Augustus Gabriel

Slytherin ☆ 6th Year ☆ The Unknown Writer & Werewolf


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Augustus (or Gus) Gabriel

5th Year Slytherin

Vital Statistics
Born August 10th
Age 15ish
Family Mother: Madeline Roberts

Father: David Gabriel

Gender Male
Species Human/Wizard/Werewolf
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Signature 100px
Magical Characteristics
Wand Cypress, 13', Phoenix Feather
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Wolf
Boggart Being inclosed in tight spaces (Claustrophobia)

Friends and Acquaintances



Madeline Roberts and David Gabriel both graduated Hogwarts. They were known as some of the nicest people around, as they were Gryffindor and Hufflepuff graduates. Not long after they graduated, they got married. Then had a child when they were only 23. The child's name was Morgan Gabriel. She was an amazing example of the stereotypical perfect child. She has shown signs of magic when she was 5. When she started Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor just like her dad. She finished her first year, being one of the smartest students. Then the Summer after Morgan's first year happened. Morgan and Madeline were walking in Diagon Alley, to get school supplies. That's when a terrorist attack happened and killed Morgan Gabriel. Madeline and David were devastated. They shut themselves out of the wizarding world for years. Though after 5 depressing and sad years, the Gabriel family tried parenting again. They had a son named Augustus Gabriel. Augustus was nothing like his parents or sister. Everyone thought he was a squib because he hadn't shown any sign of magic, when all the other young kids had. Then a couple of months after Augustus's 7th birthday, he was bit by a werewolf. Nothing could change the fact that the Gabriel's second child had become a werewolf.

Madeline and David had gone through so much in their lives, this affected on how they thought of Augustus. They didn't want anyone to find out about their werewolf son so they shut him out from the world. Luckily, David was also a very talented potion maker so he brewed Augustus a Wolfsbane Potion every full moon. Doing all these things almost separated thim from their son. This caused Augustus to be really lonely at times.

Finally, around Augustus's 9th birthday, he showed a sign of magic. His parents had locked him in his room and he couldn't unlock from his side of the door. Then while he was sitting on his bed frustrated and staring at the door. The door unlocked and opened on it's own. He was surprised at first, but then came to his senses and realized he had done magic. He went straight to his to tell them. They weren't so ecstatic. Because of Augustus being a werewolf in secret, they didn't think he should go to Hogwarts. Augustus wasn't going to give up though. He asked them five times a day about going to Hogwarts. A month later, his parents were so sick of it and said he could go if he kept being a werewolf a secret.

Augustus started Hogwarts and is about to go into year 5. He is really charismatic and likes talking to people. He isn't so great when it comes to school work though; but that doesn't matter, right? No one knows he's a werewolf except for the Headmaster. He also always keeps around Wolfsbane potion in his bag, from what his dad sends him.


Model is Nick Robinson