• Blue Butter

    Current Role-Plays

    March 15, 2018 by Blue Butter

    This is just a place for me to keep all my current roleplays so I don't forget any of them! If I'm currently RPing with you this could also help you to keep track as well :) Or! If you want to RP with me you can see how many I have at the moment.

    Please note that some of these RPs are close to ending soon, and or depending on who I'm RPing with they might kind of... Fizzle out, so depending on which character you'd like to RP with just leave me an OWL and I'll get back to you! :)

    Music is for everyone~ 00:35, March 15, 2018 (UTC)

    1.Head of Hufflepuff's Office - Callum and Alyss, roleplaying with: The Highland Lady

    2.Kit's Apartment - Kit and Blake, roleplaying with: UniPacific16

    3.Carkitt Market - Kit and Violet, roleplaying with: UniPacific16


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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb
    Hogwarts Song Contest 2036 - Inaugural Edition

    Helloooo everyone! It's been a hot minute since I last posted the interest blog about this, and now, I have the deets I promised y'all!

    As I introduced in this here blog post of mine, the Hogwarts Song Contest is an IC musical competition based on the RL Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is Europe's favorite TV show and it unites people from around the globe! HSC is naturally far smaller than ESC though, for obvious reasons ;)

    Now for the good part! The details I promised!!!

    • HSC 2036 is the inaugural edition; the very first of potentially many! It will all depend on how well this goes.
    • ICly, this contest will consist of a single live show, hosted by Ann-Sofie Deb and Phyllis Adair.
      • In an ideal sce…

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  • Blue Butter


    March 9, 2018 by Blue Butter

    I was just browsing through the wiki and I came across some old events that had happened on the wiki. And I thought it would be neat if we had something happen again? Like a Ball, or an Auror Case, or something dramatic that happens at Hogwarts that involves everyone. 
    I'm just curious as to what you all think? Something to get everyone engaged and on the edge of their seats about what's gonna happen! :)

    I did write a discussion post about this, the message is exactly the same. I'm just really curious about what everyone thinks, personally I think it would be something to kind of stimulate the Wiki and get things flowing a little more :)

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  • Nebuliss

    New Years Bash! (2035-2036)

    February 22, 2018 by Nebuliss

    A New Years Bash will be presented by Hogwarts, celebrating the year of 2036! Any year is welcome, and the Formal event will be held in the Great Hall, which will be turned into a ballroom. Food will be provided, and a Fireworks show will be presented at midnight! There will also be music provided by live bands, courtesy of Silencio Records!

    We hope to see you there!

    --Hogwarts Administration

    Separate pages will be created for the 2036 New Years Bash, which will be held OOC in two days. Please note in the comments which characters will come. It is not a required event, but this is meant to bring some activity back into the wiki. We hope you can participate!

    --The AI Department…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Resurrection Stone

    February 17, 2018 by JayeMalik'

    Hello, guys!

    I'm sure most of you have noticed by now the sharp decrease in activity these past few weeks, or maybe even months. While it's disheartening to witness it, this happens at least once every year. Hopefully, though, this episode is coming to an end soon! I've noticed, though, that without any activities to promote activity, it'd become increasingly harder for people to come back and continuously RP. In order to counterattack this, I was thinking about rebooting the Wizarding Wireless Network, and creating little companies for the characters here, such as Silencio Records (a music (please appreciate the irony of the name) label) and maybe even a sister TV network!

    This would open job opportunities for existing and incoming characte…

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  • JayeMalik'

    With the ever-growing number of students (who for some reason don't post in classes, but that's another issue altogether), it's becoming increasingly hard to find who is in whose year and who to RP with. I figured this would be a good place to start at! This is sort of a guide for new users who don't know who they could/should RP with, as well as old users who've forgotten who is in their characters' years. I hope you all make good use of it, honestly, and we can go back to good ol' days where the oldest thing on activity was from an hour prior. All I need is for you guys to comment your character's name, year, house and faceclaim (or a picture) to facilitate things! :P

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Hogwarts Song Contest! And now here are your hosts...!

