Arabella Belfrey
the unwanted belfrey

Ushered into a statistic of misunderstood cohorts, Arabella was diagnosed with Sociopathy when she was only seven years old. She was callous and unemotional and relatively didn't care about anything or anyone unless it contributed herself. After years of exploring her vast knowledge and intellect, Arabella learned to mask her sociopathy to make her blend into the populace easier. She often exhibits an immunity to remorse and has learned to rule over people with a weird sort of comprehensive understanding of what they desire and often reflecting that in return. She is hard to appease and even harder to befriend which has led to a misconception that she is the biggest bitch around. While that may be true, as long as you have something of interest and benefit to her than she will be pretty tame and maybe even "affectionate".

Arabella would just as easily crack a joke as literally stab you in the back and those who do learn of her affliction are often off-put by her cordiality. She has a penchant for taking risks and appears to calculate everything she says, never seeming to trip up. Unfortunately, she often preys on people to manipulate and use based on their personality traits and level of weakness. Arabella describes her form of love that she feels toward family and friends as "a very warm feeling" which is not the same as the actual concept of love. Her lack of compassion usually causes issues with those closest to her. To keep up her reputation, her parents appear to be the only one to know of her diagnosis with Sociopathy.

When enraged, Arabella is an unstoppable force of fury and calculation. All hell breaks loose when she snaps and so most people usually attempt to tread carefully around her. She can be violent and has trained in martial arts so she can definitely handle herself in a fight. On the opposite spectrum, she is extremely posh and lives a lavish lifestyle due to her family name and fortune. Like a stereotypical rich girl, she loves to indulge herself in the many benefits of having free reign of her father's money. If anything, it pisses him off further and she absolutely lives for that.


Since as long as magic has existed, so has the Belfrey family and all of their wealth, prestige and pedigree. The long-standing Belfreys have always produced individuals with a natural affinity to achieve big and work hard. That came as no exception for the head of the Belfrey clan, Batholomew. During the Great Wizarding Wars, he reigned terror on the people of Great Britain as a blood supremacist and Death Eater. Having never been discovered for his crimes after the the Wars, Batholomew's strict and amoral ideals were passed onto his children. Namely, Archibald Belfrey. He, like his father before him, was a terror to know and often implemented respect by force with his status which allowed him to get away with cruel and inhumane acts. Archibald was taught that if he wasn't given something and he wanted it bad enough, then he should take it for his own.

After Archibald graduated, he migrated to France in order to attend university and fell in love with a woman by the name of Daniélle who was studying to become a criminal defense lawyer. She was an entire story in herself. She was the heir to a massive fortune and was the picture-perfect ideal of what every Belfrey should marry. Unfortunately, he had to return back to the United Kingdom after he graduated and she ultimately ended the relationship due to the long distance. But that didn't stop the pair from keeping in contact through letters and the occasional steamy visit.

By the time he was twenty seven, Archibald Belfrey had bought out Rubens Winikus and Company Inc. - a potion manufacturing company that exclusively sold Skele-Gro among other potions. He brought Daniélle over to meet his family for Christmas that year and proposed the following Christmas after that. They married under the stars and kept their wedding private, which seemed to anger his mother, Antoinette. However, it wasn't in Belfrey nature to not celebrate and throw a party so everyone came together for festivities and Antoinette even planned a majority of it. Batholomew was the only person in the family to disapprove of Daniélle and often voiced his opinion of her to anyone who'd listen; usually consisting of the fact that she only married his son for money and will divorce him for half his assets and destroy his company and status. Most people generally ignored him.

It didn't come as a surprise that Archibald wasn't the man that Daniélle had fallen in love with. The Archie she knew didn't like alcohol and often shied away from the idea of it in a public setting. Even when they shared a glass of wine, his was always left half full and never finished. It was like a whole other person had been inside of him. Over time, he became verbally abusive and often berated her and in turn, out of fear for her safety, she began to recoil from him and distance herself. In the time frame that her attention was elsewhere, Archibald was being incredibly unfaithful behind her back and slept with most of the women in town. But it didn't long for her to discover the truth because. Archibald clearly didn't realize he had married a tornado in disguise. In the end, Archibald was forced to strike a deal in order to keep his marriage together. She was allowed to spend as much money as she wanted. In return, Archie could spend his nights in the beds of others and would ultimately stay out of hers. The entire ordeal put a massive wedge into their marriage.

Daniélle arranged for Archibald to go to France in attempt to scope out their rival company. It was mainly an excuse to get him out of her hair so she could focus on her goal of becoming one of the best defense attorney's in Great Britain. While away, Archibald met an extremely beautiful young woman who he soon discovered to be a sort of royal member among the Dark Nymph community and was also a spokeswoman for creature rights. Her name was Prosymeina and she was one of the most enchanting women that Archie had ever seen. She was mesmerizing and Archibald found himself infatuated with her, unfortunately all efforts to grab her attentions seemed to fail. Prosymeina was not interested in a cocky wizard and prided herself in her reluctance to be tethered by one. Her lack of acknowledgement wounded Archibald's pride and drove him to slip Amortentia into her drink, thus resulting in Prosymeina's unyielding obsession with him. Over the time he spent in France, they held a relationship fabricated by the contents of a potion bottle and Prosymeina's unfortunate fate was sealed with each dose.

