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Ashley 'Ash' Brown

Smart • Reserved • Cunning


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Ashley 'Ash' Brown

1st Year Slytherin

Vital Statistics
Born October 22nd 2014
Age 11
Family Martha Brown (Mother) Unknown Father
Gender Female
Species Human (Metamorphmagus)
Eye Color Changes, prefers blue.
Hair Color Changes, prefers red.
Status Alive
Signature Ashley sig
Magical Characteristics
Wand Alder, 7", Thestral Tail hair
Wand Arm Left
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus N/A
Boggart N/A


Ash is very distrusting and likes spending time alone. If somone annoys her or her friends, she beats them up. Ash enjoys using Muggle technology, even though she is a Pure-Blood. She has lived in bad places, causing her behaviour. She enjoys playing wizard chess, and is an excelent strategist.

History (Before Hogwarts)

Shortly after birth, Ash and her mother were physically abused by Ash's father for two years. A Muggle neighbor found out about their situation and got them help. Ash is still friends with this muggle to this day.

Ash would explore the neighbourhood frequently, getting into trouble alot. She also had an addiction to alcahol,using her metamorphagus powers to help her steal it from shops. After spending 3 weeks in a youth prison for drinknig underage, she decided to change her ways. Over the course of a few months, she cut down on the alcahol and about 7 months after the incident, she is now no longer addicted.

When her magical powers began to show through at her muggle school, she was quickly labeled as a 'freakazoid' who believed in witches and fairy tales. Ashley quickly became arrogant and protective, and she turned into a sharp-tongued loner. This was made even worse due to the fact SHE IS A METAMORPHMAGUS. She almost turned to drinking again, but help from the muggle neighbour who helped her many years ago kept her from doing it.

When she received her letter to Hogwarts, she was very happy. "Maybe I can make more friends here." she thought.

In 2033, she was shot and killed by a muggle. ripperino.


Ash doesn't often wear "girly clothes" as she thinks they are ugly and stupid. She tends to dress in plain or dark colors. She is 1.5 Meters tall and is very skinny.


She has a pet owl given to her by her mum for her 10th birthday called Milly.


Milly The Owl Ashley 'Ash' Brown's Owl

 – The time will never be known....

Twit Twooo!


Ashley has a love of drawing, and likes to draw images depending on how she feels. 

Ashley Brown drew this on the Hogwarts Express on the way to Hogwarts.

Talk Bubble


Ashley 'Ash' Brown Slytherin First Year
-The best first year (In her opinion.)

 – The time will never be known....

Ugh, what do you want?