    Hey, hey, hey! It's been some time now since we've had any sort of big artistic type of thing happening and I decided why not possibly see if I can start something big and possibly fun? And thus, here I am. I present to you, the Hogwarts Song Contest!

    The Hogwarts Song Contest is based on one of Europe's favorite TV shows; the Eurovision Song Contest! It's a musical competition where about 43 countries send an artist to perform live for millions of viewers, and then watch as their artists receive votes from national juries, as well as televoters, to see who will come out above the rest and be crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in a given…

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  • PaintedRed

    Potions Partners

    January 17, 2018 by PaintedRed

    Hi, guys! So, since my character is teaching Potions this term, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite tropes ever the concept of having Potions partners into class. So, basically, these characters will be paired up to work on some potions together throughout the whole year and might be assigned to certain projects together. If you don't really wanna get into it, that's chill, but idk I think it would be fun because it opens up a world of RP possibilities HEHE like meeting up outside of class or meeting new characters that your characters don't normally interact with!

    So comment if you have any preferences for pairs (like a pair of best friends or enemies or shipmates or siblings or anything really that you think might be fun) if you and th…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Back in August, former Bureaucrat NAP created a policy that limited the amount of Away/Semi-Active characters you could have at a time, and the timeframe in which you could have them. However, nobody is following these rules. While I can't blame you people for not wanting to do so, I cannot condone these actions. For this reason, I've added a timestamp to ever character classified as away, semi-active, and inactive. The use for this will be explained further below, along with a change that has been made.

    In her blog addressing this issue, NAP explicitly states the limit for away characters will be 6 months. However, I'm lowering the timeframe to four months. The reason behind this change is that six months is unreasonably long to have characte…

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  • Carnarvan

    Character Contests

    January 2, 2018 by Carnarvan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we, the AI Department are proud to introduce a brand new concept to DARP. CHARACTER CONTESTS! In an effort to breathe some life back into the wiki while we work on a major project for you all, we are bringing the wiki a small little thing to stimulate originality, creativity and of course, good grammar. (I will not be judging that section).

    The contests will provide rewards to the winners, which I will go into detail on further down. However, the rewards will not be anything that breaks from policy. Users will not be getting extra character slots or more exotic character slots. They will also not be rewards such as getting one of your characters a prefect spot during the year, or any other IC position.

    The major premise o…

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  • BigFanOfYellow

    Hi there!

    December 27, 2017 by BigFanOfYellow

    Hi, I'm BigFanOfYellow! You can call me Yellow or whatever other nickname you come up with for me. Basically I'm new here. I've already created one character (Trevor Crutchley) who will be a first year next term. I noticed that a lot of people already have RPs going with their characters and I was wondering how I could RP with my own character. How do you start a RP?

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    The Winter Solstice

    December 16, 2017 by Queen of Anarchy

    The Winter Solstice event has finally come to a conclusion and therefore closed! Please refrain from roleplaying on any of the affiliated pages.

    I want to thank everyone so much for making this little event such a big thing! I was happy to bring some excitement and holiday inspiration to DARP. There's nothing wrong with a little Christmas whimsy, right?

    Please comment below if you are interested in more events like this (or have any suggestions for one) and I'll see about making them happen!

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    I have one chaser spot currently open for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and am putting this blog out in hopes of filling this spot quick enough for the player to hop in on the new round of quidditch matches. Please apply your Ravenclaw student up in the comments! It's first come, first serve.

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  • Notmyresident

    A wild idiot appears!

