Blake Avalon Schmidt
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the one who got away.
November 16

Emily Schmidt † (mother)
Derrick Schmidt † (father)
Aeron Schmidt † (brother)
Ansel Schmidt † (brother)
Lena Schmidt † (sister)
Arthur Schmidt (brother)
Boyce Schmidt † (brother)
Sadie Schmidt (sister)
Holland Schmidt (cousin)
Leon Schmidt (cousin)
Keira Schmidt (cousin)

Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
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Blake Avalon Schmidt is a seventh year Ravenclaw attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light Brown
Clothing Style
Casual; Sporty
Her FC is Behati Prinsloo.

Native Language
German, Welsh, English
Strong German
Earliest Memory
Sadie's first magical signs
Type of Childhood
Magical; Happy
Childhood Fear
Being forgotten

"I was born as Blake Avalon Schmidt to Emily and Derrick Schmidt - the former being an ex-beater of the Holyhead Harpies, the latter being an ex-keeper of the Heidelberg Harriers. Mutti and Vatti met before a match between their teams, and from there on, it was history. But, you know every story has it's problems, right? Well, my parent's was that one night, during a party, after one of the Harriers' biggest matches was victorious, Vatti got very drunk. A supposed fan noticed this, and seduced him. Thinking it was Mutti, he took her back to his place, where my actual Mutti was waiting. They were both destroyed, and neither got the full story not back together, and probably never would have had it not been for the efforts of their teammates."

"They got married a few years later, and when Mutti got pregnant with my eldest brothers, Arthur and Aeron, she retired. It was a few months after the third oldest child, Lena, was born, that my mother took the place of manager for the Holyhead Harpies. Two more years passed before Ansel was born. After Ansel, Mutti and Vatti had Boyce and Edmund. Boyce and Edmund were the two other kids born in Wales, during one of the many trips the family held. They weren't twins, no, but they were both born in Wales during different trips the family held. It wasn't long after when they had their last kids - twins Sadie and I - Blake."

"Growing up, I was closest to Boyce. He was the best brother ever, and we were the most alike. Sadie and I? We clashed a lot... we barely got along, with personalities so different. I was more of an athlete and tomboy, taking after most of my siblings in the love of quidditch. My sister? She leaned more towards my mother's side - more fashionista. She was still athletic, yes, and liked Quidditch, but not to the degree my other siblings and I did. It's not like we could play it, though. We were still too young, and too inexperienced play it with our family. Not to mention, we still had to get our first magical signs to prove we could do it."

"I grew up very well aware of the wizarding world, considering all of my older siblings eventually left for a school of magic. Lena and Arthur had gone to Hogwarts, Aeron and Ansel had decided to attend EESM for as long as they could, and when the time came, Boyce and Edmund also left. Meanwhile, Sadie and I were stuck at home. It's not like I minded, since my dad and I were pretty close..."

"Sadie had gotten her first magical sign at the age of six. Weeks passed, and those weeks turned into months. Months turned into years without me receiving my first magical sign. Seeing me in so much distress, Sadie took immense pleasure in making fun of me, saying I was a squib - the first squib in the family in a long time. While I tried to defend myself, I was also slowly starting to believe her. All of my siblings had their first magical signs by the time they were seven or eight. I was about to turn eleven."

"I remember receiving my first magical sign a few days after turning eleven. Sadie had been annoying me all day long, and I'd been glaring so darkly at the fence, trying my best not to deck her right then and there. I knew it wouldn't end well for me - all of my siblings seemed to believe her over me. It was like she was the baby of the family, rather than yours truly. Then, all of the sudden, a hole started to burn through the fence. At first, I was pretty damn smug, and showed it to a very annoyed Sadie. That smugness died out when she told our parents it had been the result of another of her magical outbursts."

"By then, we were all convinced I was a squib. But guess what? That changed when the day Sadie got her letter, I got mine. That should show her. Seeing as we both received letters for both Hogwarts and Durmstrang, Mutti and Vatti gave us the same options they gave the rest of our siblings - Durmstrang, or Hogwarts? We both went off to Hogwarts. I'd hoped she'd have gone off to Durmstrang."

"That same summer before first was the Quidditch World Cup, taking place in a local stadium. My sister's team - the Holyhead Harpies - came out victorious, while Ansel's team - the Heidelberg Harriers - lost against the Finches. Gott I hate that team. Anyways, the whole family settled down in Britain until, one by one, my family began to die. Vatti died because of "natural causes" in our home back in Germany (though everyone thinks there's more to that story), Ansel was murdered, Aeron's death had supposedly been prophesized and he died swimming straight into rocks on a cloudy and very bad day to swim, Mutti died because of suicide... I guess. Boyce couldn't handle the pressure, returning to Germany. Edmund? He went missing. Arthur? He took me and Sadie under his wing, becoming the Patriarch of the family, but he couldn't cope well with the grief, and turned to alcohol, falling into a depression when it became too much for him. Sadie couldn't handle much more at some point, and she left for Germany as well at some point. Lena... I didn't hear from her after the day we found out Vatti had died."

"I didn't want to go, but the summer before third year, I left with Arthur for Germany. My grandmother had died from a heart attack, and our family needed us. I really didn't want to go. I had my friends in Great Britain. It had grown to be my home - where I belonged."

"Nonetheless, I left for Germany. I was supposed to attend Durmstrang for a whole year, but that fell through when my older sister was allowed to go back to Hogwarts a few months before Winter Break. I was held back for some stupid reasons. In Durmstrang was where I faced the start of what would be my teenage years... it was there that I realized I was crushing on a girl. It there that I realized that I wasn't even crushing - I was falling for a girl. So much for thinking I was heterosexual. I didn't tell anyone in my family, though... I had no idea how they'd react. I knew I'd have to do it soon, though, as It came to light I'd be allowed to return to Great Britain in Winter Break. Fucking finally. Not fair for Sadie to be allowed to return sooner. They'll find out eventually."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Sharp, Honest
Worst Qualities
Opinionated, Stubborn
Most Influenced By
Emily Schmidt; Audi Evans
Those who once knew Emily Schmidt can agree on one thing; Blake is a carbon copy of hers. While the youngest Schmidt is known to lean into her father's side of the family for her looks, she definitely takes more after her mother personally. She's a natural-born leader, always doing what's best for not only her, but those that rely on her. While she's definitely stubborn, Blake's learned not to hold on grudges against anyone - it never leads to any good. The brunette is sharp and quick-witted, as well as very opinionated. While it often leads to arguments, Blake knows she's got the right to speak whatever is on her mind, whether the other person likes it or not. Not liking when people sugarcoat things for her, Blake is as blunt and brutally honest as ever. She doesn't really care what other people think, having grown up in the spotlight. She's just gotten used to being observed and criticized for the bigger part of her life. Like her mother once was, Blake can come off as many sorts of things ranging from harsh and snappy to soft and sweet. Especially post return from Germany. Still as sporty as ever, Blake's biggest desire is to join the Harpies once she's graduated.

talk bubble

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skills and magical abilities



*Her Quidditch Number is 16.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Homosexual, Homoromantic
Relationship Status
Sadie and Audi hating her
Phoenix Tail Feather, Rosewood, 10 inches
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
"I'm not a fan of candy. They give me cavities."
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song
"Stay High," by Tove Lo


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