Aymeric Siyana
Aymeric Siyana2
Birthdate December 16th 2020
Birth Place Lifou, New Caledonia
Hometown Lifou, New Caledonia
Accent New Caledonian French
Heritage New Caledonian (French)
Bloodline Half-Blood
(Half Nymph)
Family Siyana
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 8⅜"
Wand Wood Pine
Wand Core Unicorn hair
Boggart Being consumed by darkness
Patronus Lightening Bug
Amortentia Coconut milk, Rice, Sweet potatoes
Hecate Grimm

Aymeric Siyana - Gryffindor
Send Me an Owl! - “May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

Vital Information

Aymeric Siyana is a Half-Blood/Half-Nymph wizard of European descent. He is the son of Lauriane and Maicon Siyana.

Full Name: Aymeric Jean-Paul Siyana
Meaning of name: Aymeric — "bravery and power"
Jean-Paul — "God is gracious" "little"
Nickname: Aym, Eric, JP
Birthdate: December 16th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Type of childhood: Pleasant
First memory:
Most important childhood event:

Life Before Hogwarts

His mother, Joy, was a Nymph, she met his father, Colbert Guthrie, and subsequently saved his life. He fell in love but she was not entirely willing to submit to what she felt for him nevertheless she did. She became pregnant with their son, when the child was born she left it in the care of his father. The baby was not like her although the boy did clearly share some of her abilities, she could not risk his life by keeping him or much worse raising him among her kind. Unfortunately his father had no idea what to do with the child, he did not even want it. He did not care that the little boy was a part of him and his beloved Joy, looking at the little boy infuriated him. Rather than raising him and them both resenting it he left the boy on the doorstep of a couple that he had followed home, they had babies already, they would know what to do with him. They just knew he could pass for a child of their own. He was a little bit different, sometimes it seemed like his eyes changed color almost glowing like the sun. It was not so often though that anyone would believe he was not a third, a triplet in fact. Starting out with two before he came along by accepting Aymeric, which is what they came to call the boy, they were a family of five. He fit perfectly into the little family they created for themselves. Lauriane and Maicon Siyana were exactly what he needed in his life, if he could not have his own parents in his life they were certainly the next best thing. If they had not been as gracious as they were by choosing to keep him who knows where he would be and what he could have become. They gave him absolutely everything that growing boy would need including all the love and attention that he could have asked for.

He had a far from typical life even though he has what he considers an exceedingly normal family. He was afraid of the dark for almost a decade, he did not like artificial light as much as he enjoyed the suns rays but once the moon was out he was desperate for whatever light he could get be it candle or otherwise. He swore back then and still firmly believes he has seen things move in the shadows. Even with his eyes closed he can feel something creeping up on him. It does not help to have his eyes open either, the shadows only seem to change form as he looked at them growing, bending or shrinking as they pleased. It was awful and he often had nightmares about being chased by figure that did not have a solid shape or any feature he could describe. He still has a reoccurring nightmare where he is completely engulfed in the darkness and never seen or heard from again. A lot of the time when his siblings came down with an illness of some sort, he was lucky enough to not get infected or recover much sooner then they did. It almost seemed like he had a much stronger, much healthier immune system than either of them, which was only odd in the sense that any wizard has a better chance of recovering from a disease than a any human. He showed an aptitude for Healing magic in the form of spells as early as 10 years old. He was only able to heal the most minor of injuries but at his age it was a powerful act of magic nonetheless. He quickly took to tricks involving light creation as well, he liked to call it phosphoromancy, he was not as capable as the characters in some of his favorite books. He often fantasized about his body being made from pure light.

The Siyana siblings helped out with the family business on a regular basis. It was always more like play than it was like work for Aymeric. He did not become fluent in his dealings with tourist but he did pick of a lot of the English that he uses in basic conversation with people who do not speak or at the least understand French. It was during the regular course of the business day. Thanks in part to her parents and hers Aymeric met a girl who was traveling with her family she had an odd name that he came to think translated to Mermaid in English. He called her Sirène, it was not her name. When the language barrier was finally broken thanks to all her hard worked he learned her name was actually Amphitrite. He had or has a connection with her that he does not quite understand. It is similar to his affinity for the sun but different on so many levels. When Amphitrite and her family finally had all their gear she and Aymeric both wanted her to join them, being that he was at work at the time he could not, it was actually sort of heartbreaking for him. Not because he could not join her because he learned the difference between work and play for the very first time. Regardless of the separation Amphitrite or perhaps her parents charmed Lauriane and Maicon into inviting the strangers to their home, they were kind family the mother had a great deal of knowledge and wisdom she could impart on the blended family. The intention was for all three of the Siyana triple as they were known to be to make a friend. Unfortunately she was just as attached to Aymeric as he was to her. He made what he believes to be a lifelong friend.