    December 4, 2017 by Notmyresident

    mmmmmmmMMMMMM HELLO

    so anyway working night shift has Murdered all of my limited hobbies, but I kind of miss being active (?) here, so. I applied for a really good job as a bank teller and I hope to hear back about an in-person interview this week, and the people who’ve helped me out are Optimistic, so fingers crossed? lol i never did anything on the wiki before so coming back will change Nothing but I’m fishing for good vibes! and also for my characters to not be deleted

    i also do keep tabs on my owls

    • finger guns* hope you enjoyed this tumblr post of a blog

    02:13, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

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  • JayeMalik'

    Policy Enforcement

    November 27, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    Policy Enforcement

    I wish I could tell you guys this blog holds good news, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

    This blog is not singling anyone out, so please refrain yourselves from believing as much. I'm about to lay things as they are, and begin the enforce the policies that are currently in place. This should have been done a long time ago, but unfortunately, it hasn't. Given I've been recently re-appointed the Head of Sorting & Stores, I officially make up 1/3 of the bureaucrats and thus will be making the decisions necessary to restore DARP's age of prosperity. I am not the new dictator, let me reassure you. However, given I'm currently the only Bureaucrat that is following every single activity policy, it's only fair I begin to make the de…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Removal of Staff Rights

    November 27, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    The Removal of Staff Rights

    The right to demote DARP’s staff’s rights has not gone anywhere. Bureaucrats still have the right to demote members of the administration team if they are not fulfilling the minimum required from them. However, as of recent, the lines have begun to blur together. Users are not being demoted in fears of losing friendships with those demoted. Being a friend and being a superior are becoming closer than ever before, and unfortunately, we can’t let that happen. Though we are all a family, this place still needs some structure in order to function properly.

    A lot of the administration team - myself included, unfortunately - have not been following the inactivity policy. People are disappearing left and right, without a…

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  • Emmatigerlily

    The End Of An Era

    November 18, 2017 by Emmatigerlily

    There’s a lump in my throat as I write this message, and whilst it may be the second time, it isn’t any easier. In fact, perhaps just because the pain is fresh, but making this decision felt far more complicated and confusing than the first time around. From the title of this post you can probably tell I’ve come to my decision at long last and that is to move on from DARP.

    There were many good moments of my return and I did strongly hope I’d want to stay – there is still uncertainty in my mind as a write this, and I worry I’ll regret it in a week or two – but DARP just simply isn’t the place for me anymore. For months now I’ve wanted this decision to be clear and solid, to be permanent, but neither choice (stay or leave) felt that way. I’ve…

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  • The Highland Lady

    Upon my looking at my list of characters, and deciding, I think I am needed to delete/get rid of a few... But a few will be staying either because they have storylines, plans, or just am really attached to them. So, without much ado, let's get to clearing out the list! :D

    1. Juniper Grey-Blumenthal: She's staying. This little one has PLANS.
    2. Jena Carlson: Her fate's unknown at the moment... If anyone's interested in adopting her, feel free!
    3. Blair Caldwell: He's unsure at the moment, seeing that he's been disowned by his father and all that jazz. I'm keeping him around until the end of this term because of Quidditch, so storylines come to me!
    4. Angélique Rosseau: She's staying~ Carn and I have plans for her/Mason :D
    5. Wesley Griffin: Sterek... GET YOUR …

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Kind of Busy

    October 23, 2017 by NotAlwaysPerfect

    I have a lot going on right now, if you haven't noticed how absent I have been in the latest weeks. I love many of the people here, but I know that I can't serve this community like I should anymore. At least, not for right now. Maybe some other time down the road, this can be the right thing for me again. Until then, I need to take a step away from my positions here on the wiki.

    I have been taking plenty of advanced or increasingly more stressful classes, such as this film analysis class that has been kicking my butt. My driver's education has been killing me slowly in the mornings, which makes me super tired in the afternoons and damages my drive on roleplaying or helping out around the wiki. I'm in three clubs/groups more than I'm normall…

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  • Madeyefire

    Adoptable Characters

    October 6, 2017 by Madeyefire

    All of the characters listed here except for Irene, who’s already adopted, are adoptable. Feel free to take em.

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hogwarts' Soft Revamp!

    October 4, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    Heyyyy, guys! It's Jaye, again, with another revamp! This time, though, it focuses on Hogwarts, and it's a softer one than the sharp, complete Ministry reform. I believe the Ministry is in good hands now with Lyss, and I figured helping out with Hogwarts would be a good thing to busy myself with! I know a lot of you consider Hogwarts DARP's lifeline, and I know I mentioned a Hogwarts Revamp but never did it, so here it is! I hope that together, we both revamps, we can make DARP as active as it once was, so long ago. However, it'll take a lot of work and effort from everyone.

