I'll be writing a separate blog later to address the specific concerns about my characters...this one's purpose it to address the general ideas and problems that have given rise to the situation in the first place.

    So....first off my big concern is how the blog was written and the environment that's lead to it. The blog talks a lot about how those writing it doesn't feel like they're listened to, and how on on chat apparently all th…

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  • Idiosyncratic6

    Hey guys! So, as someone pointed out on ask, creating a category for character's mental health might be a good idea. Seeing as mental health is a personal subject, however, and there being such a wide spread of characters on the wiki, it gets hard to think of a good way to create a system. So... help me out with the categories and tell me what you think!

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  • Echostar

    My Voice

    September 2, 2015 by Echostar

    So… the blowup after the “Our Voices” blog was much worse than I anticipated. And there are a few things that I know I personally need to take responsibility for.

    • The blog was my idea.
    • Part of my blog post was about my dissatisfaction with the Teresa situation.
    • Some things I said in my blog post were unproductive and frankly unnecessary.
    • The blog will not be as productive as we have hoped it would be.
    • I have pushed the boundaries of the rules to do what I wished with my characters.
    • I have spoken to many people who participated in the blog about the issues mentioned for months before this blog was posted.
    • I have been too afraid to come to Ck, Bond, Lyss, or Jisk about a few of the concerns mentioned in the blog.
    • My actions have personally affected…
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  • Echostar

    Our Voices

    September 1, 2015 by Echostar
    Hey peeps.
    There have been a lot of issues on this wiki regarding characters- how character ideas are treated, the imbalance between b-crats and the rest of the users, rules regarding OP characters, among other things that need to be addressed. So we have come together to outline each of our feelings about this. We hope that this blog comes across as clear-cut and professional. Thank you to all the users who helped pull this blog together and came forward to share their opinion. If you are not included in this blog and would like to share your own opinion, please feel free to post a comment.

    Follow-up Blog

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  • Colin687

    Activity again

    August 30, 2015 by Colin687

    Before you think I'm leaving (again), I'm not.

    My activity will be a bit less now that I'm officially back in school. I have a near full schedule my senior year, and keeping up with homework has been what I call "the senior struggle". I'll try and keep up as best I can, but ... don't expect to see me on everyday.

    Just wanted to update!

    ~ Colin687

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  • Sonofapollo

    You're Invited

    August 19, 2015 by Sonofapollo

    It's finally happening guys! The date of the wedding is 27th August, and it'll take place in Chris' family home (link to come when it's made), so if you have any hogwarts/st mungo staff, this is your invitation! :)

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  • Jay Sea

    Welcome to...

    Jamie's Bar and Grille!


    The Bar will now be going gay Tuesday nights from 9:00 PM until closing. All are welcome, but fair warning.

    Student Saturdays!

    The Bar's dance floor will now be open exclusively to Hogwarts students and teachers starting at 4:00 PM until one half-hour before bedtime.

    Note:Fifth years and up only, please.
    Jamie's Bar and Grille is open until 2:00 AM.
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  • Sonofapollo

    Witch Weekly: Issue 2

    August 12, 2015 by Sonofapollo
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  • Asteriea

    Seeker Weekly/Issue 1

    August 12, 2015 by Asteriea
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  • Luctor Et Emergo

    Questions being taken until Saturday 8th August 2015.
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  • Sonofapollo
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  • Sonofapollo

    Hey Guys!

    So we have a big announcement for you! Since the Quidditch World Cup expansion went down so well, we're planning an adult quidditch league!

    The league will be run by the Quidditch Committee, which consists of Kibeth (head), Ellie, Red and myself. We're gonna follow a similar method to the one in the books, except it'll last as long as the school year and it'll continue through the year.

    Instead of doing all 13 canonical teams, we're gonna start with 8 teams. We've tried to vary them from around Britain and Ireland, so hopefully you'll all step up to fill the slots! We've got a three-chars per user quota for now, but if we get a lot of people interested we'll lower that so everyone has a fair chance of playing for their favourite team…

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  • Colin687
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  • CattyTheOrchid16


    July 29, 2015 by CattyTheOrchid16

    So our periodical exams are coming next week. I'm not gonna be able to reply in the private roleplays but I will try to reply in the General Roleplays such as classes and stuff. I will still pop in chat though.

    I'm really sorry to the users I have private rps with but I will reply once the exams are over. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Emmatigerlily

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  • Colin687
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  • Sonofapollo

    Hello ladies and gentlesquibs!

    SO. It's been a while. Can I getcha anything? Some coffee or a snack - there's no rush. Oh- oh you're here for the announcement. Of course. Fine, ya nosy buggers.

    I'm very pleased to announce, after what seems like an age of planning and procrastination, that the Black Parade is back in business! We've had a membership boom, and as of Tuesday 21st July we have thirteen members! Thirteen! Can you believe it!? Registration is open, and joining has never been easier! 

    So what's new in the parade, I hear you ask? Well, my dearie, a lot! Whilst the premise remains the same, me and a few users have been working on a way for TBP to stay active and booming both OOC and IC. Now, what I've set up is a forum of missions fo…

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  • Frostleaf1615


    July 19, 2015 by Frostleaf1615

    Hey, well, I'm going to Florida for a week and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get on here. Oh, might as well make the hiatus about three weeks. After all, Sophomore year's coming up for me, County fair, Florida trip, and State Fair. So for all of those who I'm RolePlaying with currently, I'll post once more then you have to wait for me to come back. Or I'll try and get internet so I can post. Either way, I'll see everyone around Mid-August timeframe. Or earlier.

    Sorry for confusion.

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  • Notapaperdoll

    Hi! I'm Mere. A few of you may know as Bea, I used to be on here like every single day from late 2012 - mid 2014. Then once the new school year started I tried my best to stay active on wikia in general. That didn't really work. I went through a bad family "incident", I lost literally all of my friends and I just wasn't really in the best place to stay active here. I visited again in January (I think) but it didn't work out because of another "incident". My wiki account got deleted and I kind of forgot about this place. Until a couple days ago when I saw a tumblr post about roleplaying and suddenly remembered how much I loved it here! I'm back, I guess! I have more time now, and I'm (hopefully) in a better place now.

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Ash Coryn Prince and Charity Alice Bagman

    formally request your presence on the occasion of their wedding reception.

    June 19th, 2025
    Prince Castle Gardens

    OOC: Anyone who knows them is invited to come. OOC date is July 9th!
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