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too glam to give a damn but actually gives too many damns

Blake Wu — Profile

leopard king

Blake Wu — Top Image

basic information

Full name ||

▪ Blake Shao-Xiang Wu

Meaning behind name ||

Blake is his English name, meaning "pale, black"
Shao-Xiang (少湘) is his birth name, from Mandarin Chinese 少 (shǎo) meaning "few, less, inadequate" and Mandarin Chinese 湘 (xiāng) which refers to the Hunan province.

Wu (吳) is his surname, from Chinese 吴 (wú) which refers to the ancient state of Wu

Nicknames ||


Age ||

▪ 18

Birthday ||

▪ August 17

Assigned sex ||

▪ Male

Gender identity ||

▪ Male

Sexual/romantic orientations ||

▪ Polygraybisexual polygraybiromantic

Nationality ||

▪ Chinese

Ethnicity ||

▪ Chinese

Species ||

▪ Human [ Wizard ]

Marital status ||

▪ Single

physical information

Tattoos ||

▪ Infinity symbol on left shoulder blade.

Piercings ||

▪ Two on each ear.

Dominant hand ||

▪ Left.

Voice ||

▪ Tenor.

Scent ||

▪ Macademia; cocoa; cinnamon

Blood status ||

▪ Half-Blood

Face claim ||

▪ Xu Ming-Hao [ The8; SEVENTEEN ]

magical information

[ Wand ]

[ Boggart ]

The time he spent with his paternal extended family

[ Patronus/Animagus ]

None | Leopard

Acie — Leopard Patronus

[ Amortentia ]

[ Exotic? ]



[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]

[ Loves ]

[ Loathes ]

[ Passions ]




Before Wu Shaoxiang, there was Wu Zedong and Liang Ruolan. Two halves of the same coin, they were both from rich, affluent families, albeit for very different reasons. The Wus were one of Magical China's oldest and purest Pureblood families, their blood tainted pitch black and only the Heavens know how deep their influence runs when it comes to the darker parts of China's underground. The Liangs were equally as pure and old, but they were more inclined to preserving the animal kingdom of Magical and Muggle China and have been known to give a helping hand to endangered species, helping them bloom once again.

Zedong and Ruolan were always vaguely aware of each other's existence, both attending the Mahoutokoro Institute of Spirits and Magic and both being Tengu-level students, albeit in different Houses (Kitsunebi for Ruolan, Kukan for Zedong). They were also aware of each other's family's reputations, but it never seemed to be a problem whenever they interacted although they never went past the acquaintances stage


Blake Wu — Bottom Image

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