    Due to Julius Tyrrell's rise to power in the Ministry of Magic, Lyss has allowed Elmira Griffin has stepped down, as to keep everything fair for everyone. While the new…

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  • UniPacific16

    Adelaide here I come

    October 3, 2017 by UniPacific16

    As the title of this blog may obviously suggest, I'm going to Adelaide. To be more specific, I'm going to Adelaide for Nation Titles for Judo and might possibly come back a little worse for wear (I am being made to do seniors, which is 18+ ages). I might not be on from my October 5th to 11th, all because my family doesn't like me being on wikia while we are on holidays and they want quality time with me. If I do miss the teachers sign up, I would like to have Jarryd as Transfiguration professor again, if it is possible.

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  • Alyssa5582

    Department Heads

    October 2, 2017 by Alyssa5582

    Hello everyone! With Julius Tyrrell being elected as the new Minister for Magic, both he and I want to ensure that we have the correct people in place as Department Heads.. I want to make sure that the user that holds one of these positions is active and willing to do duties for the department so that we can make sure the Ministry can do it's job. So, as of now, all Department Head positions are now open, as well as the position of Senior Undersecretary.

    All current Department Heads are encouraged to reapply their current characters and go through a fresh interview with Julius. For many of them, it'll just be a formality, as long as they've been properly doing their job and the user can show that they will be active and do things for the de…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    With Alyssa having the new Minister for Magic Julius Tyrrell, Elmira Griffin is stepping down to give the position to somebody else. With no obvious replacement (and a short notice to when the teachers and head students must be chosen), we are having a selected council choose our next Headmaster or Headmistress for Hogwarts. From Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th, we will collect our candidates for Hogwarts Headmaster, before they will be chosen sometime before Friday October 9th. If we don't have three or four candidates by Friday, we will push the time back until we have the required amount. The following week will be time for professors, heads of houses, head students, prefects, and quidditch captains to apply for all of their positions,…

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  • The Highland Lady


    September 30, 2017 by The Highland Lady
    This will continue existing as a reminder for me not to write upset or angry... But as it is now unneeded, this is no longer valid. Thank you.

    On Google, if you typed in Dumbledore's Army Roleplay Wikia, it should say, 'warning, broken hearts and nights crying await you'. I'm now regretting ever joining DARP if no users see the bloody hard work I've been putting in.

    But before I go into my rant, I have to give a little bit of background. On July 6, 1999, my mom went into labor with me. I was stuck in the birth canal and the doctors tried to keep me alive, but with that came one thing. A traumatic brain injury was inflicted when I came out, but sadly, that's all anyone seems to see. I had a hard life growing up, dealing with bullies, and just…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Magical Animagi

    September 19, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    Hello! So, a couple weeks ago, I came up with the concept of magical animagi. As I got the approval, I felt like I should be the one to make the announcement blog. :D

    An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal at will. It is a learned, rather than hereditary skill, unlike those of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class. An Animagus registration exists to keep track of those that have learned this skill.

    A regular animagi takes the form of a normal animal. An animal found in the muggle world. However, a magical animagi's form is an animal only found in magical parts of the world. Like phoenixes, thunderbirds, occamies…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys!

    So, as you all know, I got a Ministry Revamp approved a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, it hasn't been too successful, not counting the mini auror expansion. I was genuinely hoping you guys would take more interest and make employees. Without employees, I can't really do much other than encourage the Auror Head OOC (Carn) to do small things here and there that ay require interdepartmental help. So please, I'm asking you guys to lend a hand and make characters for the Ministry's benefit! I know some of you guys have the space. Please don't let me down.