Archibald returned to the United Kingdom after leaving an unsuspecting Prosymeina behind. He returned home to his estranged wife and continue to live life as normal, even trying to go as far as to mend the issues between him and Daniélle. But it came as a real surprise when they experienced new sparks of passion in their otherwise barron marriage. Once the potion had worn off, Prosymeina was enraged and felt assaulted by Archibald so she flew to London to find him. She revealed to both his wife and him that she was pregnant with his child. In return, she demanded to be paid for her silence as long as she could keep the baby. She agreed to allow them to visits with the baby so long as they created the child like any other. But Daniélle wanted more - she wanted the baby for herself and wanted to make Archibald suffer as much as she could in the process for what he had done. The idea of a dark nymph raising Archibald's child was enough to turn him against her. Danielle and Archie plotted a way to get the baby away from her by any means necessary.

Prosymeina died from complicated from her birth, leaving her child motherless in the world. While Daniélle was thrilled that they didn't have to fight for custody, Archibald found himself almost disgusted with his child. She served as a reminder that his lack of control was becoming an issue. So, they chose the name that Prosymeina intended to call her child and Arabella Belfrey came home the next morning with them. To start anew, they chose to live in France so that Arabella could see the univerity that Archibald had attended. At first, Daniélle made an attempt to see this child as her own but with the freaky things Arabella could due thanks to her mixed blood was enough to freak her out. A nanny was hired in attempt to elude the responsibilities as parents and Archibald and Daniélle barely came home most nights. Over the course of her most crucial years, Arabella was neglected of the key ingredient that wouldn't turn the mixture sour love. The nanny couldn't provide the affection and support she needed and without it coming from another source, Arabella's inability to love came to light right under the noses of her parents.

Arabella was enrolled into the muggle education system when she was six years old and actually skipped ahead a few grades, reaching the top of her class in most years she attended. By seven, she had almost killed Daniélle with her first signs of magic and was soon diagnosed with by a psychologist with sociopathy. Her parents slowly began to fear what they were dealing with and any demands Arabella made were promptly met; like how she wanted to be trained by a hacker so her father hired one. From a ripe age, she had single-handedly and inadvertently become the ringleader of a popular girl gang at school and even took gymnastics. Her reign lasted until she was ten years old and pulled from the muggle education so that she could attend Beauxbatons. Like before, Arabella easily slid into her comfortable position of power among the ranks and found herself pretending to be normal. In secret, she was taking classes in martial arts. Arabella knew she had to play smart and remain one step ahead at all times and training herself was her best answer. By eight years old, she had stumbled across extensive journals and paperwork for her father's company and forced herself to learn and familiarize herself with everything, her plan of one day taking down her father and stealing the business finally coming to fruition. As her mental illness intensified, Arabella's fourth year came to an abrupt end when she attacked a student and was expelled. With no other schools Archibald preferred, she was recently enrolled into Hogwarts in her fifth year. So far, she has been surprisingly quiet and tame and nothing extremely notable happened during her sixth year.

Basic Info
Full Name Arabella Scarlett Belfrey
Nickname Ara or Bella
Birthday January 4th
Age Seventeen
Nationality French and British
Home Versaillies, France
Status Single
Sexuality Asexual
Location Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gender Female
Year Seventh
Titles The Unwanted Belfrey
House Sltherin
Species Half Witch, Half Dark Nymph
Family Blood Half-Breed
Wand Core Rougarou Hair
Wand Wood Aspen
Wand Arm Right
Boggart N/A
Patronus Fox
Model Alexis Ren
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde and Brown
Height 5'9"
Voice Soft
Body Style Slim
Mental/Emotional State Unstable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Sociopathy
Physical Disorders N/A
Ethnicity Caucasian
Fam & Gen
Mother Prosymeina Vauquelin (deceased; biological)
Daniélle Belfrey (step-mother)
Father Archibald Belfrey
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Cousin(s) Iris Yaxley, Oscar, Adèle, Amaya, Antionette, Theta and Ivy Belfrey
Aunt(s) Victoria, Margot, Veronica and Adelaide Belfrey
Uncle(s) Fitzgerald, Donovan, Reuben and Giovanni Belfrey
Niece(s) N/A
Nephew(s) N/A
Character Flaw Inability to Love
Fear/Phobias N/A
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis Calm
Faces Their Problems Quickly
React to Change
Native Language English and French
Hobbies Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Shopping, Research and Hacking



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