Azkaban Prison

Azkaban Prison

This is where all the Dark Wizards go. Creatures called dementors guard this prison. The dementors are very ruthless.

Known Prisoners

  • Einar Faris (Served 18 years of a life sentence, exonerated after memory fabrication proven)
  • James Euclide (Time Serving: 10 years - Time Served: Free)
  • Shadow (Time Serving: 10 years - Freed By Special Case)
  • Karith Black (Time Serving: Life - Moved to Ministry Holding Cells, later exonerated)
  • Teresa Black (Time Serving: Unknown)
  • Kedric Woodhouse (Time Serving: 2 years - Time Served: 1 year, released on good behavior. Free)
  • Jade Knight (Time Serving: Life)
  • Various Members of the Family Greer (Time Serving: Varies on the person, 25 years - life)


Archive 1
Archive 2


Only prisoners should roleplay here, unless you have explicit Ministerial permission to visit someone.