    As part of the efforts to kickstart the Ministry, not to mention the fact that it's already time for it anyways, we're doing Minister for Magic Elections! However, this time around,…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Some Troubles

    September 7, 2017 by NotAlwaysPerfect

    I might be a bit inactive until Monday. I've been having some family troubles, so I've been kept from using the Internet or anything like that. Not to mention I'm so terribly sick anyways, so I have been wanting to sleep most of the time, then I'm also starting school (after today, but stuff picks up tomorrow). I was supposed to post something about it on Tuesday while I was at my father's to do some puppy-sitting, but...I honestly underestimated the power of Noodles, our new Dorkie puppy. I hope I can come back around Saturday or Sunday, but we have lots of plans for those days, hence why activity would be minimal. (This is a mess of a post, but I'm not supposed to be online, so I have to go. I promise I'll be back around Monday or else I'…

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  • Carnarvan

    Magical Terrorists?

    September 6, 2017 by Carnarvan

    Alright, some of you may have guessed that something with the Auror Office was coming based off Jaye's previous blog which basically stated something would happen. Well... that thing has happened, and I need more help than the Aurors. Let me explain why.

    There are going to be a series of four coordinated attacks which the Aurors will be briefed on shortly. The Auror Office has found out about these attacks from an Azkaban Prisoner who came forward with info to negotiate a reduced sentence. Or so he claimed. Really, he was supposed to get arrested so he could tell the Aurors on the day of the attacks. The attacks are coming from a blood-supremacist, anti-creature terrorist sleeper cell in magical London. As I said, there are four separate at…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys! There's a couple things I wanted to address about the Ministry of Magic, and I feel it be best if I made a blog about it rather than a discussion, or talking about it in chat. It's really important to me that you read what I've got to say, implement it, and comment your thoughts. If you've got questions, don't be afraid to give me a shout in chat or in an owl! :)

    So, ever since the Ministry of Magic Revamp was approved, I've noticed the only characters people made where the Department Heads & their seconds - also known as the "high-ranking" characters. Guys, listen - this revamp can't work unless you help me make it work. I need a wide range of characters working throughout the entire Ministry. From the Department of Mysteries al…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Hello Darpians!

    In my time on the wiki, I've RPed two Professors (Professor Abigail "Sassidy" Cassidy, Merlin rest her soul, and Professor Bradley Carter). I've seen many different sorts of Professors RPed, with many different kinds of lesson plans, but over the last few IC years, I've seen classes all but come to a halt because very few professors are actually posting with any kind of regularity. And some of that, I theorize, comes from a lack of know-how, or confidence, in how to RP a professor. So since I did it for many years (and if anyone else who's RPed a professor can feel free to comment with any of their tricks!) I thought I'd put together a blog to see if it encourages posting. :)

    • Give your professor a personality! You will want t…

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  • Sonofapollo

    As you walk through the windy streets of Diagon Alley, a paper hits you square in the face. You scramble to remove it, rather comically, and notice it's the front page of the Daily Prophet. It reads as follows....

    • I know not everyone's part of the storyline, but I am looking for people to help me out with it by RP'ing some NPC's....Please shoot me an owl if you're interested!
    • If you just wanna be trifling and interested, comment what you're character[s]' response[s] would be below!
    • I'm kinda hungry
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  • PaintedRed

    Introducing WitCHAT!

    August 26, 2017 by PaintedRed

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    As the popularity increases of reserving the face claims of "away/semi-active" characters, it's important now that we bring in some regulations to keep it fair. After one of our Administrators mentioned the problem to us, the Bureaucrats discussed the solution that this individual suggested and we branched off of it. From there, we settled on the following rules regarding "away/semi-active" characters and their models:

    1) Each user will be limited to having only five characters listed as "away." If you currently exceed this limit, then please lower the number down to fit the standards within the next two weeks. Otherwise the models will be removed.
    2) Given that, for the most part, these characters would be out of the picture, you would be r…
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  • JustChase

    Model dibbing

    August 21, 2017 by JustChase

    Lately I've seen things in people's sandboxes: reserved model lists. I just want to say good for you, but if they're not on the list I'm sorry to say you have no reason to complain if someone takes them. They also don't have any need to ask to use them first. So, if it's not on the list and someone decides to use the model, well, you'll have to search for another one. Since, again, you have no say in the matter because they're not using your reserved slots on the list. I get wanting to use a model badly and then seeing it in use. Then not being able to use them upsets you, but again you can't get upset over it. Also telling people you'd like to use the model is also a good thing to do. This could give headway to no one using the model.