For only a short moment when he was in the throes of desperation can he recall the first time he used magic. He was having a nightmare, that feature less solid figure of darkness coming for him. He had been told many times before that he could control what happened in his dreams, that if he was scared he should imagine something the would protect him. He tried multiple times and failed. He thought of his father Maicon, he did not appear. He thought of his mother Lauriane, she did not appear. He tried to as he hard as he possibly could to think of his siblings to picture their faces, they did not appear. He started to bottom out and give in to the fear. He reached that low point where he started to believed it was over and he let the darkness have him. He woke in a sweat with light shining from his hands. He was told it was normal, that like his mother Lauriane he inherited a gift from the family. That gift was magic, Aymeric had been doing trick with light before, this time was different probably because it was not just a trick it was real. He was glad to know he was not an oddity that both of his siblings had inherited this magical gift as well. When it came time to address the subject of schooling his mother like most mothers wanted something better than what she had. In her youth she attended Beauxbâtons, she did not see anything wrong with the school. She felt her children deserved better something more prestigious something like Hogwarts. After reaching out to the Ministry and making contact with the Department of Magical Education all three of the Siyana children were accepted and subsequently enrolled into the British wizarding school.

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)


Aymeric was Sorted into Gryffindor house, had the choice been his it might be where he would have placed himself. Nonetheless he was surprised that the hat agreed with him. He was bothered at first to not have his sisters with him as each went into a house of their own; Genesis into Hufflepuff and Constance into Slytherin. After learning more about Hogwarts and his houses he found it funny that he and Constance were supposed to have a rivalry. A small part of him worried that she might one day start to believe that.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Gryffindor
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Ancient Runes —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
Divination —
Arithmancy —
History of Magic —
Muggle Studies —
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Ancient Runes —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
Divination —
Arithmancy —
History of Magic —
Muggle Studies —

Talents (hidden or not): Light Manipulation
Extremely skilled at: Healing
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics: Upbeat
Character flaws: Dramatic

Color: Yellow
Food: Banana poingo
Music: Kaneka (Pop/World Music fusion)
Clothing style/Outfit: Casual
Literature: Fiction
Expressions: “Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.”
Quote: “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away.”

Recent developments:


Dynamic - Outrageous, Extraordinary, Heroic, Persuasive

He has a carefree mischievous look about him that compliments his insanely dramatic tendencies. He gives off the impression there is a never-ending joke only he seems to know anything about. His family has brought him a great deal of comfort and stability, although he finds it boring. He hates the routine the coincides with daily life, he is not a thrill-seeker though he does like for something out of the ordinary to happen every once in a while.

He does not always express himself in the most appropriate way. Oftentimes he will yell when everything is quiet or the opposite whisper when it is loud. He is insensitive, he does not always care enough to take another persons feelings or thoughts into consideration. When he feels a certain way about something people are going to know about it. He might even go 'too far' because his conscience made him think it was what needed to be done at the time.

He tries not to waste time with feelings of regret or dwelling on mistakes that were made in the past. He is always honest with himself as he is with others as well. He believes that it is something that should be admired about him. He knows that he occasionally rubs people the wrong way, but sometimes it has to be done. He thinks the people he may have hurt will come to thank him for his candor or hold a grudge against him for calling it like he sees it.

Mannerisms: Cracking a smile
Peculiarities: Hates when the sun goes down because he fears it will not come back
Has a personal vendetta against the moon (because of Solar eclipses)
Worst bad habit: Honest to a fault
Quirks: Is cat-like in his ability to seek out a ray of sunshine
Pet Peeves: Lies (big or small)


Ty Simpkins

He takes after his biological mother, who was a dead ringer for the woman he knows and loves as his mother, he has radiant sky blue eyes and honey colored sun kissed blonde hair. He looks so much like both of his siblings it would be easier to believe they were identical were in not for the obvious yet still quite small difference in some of their features nose, eye, or ear shape. He also has a few tiny moles on the lower half of his face and one near his right eye. They are the most visible distinction between him and his siblings. He has a softly pointed nose and thin lips that could never hope to contain one of his explosive smiles.


Family Member Relationship with them
Father Maicon
Mother Lauriane
Sister Constance
Sister Genesis

Extended family:

Edgard Siyana
Agathe Chabert
Casimir Beauchamp
Faustine Arceneaux
Fleurette Siyana
Horace De Villiers
Delphine Beauchamp
Gaspard Escoffier
Evrard De Villiers
Norbert De Villiers
Mariette Escoffier
Jacques Escoffier

Friend Relationship with them
Amphitrite Othrys Amp — The girl formerly known as Mermaid. She taught him some of the English that he knows. She also helped him learn who or what he really is.


Most prized possession: Sun necklace
Why: It was his last birthday gift before leaving for school
Wand: Pine Unicorn Hair


Spell Effect
First Year Spells
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm
Protego Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
Incendio Produces fire
Wingardium Leviosa Levitates objects
Petrificus Totalus Bing the target's body in straight position
Trip Jinx Causes target to trip
Gripping Charm Helps to grip something better
Cushioning Charm Used on broomsticks to create an invisible, cushioned area for the rider
Lumos Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Counterspell to Lumos
Second Year Spells