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  • Queen of Anarchy

    So it is currently October 30th in character, meaning that it is officially Devil's Night and the day before Halloween so I thought a little Halloween rp for the fourth year dynamic might be fun and interesting and a good oppertunity to bring them together.

    So I will be posting on Deathday Party Hall within the next couple of hours to start off an event hosted by Maddalena Villanueva and the duration with be 12pm on October 30th ic until 6pm the next day (Halloween ic).

    A number of games and events will be taking place so I encourage everyone to post with their Ukiyo member and just have some fun!

    If you have any questions or suggestions on things for Ukiyo to do, comment below!

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  • Bond em7

    Hogwarts Discussion

    August 11, 2017 by Bond em7

    So I created a discussion a day or so ago and didn't realize that anything posted there doesn't show up on our wiki activity. Given that it doesn't I thought I'd post this to let people know I posted that there. I'm looking for ideas and inputs on how we can keep classes going at Hogwarts and what the issues are that make it so they are so often forgotten about or not posted on. Any ideas or thoughts you have would be great posted either there or in the comments here.

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    Some Updates

    August 4, 2017 by DYSUTOPIA

    I'd like to apologise first and foremost for the amount of time it's taken me to write this blog. I get ridiculously anxious about how my words come off, because I really love RPing with all of you and I don't want to come across as rude or anything of the sort. If you've got any questions after the blog is done, please let me know, and I will do my best to update the blog with an answer to your question.

    Yes, the expansion hasn't been running as smoothly as it should have been. That is on account on all of us in AI going through difficulty in activity at some stage (me with anxiety, Carn with camp, Jaye with personal issues) and I think we'd all like to apologise for that. Time and real life just hasn't been on our side this time, and so t…

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  • Hyggelige

    DARP: The Musical!

    August 2, 2017 by Hyggelige


    Howdy! So, as some (all) of you know, I love music. In particular, musical theater. I also love making playlists, and I decided to combine the two and create a playlist featuring one song per character. Neat, right? The playlist is on Spotify, and I will be updating it everytime I get a suggestion. This'll be the first of a series of playlists for characters, and I'm pretty dang excited! In the comments, you can suggest a character and song for them! But before you do, I ask you check out a few questions and rules to clear any confusion!

    Q. Does every song have to be from a musical?

    A. Yep! However, it doesn't have to be a Broadway musical. It can be from a Disney movie (and this does include songs like the Tarzan or Brave solo…

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  • Asteriea

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  • MaknaeLivi
    no one does their summer homework at the beginning of summer.

    I decided in February of this year that for my junior year, I'm going to take two AP classes and two Honors classes. I got left summer homework for three of them. Of course, I thought I had all the time in the world. But two days ago, I realized something. I'm going back to school in two weeks and I still haven't done my homework. not one thing.

    I'm going to do two months of homework in two weeks.

    I know I can do it, just need to focus on it all the time. So that means I'm taking a bit of a break from DARP. My plan right now is to divide my homework into parts by class and divide that class homework even more. In between class parts, however, I'll be allowing myself 30 minutes of b…

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  • Eternal Sterek

    stepping down

    July 18, 2017 by Eternal Sterek

    As you've probably guessed from the title of this blog, I am officially stepping down from my position as Rollback of the Sorting Department.

    I have been extremely busy as of late, and my time on wikia has been greatly limited to the occasional visit once every few weeks. Because of this, I feel like continuing to hold my position in the admin team is unfair to other users who are much more active and more capable for it than I am.

    I learned a lot during my tenure, and I am still grateful to those who've voted for me. However, this is the end of the line for me. I don't see myself running for an administrative position in the future anytime soon, and I feel like this is for the best, considering that I am now on my final year in university a…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Recently, there's been a topic of conversation on if children have to count towards a user's character count. After speaking with the other Bureaucrats and the majority of the Sorting and Stores team, we've come to an agreement on what we're doing in regards to that issue.

    Everybody will still need to put their character into Sorting once they've turned five years old if you wish to continue roleplaying them. Both the short-answer questions and the sorting quiz questions are not obligations for any character who is aged five through nine years old, since those might be challenging for young children characters and we're not looking to put them in a specific house quite yet. Any character from five to nine years old does not count against a us…

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  • Bond em7

    So, I think at this point I can safely say I've been on here continuously longer than anyone else. I know some users on here got here about the same time I did, but I don't think anyone's been active without a major break as long. That being said, I've been here long enough to see that how active and involved our Administration team is or isn't directly reflects the ups and downs of our wiki. When we have an active administration team, the wiki thrives and when we don't...we get to where we are now.

    Before I go any further I want to say that I understand OOC, vacations, planned trips, etc. I understand most of our administration is in high school and gets busy with other things or can't necessarily be on all the time. Personally I thin…

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  • Queen of Anarchy
    Column Registration

    This blog is dedicated to new column ideas that users feel might add to Hogwarts Weekly. The character the user wishes to run the column will automatically be given it as the column is the user's own creation. However, the chief editor will be approving each application.

    Please fill out this form below in the comments.

    Name of Column:
    What is it About?:
    Sample Piece:

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hogwarts Weekly

    I put everything into bullet points because it made it easier and keeps everything straight to the point.

    • wizarding newspaper like the daily prophet but meant for students
    • is about everything that happens at hogwarts or possible student concerns
    • will have a sign up list for user subscriptions - issues released weekly will be owled to your talk page as if the character is actually getting newspaper.
    • users may sign characters up for columns - you may only sign one character up. No columns will be shared. The character you chose cannot be in two columns at once. One per user.
    • a form will be put up in case a user comes up with a fun, new topic they may want to add (like an advice column or "how to survive school") but it must be appr…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    This blog serves as the hub of applications by students with interest of joining Hogwarts Weekly.

    Please comnent with your character's wordbubble below, explaining why you think you should get the job, any experience they may have and a sample piece for the column they want.

    Characters will be assigned columns in exactly a week from now - July 15th (saturday). The writers will be posted on the main blog.

    Thank you and good luck!

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  • CloudyRoses

    storing info here

    July 6, 2017 by CloudyRoses

    Weaknesses and strengths:

    Harper is quiet smart but struggles with courage and socialism. Most see her as shy, awkward, etc. She's sensitive, but can be very kind and nurturing, also, if she tries, brave.


    Harper doesn't have a main objective. She wants to succeed in school, and find a job after school.

    Favorite things:




    -Her cat

    -Her scarves



    -The treatment of Muggles


    -Being too cold

    -Being too warm


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  • Sonofapollo

    Pride Blind Dates

    July 1, 2017 by Sonofapollo

    Hi y'all! Hope we're all enjoying pride at Hogsmeade! Me and Ellie have come up with a new ingenious plan for the second week of Pride! As you've guessed from the title, we're gonna do a blind date system! 

    Well my dear chum, it's rather simple. Your char(s) will fill out a form -see below - and our experts (me and ellie lmao) will find u the perfect match! Just owl over your completed forms to me, and we'll tell you who your date is, where and when! Please get completed forms to me by no later than Friday 7th July Latest!

    So it's a template, but you can just copy the code from here and fill out your choices! Easy as pie, isn't it? Yes.

    Of course! I'm looking for venues to hold dates - cafes, bars, etc. If you are a proprietor of one of these…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    With it now being well into my summer break, everything related to my Internet schedule is now changing. It might not be in the way that we would all like, but I'm dealing with what I'm capable. For my computer situation, we're trying to explore better options than me just using my parents' computer all of the time. Anyways, onto what's really bugging me: my online schooling ventures and my biannually trip to Colorado.

    While you might think that it would be easier for me to be on the Internet if I'm doing school through the Internet, but I'm assuring you that it's the complete opposite. Since we're given three weeks to complete eighteen weeks worth of assignments, we're having to complete these assignments and exams really quickly. It also …

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